7-7-05 – Mia’s babies.


It’s the strangest thing – in the last week or so, the kittens have gotten friendlier. I mean, they were never unfriendly, but they didn’t much care for being held and snuggled, but now if you go into the cat room when they’re just waking up, they all come over to you (it’s like a kitty scene from Night of the Living Dead: “Snuuuuuuggles! Snuuuuuuggles!”) and take turns being picked up and petted and kissed and belly-rubbed, and while they’re waiting to be picked up they lean against your leg and look up at you and purr.

They’re also purring a lot more than they were. Fred had mentioned a few weeks ago how odd it was that they didn’t really purr all that much, and it’s like they heard him and wanted to show him that they CAN TOO purr.

Snoopy’s developed an odd little habit lately, too. If I’m holding him, he likes to twist around so he can sniff my breath. If I open my mouth, I swear he will get as much of his head into my mouth as he can, and he sniffs wildly, and then when the sniffing is done he’ll lick whatever part of your mouth is within reach.

This is a little disturbing, because GOD KNOWS where that tongue has been. I don’t particularly want him licking my lips if he’s been doing some personal grooming – IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN – in the last, well, EVER. It’s kind of gross, but also cute. He’s a licker, that one. If he can’t lick your lips, he’ll lick your face. If he can’t lick your face, he’ll lick your hair or your leg or, basically, whatever he can.

We need a little sign that says Warning: cat can’t hold his licker.

I guess Snoopy’s not the only one who can’t hold his licker. Oy’s licking the bottom of my (sock-covered) foot.

I think Edgar’s flirting with me.

He licks there, and then wants to lick my lips? I don’t think so, kiddo.

Flossie, ready to attack, licks her nose. It helps her concentrate.

Miss Giggles.

“I can pick boogers with my tongue! I’m SO talented, I really am.”

Mr. Fang.

Apparently we really keep ’em amused around here.

Snoopy puts on his mean face.

I love how she looks like she was so overcome with laughter that she collapsed on my slipper.


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