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How’s it coming on a new name for Dennis? Kinda seems like his name is sticking! Always love to see his sweet face!

Fred gave up on insisting that his name needed to be changed, and I do believe he’s going to remain Dennis.

The name we were considering? Cletus Van Damme. (That’s a reference to The Shield). Which is an excellent name, but not for Dennis. He’s just such a DENNIS, somehow.


That tandem jump picture is awesome. You get GREAT action shots (and you may have answered this before, but what camera do you use and is it idiot proof?).

The camera I use most of the time is a Sony Alpha A55V, and while it’s not idiot-proof, the good thing is that it’s easy to mess around with the settings and figure out what works for you. There are a lot of pictures I only manage to catch (that tandem jumping picture, for one) because I see movement out of the corner of my eye, swing the camera around, and get what I can. I also have a Sony RX100, which is much smaller, and which I often use to get right up in the kittens’ faces. It takes a decent picture, but I prefer the Alpha.

Thank god for digital cameras and being able to delete pictures without having to pay to develop them first!


This batch of kittehs seems to be exceptionally bouncy, or is it just that you’ve been present to capture more bouncy moments than usual? Also, does it follow that an active kitten will become an active cat, or is it just kind of a crapshoot?

I think this batch has about the same amount of bounce as previous litters – it’s the age, mostly. At this age, they race and bounce around like they’re on huge amounts of mind-altering drugs. If I could bottle 1/10th of the energy a kitten expends in an hour, I’d be ALL SET for the rest of my life.

A super active kitten doesn’t necessarily become a super active cat, as far as I can tell. Sugarbutt was a wild thing when he was little, but once he hit adulthood, he turned into the slug we know and love today.

Our most active adult cat is Kara – she’s always out pacing around the back yard, climbing the tree in the back yard, and sometimes she just races back and forth, back and forth. It’s not any surprise that she’s our smallest cat, she burns off a ton of energy in the course of a day.


I never realized, until that 3rd pic, how much alike Blaster and Mooch look. Like a picture and the negative.

I know, isn’t it awesome? Same pattern, different colors!


Did Corbie put up a fuss on not being Friday kitty anymore ?? Will he start a campaign so he can be re-elected ??

Nah, Corbie doesn’t care. He knows he’s the most beautiful boy on earth!


This batch of orange boys (and Mooch) are too adorable! Again we say we LOVE Gilbert! And perhaps now we know why. Maybe it’s just us, probably it’s just us, but we think we see the letters, “l o v” in his left side markings on the photo of him with the mylar ball. Or maybe it’s, “c l o 7,” which doesn’t work for us as well as, “lov.”


Looks more like: C ! O ?

I do see “love”!

I also see c ! o 7:

But you better believe I’m going to be claiming it’s “love” when I write the description for him! 🙂


I love the pile of kittens when you nap but find it weird that they’re all over you at this time of year. Maybe because of their age or you’re a/c is better than mine but my cat doesn’t sleep on me until October or November.

Usually it depends on the cat (Miz Poo would lay directly on me in direct sunlight at high noon on the hottest of days if given the chance), but that bed is located directly between two air vents, and the ceiling fan’s always on. You’ll notice that I have a light blanket over me – if I didn’t, I’m such a delicate flower that I’d actually be cold.

(The one and only up side to Fred traveling for work this week is that I can keep the house temperature warmer than he likes it, so I’m never cold.)


When it’s time for the Cheez Doodles to run around downstairs, I stand at the bottom of the stairs and call them. Four of them come running immediately, and charge into the downstairs. Blaster, though, I’m not sure what he’s up there doing, but he’s always the last one to the bottom of the stairs. If I get tired of waiting, I just shut the door and wander off to do something. When I come back to the door later, Blaster’s always sitting there saying “Hey! Where’d everyone go??”

Jake, watching the kittens. I think this was the first time I let all five of them into the downstairs to run around.

Jake was all, “Where’d they COME from?!”

The look on Newt’s face is cracking me up. He needs a cartoon plume of smoke coming off the top of his head. He’s totally fuming at that kitten’s NERVE. “Look at that little a-hole, sniffing the door like he owns the place.”

Blaster, the target of some very vigorous Jake-sniffin’.

Sweet Mooch.

Mooch and Marshall have declared the cat tree good.

“This is WRONG. Life’s greatest treasures come from the KITCHEN. Direct to my BELLEH. Someone needs to FIX this!”

“Dude. Whoa, whoa, WHOA. There is an entirely ‘NOTHER level to this cat tree!”
“No way!”

Oh, that little BELLY.

“No, you listen to me! I said, there’s NO ROOM UP HERE FOR YOU.”

Handstand because, well, why not?

“Well, this is a new and fabulous discovery. How many places to curl up and sleep can one room contain?!”


Sweet Alice Mo has zero use for kittens, so when they’re locked away upstairs she is very very happy.

YouTube link.


2013: “Oh. I didn’t know YOU were up there.”
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7-11-14 — 6 Comments

  1. Newt looks like he is say’n, “Well, I ought’ta kick your @ss…!” 🙂

    I agree with you….Gilbert’s side spells out l-o-v-e

  2. I just adore black kittens in Stranger Danger suits. Those Caspian and Dingwall pictures from 2012 are just too much. Even more than the grouchy ears of annoyoance, those suits are just so much effort for so little menance.

    Wee kittens up on their back feet checking things out and scoping out the situations are pretty cute too though. Love the exploring.

  3. so Blaster is the “cute” one of the family. every group has to have one.

    love the NO ROOM picture…so true

    oh -and if you look right it actually says “clove” so someone needs to contact her family and tell them she needs a brother

  4. I was reading your bouncy segment and my brain scanned while I was reading and it registered the 1/10 part, and thought you were trying to be scientific about the bouncy rate of your kittens.. 😉

    C!07 why yes, I got my internet password from my cat’s coat.. (I’d claim it was love in the adoption description too!)

    So I see those spike-y mats next to Jake really keeps kittens from walking over it.

  5. I just love Mooch’s nose! I realize it may not be different than many kittens’ noses, but there is something extra-cute about his!