7-12-05 – Mia’s babies.


I’ll be taking the babies to the pet store this afternoon. They do adoptions on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings starting at 6, so I’m going to take the kittens over there mid-afternoon so they’ll have a few hours to acclimate to their new surroundings before adoptions start. In a perfect world they’ll all be adopted tonight, but I doubt that will happen. Kittens go fast, though, so I bet they’ll all be adopted in less than a week.

Maybe not, but I prefer to think they will be.

This is hard, but I know they’ll go to good homes. The adoption counselors are very careful about who they adopt the cats out to; not just any yahoo can waltz in and adopt a cat, you know, which is very comforting.

Yesterday afternoon I was hanging out with the babies in their room, and I was baby-talking them – oh please, you KNOW I talk baby talk to those cats constantly – and Flossie was sitting across the room playing with a straw, and she sat up and looked at me. I said “You’re the one I worry most about, Prissy Pants.”, and she WALKED over to me, and she stood up and put her paws on my stomach, and she was purring to beat the band.

I like to think she was telling me she was going to be okay. That, or she was begging me to keep her, one or the other.

They’ll be fine, they’ll be fine, they’ll be fine, they’ll be fine…

Ugh. This is going to SUCK. I just need to keep in mind that they might have to spend a little time in a small cage, but then they’ll go home with someone who will love and adore them nearly as much as I do (heh), and they’ll have the run of the house, and be spoiled rotten.

This is probably the best way to do this, actually. Because I leave for Maine on Friday and so won’t be at the petstore to clean-n-feed next Monday, or the Monday after. So it’ll be almost three weeks before I’m back at the petstore, and I am SURE they’ll all be adopted by then. They’re so damn cute, how could anyone resist?

As I told Fred last night, though, if I walk into the petstore at the beginning of August and see any of them sitting there in a cage, all bets will be off.

* * *

In lieu of a real entry, I’m going to toss up a bunch of pictures of the kittens and then go spend some time snuggling with them. I’m sure tomorrow’s entry will consist of nothing but a ton of kitten pictures, so I can clear off my memory stick, so we should be back to business as usual Thursday. And then Friday I leave for Maine, so you’ll have to do without me for ten days!

This toy drives the kittens nuts. They get hold of it, and run around the room with it in their mouths, and if anyone gets too close, they growl. It’s hilarious – I actually got some of it on tape; I’ll have to make a little movie for y’all to see.

This is possibly the best picture I’ve ever taken of Flossie. She’s so pretty.

Chewing on one straw, but keeping his eye on the other. He’s no dummy, that one.

Straws are the best cat toys EVER. Except that they keep knocking them under the closet door and can’t get them out again.

“It drives the wimmins wild when I sit like this.”

“Ya puts your paws in the ay-er like you just don’t cay-er!” (part two)

The hokey-pokey. It IS what it’s all about!

Don’t dangle a tail in front of the Flossie-Monster, unless you want it bitten.

Edgar happily cleans the end of his tail.

Smilin’ Oy with water on his chin.

Shaddup. Yes, he’s licking my lips, but he’d just spent five minutes drinking water, so his mouth was clean. Also, it makes him so happy. Also, did I mention shaddup?

Snoopy’s watching Fred mow the lawn. It was quite fascinating, apparently.


“Hello, my baby
Hello, my honey
Hello, my ragtime gaaaaaaal!”


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