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As of last night, I can report that Miss Ciara is doing well and should be ready to head off to Petsmart on Friday. I suppose I COULD take her today (adoption hours are held tonight), but I want to make sure she’s okay for real, and not just teasing me.

I can’t get over what a sweet, sweet girl she is. I think she got a little overshadowed by her brothers, and now that they’re gone, I can see what a gem she is. Sweet, friendly, playful, nice to other kitties. She’s the total package!

More pics from last week.

2011-07-12 (6)
“Ya know, I was just LAYING here taking a snooze, and before I knew it, these little monsters had latched on!”

2011-07-12 (5)
Cillian, keeping an eye on stuff.

2011-07-12 (4)
Clove thinks about making a jump at Coriander. (We’ve been calling Coriander “Alice, Jr.” because Fred never learns any of the fosters’ names, so instead of continually calling her “The one that looks like Alice” so he’ll know who I’m talking about, I’ve resorted to “Alice, Jr.”)

2011-07-12 (3)
Clove stole that toy from Cillian. He’s too gentle for his own good!

2011-07-12 (2)
Oh, that little face. Couldn’t you just kiss her?

2011-07-12 (1)
Snoozin’ Spicies.

2011-07-12 (9)
Finnegan, watching birds.

2011-07-12 (8)
If you’re going to look like a pouty princess all the time, you might end up with the nickname Pouty Princess, brat.

2011-07-12 (7)
Fergus Simon, on the platform in the kitchen. Yeah, I’d say they made themselves at home while they were here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-07-12 (10)
Sugarbutt, always comfy.


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7-12-11 — 11 Comments

  1. I’d be picking them up and smooching them ALL. All day. Everyday. How you manage to get anything done, like scooping poop and feeding them, never mind yourself (feeding that is), is beyond me.

    Smooch smooch smooch.

  2. I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I enjoy your blog I have been reading it daily for awhile now, well since the McMao’s were born and I can’t even remember how I stumbled on to it. But everyday when I open Google reader and see that you have a new blog posted I look forward to hearing all about the kitties, dogs, veggies, etc. I don’t know how you do what you do but those animals sure are blessed to have you.

    And Sugarbutt is so, so cute!

  3. Thank you for your continued writing/posting/photos! I love your blog … every morning I save it to read for last so that I start the rest of the day off with a dose of your lovely kitties or other animals. Love!