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I picked squash yesterday. Oh, joy.

I picked cucumbers this week – I’ll be making pickles this weekend.

The green beans Fred picked yesterday. Guess what I’ll be doing ALL weekend long?


Kara and the babies are doing well. Kaylee, kind of standoffish until now, has warmed up to me a little. She’s always had the quickest purr – you barely touch her, and off she goes – but she hasn’t wanted to be petted. Until now – now she doesn’t mind a little petting. Until she’s done being petted, and then you better back off.

I adore this picture, because it looks like Zoe is airborne, that the purple thing is the rug and she’s in a mid-air Matrix move. They’re actually in the tub, fighting, though. They love to fight in the tub, for some reason. Also, they love to poke holes in my shower curtains. Brats.

Fighting in the tub!

Kaylee in the tub.

Kara with attitude.


Joe Bob keeps an eye on the birds.

Sugarbutt and the monster zucchini.


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