7-12-14 – Dennyday

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Y’all have asked how Dennis is doing now that he’s a permanent resident, and he is doing great. He and Jake are thick as thieves, and he and Stefan play together a lot, too. He’s got his routine down pat – he knows snackin’ time, he knows standing still to have his collar put on, he knows running around the back yard, and he knows coming inside at bedtime when I call for them. His collar (which works with the invisible fence around the back yard) keeps him from roaming, and he spends as much time inside as out in the back yard during the day.

The medicine cabinet, in the dining room. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat up there before.

Getting some love from Fred.

Snack time! I love that the three brown tabbies are in a row – Dennis on the left, Kara in the middle and Corbie on the right.

I was upstairs one morning, giving the kittens and Angelo fresh catnip. All of a sudden, we heard the screech of a very angry girlcat.

Angelo was concerned.

Grant was a little scared.

I went downstairs to see what was going on, and found…

“She’s purty! I wants to be her friend!”

Stinkerbelle is clearly fuming that “GOT ENOUGH FRIENDS, THANKS.”

“Hi, pretty lady. I’ll just be right here when you change your mind and want to be friends.”

“I’ll just put my paw right here, all casual-like, in case you want to touch paws.”

I kind of hope he wears Stinkerbelle down. I think she could use a friend other than Tommy!

With the kittens running around downstairs a few hours a day, Dennis has come back around to disciplining them so that they’ll Act Right. This picture cracks me up because of Dennis’s face.

“These childrens needs DISCIPLINE.”

I’m not sure that whole thing is going to fit in your mouth, Dennis.


So in summation: Dennis is doing great. He and the other permanent residents adjusted to each other very smoothly (given the slow introduction, that’s not surprising), and he’s turned out to be a very sweet, very well-adjusted boy and in fact I can lean down and pick him up without him skittering away the way he used to. He’s got the routine down pat, and he’s the first one to let me know that it’s snackin’ time RIGHT NOW LADY, which the other permanent residents appreciate.


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7-12-14 – Dennyday — 21 Comments

  1. So much excellent news — and fun! — in one post. I’m ecstatic that Jake has a new friend after losing Elly Belly; Stefan, too, of course. And I’m looking forward to Stinkerbelle’s cottoning on to the fact that Dennis is a fine Romeo, and she’d better Juliet it up soonest.

  2. Sweet, sweet Dennis! I’m so glad he’s fitting in so well. And I’m glad he’s remembered it’s his job to keep those kittens in line! And I love, love, love the picture of him so casually reaching out to Stinkerbelle!

  3. Aww! Dennis seems like the teenage cat trying to get his aunts and uncles to understand downloading music and IM’s. And gives off the “very happy to be here” vibe. He made the best cat friend in the house. Looks to be a very smart, happy, greatful kitty.

  4. The way Grant is standing makes him look like a kitten-giraffe hybrid. I’m glad Dennis is making friends!

  5. Oh, that Dennis paw in the “I’ll just put my paw right here, all casual-like, in case you want to touch paws.” picture — what a bold and brave young man!!! Love Dennis so very much 🙂

  6. I do hope Stinkerbelle learns to at least tolerate Dennis. He is a good boy. I was intrigued to see the medicine cabinet! Your photos can make us feel as if we know every inch of the house, but THEN! An unexpected medicine cabinet!
    We don’t know what your toilet looks like, either, but no pressure.
    Oh! Have you ever considered trying to train any of your cats to use the human toilet rather than the litter box?

  7. Sorry to sound intemperate, but training a cat to use a toilet makes about as much sense as training a human to use a litter box.

    • My dear departed Elliott kitty used the toilet. I did not train him – he just decided to use it on his own. Funny cat!

      • Talk about initiative! What a character that boy must have been. Hope you had loads of time together.

  8. Great to see Dennis settling in – his crush on Stinkerbelle is too cute.
    Angelo is growing into such a handsome cat, hope he gets adopted soon!

  9. If anyone can tear down Stinkerbelle’s walls, it will be Dennis. She will w-a-n-t to hate him, but in the end she won’t be able to! 😉