7-9-08 Kara & babies

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I got an email from the shelter manager yesterday. Apparently they’ve never had a kitten season like this before – cats and kittens are coming in at a very fast rate, the shelter and all the foster homes are filled up, and adoptions are down. There are currently 55 (!) kittens in foster homes, at the pet store, and at the shelter. The shelter manager has come up with a new plan that will helpfully spur adoptions along (basically giving people the option to spend time with the kittens at their foster home – something she’s left up to each foster parent, they’re not required to let strangers into their homes). I’m more than willing to let prospective parents come spend time with the kittens here, and while I hope it helps move adoptions along, I also kinda hope it doesn’t, you know?

Ah well. I don’t know how anyone could resist these little faces once they see them, anyway.

Truly, he is SUCH a Momma’s boy.

“I am sitting here in my fish!”

Just as I snapped the picture, Kaylee’s paws came from out of nowhere.

He wubs his mama.

I love the look on Inara’s face, like “How did I get here? How am I supposed to get down? Halp?”

River’s got the Crazy Eyes.

One of our current litter boxes. It’s working well, actually – we bought a bucket at Lowe’s, Fred cut a hole in it, and the cats LOVE it. Also, now they can’t pee over the side. Win-win!

Sugarbutt’s still in the collar, but he’s acting more like himself – yesterday, he had a stare-down with Joe Bob in the back yard, then chased him up the tree.


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