7-11-05 – Mia’s babies.


Remember how the other day I told y’all that Peanut and Flossie like to savor their water? Well, describing it doesn’t quite do it justice, so I got a little movie of Peanut doing it.

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Last night I told Fred that if they were characters in a novel, Oy would be the brilliant, evil brother, and Edgar would be the slow, good-hearted brother who triumphed in the end. I swear, Oy bounces around so bright-eyed and full of energy that it’s hard to get him to stand still. Last night Fred stood up with a blanket over his shoulders, and Oy FLEW across the room and climbed up the blanket to Fred’s shoulder in about two seconds. He’s full of it, that one. Edgar, on the other hand, enjoys playing, but he also really likes to be up again my leg, playing with his tail, or watching his brothers and sisters run around. He’s the one with the loudest purr, too. I pick him up, and you can hear him from two rooms away. Edgar’s the one I worry most about, as far as being adopted, because he’s not as cute as his brothers and sister – he reminds me of a boxer who’s gone a few rounds – but he’s such a sweet, sweet guy.

Well, I worry about Flossie, too. She can be so timid and unwilling to be held, though in the last few days she’s gotten to the point where she’ll stand in front of me and put her paws on my chest and ask to be petted.

I love these kitties.

Peanut, taking a moment mid-fight with Flossie, to lick his nose.

Egg decided he needed to be in the sleeve of my sweatshirt. He climbed in, hung out for a few minutes, then…

…turned around and came back out!

Miss Flossie shows off her fangs.

Oy gives someone the Manson lamps.

Egg prepares for the dismount.

“Egg! Egg! Hey, Egg! I’ve got some primo catnip, come get some! Don’t tell Oy, though. He’s a ‘nip hog.”

I love the way his toes are just sitting there, over his shoulder, for no apparent reason.

“Bahahah! Ha! Hee! Whoo, I think that catnip made me high…”

The yawn-and-stretch. Is there anything cuter than little pink cat toes? I think not!


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