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I delivered Maggie and her boys to Petsmart Friday morning. They were fine – they were a little confused about what was going on, but they didn’t howl all the way to the store as I’d expected. When I was getting their cages set up, they explored the cat room a little, and then settled back in their carriers and watched me work.

I ended up putting Cillian and Finnegan in one cage, Maggie in a cage by herself, and Macushla, Fergus Simon, and Declan in another. (Don’t feel too sad for them – they all get to see each other in the morning and evening when their cages are cleaned.) I gave everyone a last snuggle and kiss, and put them in their cages. Then I stopped to pat Maggie and thank her for trusting me enough to let me help her raise her babies, and ohhhhh how the tears came tumblin’ down.

None of the McMaos were adopted Friday, but I got the word Saturday evening that Cillian and Finnegan were adopted – TOGETHER! That makes me really, really happy. I told Fred of the adoptions, and then I started thinking about how I saw them every day of their little lives, and now I’ll probably never see them again, and got teary-eyed. But then I got over it, because those boys will have each other, and no doubt they’ll be loved to death by their new family.

I had originally thought that Ciara would be able to go to Petsmart tomorrow, but it’s been one step forward two steps back with her, so now I’m thinking she’ll be here ’til at least Friday. I hope she doesn’t forget her brothers and Maggie before she gets to see them again!

Like I posted over at Facebook, Ciara turned from a slightly standoffish kitten into a puppy overnight. She wants to follow me around, and when I sit down, she sits at my feet. She wants to be petted, and if I’m not paying enough attention to her, she howwwwwwls like nobody’s business. I wish she’d get over whatever it is she’s got (the vet was unable to find anything at all wrong with her) so I can take her to Petsmart and she can lovebug her way into a new home!

The Spice Girls don’t seem to notice that Maggie is gone. I’m sure they’d be happy to see her come back, but they’re pretty happy without her here – I’ve made a point of spending time just hanging out and petting them. They are such sweet little monkeys – and now that they’re all over two pounds, it’s just about time for them to be spayed!

2011-07-11 (1)
Clove, nuzzling at Maggie. Maggie’s all “Please, is it time to GO yet?”

2011-07-11 (2)
Snoozin’ Macushla.

2011-07-11 (3)
Fergus Simon and his catnip cigar.

2011-07-11 (4)

2011-07-11 (5)
Cillian’s a quiet little observer.

2011-07-11 (6)
That’s quite the little pile of kittens, no? Maggie’s under there somewhere.

2011-07-11 (7)
I love how, over there to the right, Fergus Simon is straddling Declan. And in the middle, Clove is all “This bed of kittens is lumpy. I am displeased.”

2011-07-11 (8)

2011-07-11 (9)
Maggie’s all “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.” The look on Clove’s face, there, in the middle, is cracking me UP.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-07-11 (10)
It’s a Newtie in a box!

2011-07-11 (11)
Maggie says “You about done in there? I’d like a turn.”
Newt says “You go ‘way. This are MY box.”


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7-11-11 — 9 Comments

  1. Aaahhhh, Clove is just the adorablest! I love the glimpse of pink tongue in the second “pile on Maggie!” photo. And yes, I also cracked up at her face in the last one. I just want to squeeze her.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for fast adoptions for all these guys. Really, how can anyone resist them?

  2. i’ve been following your blog since Maggie is pregnant and how time flies, all of them are ready to go to Petsmart now. i’m gonna miss McMaos very very much! :((((

  3. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were teasing you about Maggie not really being pregnant? And now she and her brood are moving on. I have to admit that I’m a bit teary-eyed and I haven’t had anything to do with raising them.

    I don’t know how you do it. I’m glad two got adopted quickly and together! I hope the same for the others. They are a great bunch of hellions!

    Plus, good to see Newt enjoying himself!

  4. I half expected Macushla with the supermodel high cheekbones to be “discovered” first. Still though, good news about the others! Sweet Maggie, she is going to be a true jewel for someone.

    I know it’s hard for you (and Fred) but you know it’s the right thing. Especially when they’re snatched up so quickly.

  5. Oh man,now I’m getting teary-eyed at work,again.I’m going to miss that bundle o’kittens!You are a queen among all people for having the heart to do this fostering thing.I would have a breakdown every time a kitten has to go to be adopted 🙁

  6. So glad to hear about those two boys being adopted! I’m sure they’ll some kindhearted soul for Maggie. When we were chosen by our female cat many years ago, her two babies were available but we thought, “We can only take one; those two will be homed together; we’ll have their mum”. They were adopted a few days later and together!

  7. Brilliant news for Cillian and Finnegan!!! I hope hope hope that the rest of the McMaos get to be adopted in pairs or together! Special purrs and hugs for mama Maggie!! She’s so beautiful and such a great mama and deserves a forever family to pamper her now!!!

    I think what you do is just amazing, Robyn! You give these beautiful kitties the best start in life!! I couldn’t do what you do! I’d be keeping them all! LOL! Awwww but yay for you! Take care

  8. Thank you for giving them the chance to grow strong and happy! And yes all babies will have loving homes! Thank you! Hugs!

  9. Aww, Clove is stoned on kitten love! How happy does she look with all her adopted family around her? Aww…
    Good luck babies and may you all have swift adoptions. And Maggie, the perfect family are out there looking for you.