7-8-05 – Mia’s babies.


Last night I went upstairs to hang with the babies, and I walked in to find them all sleeping. They heard me come through the door and all slowly came to me, stretching and yawning and peeping the entire way. At one point I had four sleepy kittens in my arms, half-heartedly fighting with each other. Finally, three of them went running off to play, and Snoopy decided he wanted to go back to sleep. He slept in my arms for the longest time, despite the fact that his brothers and sisters find his tail to be an irresistible toy, and would come running over to grab at and bite it.

I sure do love these kitties, and MAN am I going to miss them when they’re gone.

Sleeping Snoopy.

Sweet (ha!) little Peanut.

Edgar, hanging out on my shoulder.

Something about clean, wet hair drives Oy NUTS. He pretty much ends up on top of my head, licking my hair. Crazy cat.

The skilled acrobat, Snoopy, hanging from my shoulder by one arm as he cleans the other.

Looking out the window is obviously a favorite pastime around here. I got home from the bank yesterday, and glanced up to see Edgar looking out the window. He watched me drive up the driveway, and got so excited he fell off the box he was standing on.

Crazy girl.

Lookin’ for love in all the right places.

Oy likes the catnip toy.

Edgar, concerned. I think this is my favorite picture of him. He’s such a sweet boy.

This is how things usually are around here. Butts being kicked, cat toys being tossed around, and someone trying to figure out how to fit his entire body in the Steakout cup.

Peanut and Flossie are water connoisseurs. They take a drink of water, then lift their heads, and smack their lips. They remind me of wine tasters. They know how to appreciate the good things in life, those two.

Look what I found in my /tmp directory! I think I took these with the spud’s camera:

Were they ever really that little?


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