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Thanks, all y’all who emailed me about it. That is, in fact, my picture that was posted on I Can Has Cheezburger yesterday.

That’s Flossie, from my very first litter of fosters, six years ago.

I can’t believe it’s been six years!

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.
(Just a few pics this week – I need to get out with the camera more often!)

2011-07-07 (9)
This little sunflower popped up under one of the bird feeders. That is one happy looking flower.

2011-07-07 (8)
Happy Gracie.

2011-07-07 (7)
Gracie at snack time.

2011-07-07 (3)
George, heading for the coop. During the hottest part of the day, George and Gracie hang out under the coop.

2011-07-07 (5)

2011-07-07 (4)
If they weren’t so cute, we wouldn’t always feel the need to pick them up. It’s their own fault!

2011-07-07 (2)
I think this one is particularly pretty.

2011-07-07 (1)
Birds of a feather flock together. Or hang out and watch the other birds go by. Whatevs.

2011-07-07 (11)
During a particularly dry spell, I took this garbage can lid (which actually goes with the garbage can in the back yard where Elwood snoozes during the day) and turned it over, then filled it with water. Perfect bird bath for the birds, right? Yeah, what a shock – Newt and Maxi were drinking out of it more than any ol’ birds.

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2011-07-07 (18)
“Whyyyyyy are you over there and taking my piiiiiiicture and not over heeeeeere and petting meeeeee?”

2011-07-07 (17)
“I know I’m your favorite, right? ::wink:: ”
Of course, sweet Cilantro.

2011-07-07 (16)
Looks like Cilantro’s amused by something, and Clove’s just like “Fine. WHATEVERRRR. ::huff:: ”

2011-07-07 (15)
Apparently there’s SOMEthing amazing going on.

2011-07-07 (14)
Got so hot, the durn kitten melted right out the bed. Flat-out tragedy, is what it is.
(Doesn’t Declan have the most fabulous stripes?)

2011-07-07 (13)
“What’s HIS problem?”
“What isn’t? He’s one of the grumpy ones. 37 smacks. He gave Declan 37 smacks yesterday.”
“In a row?”

2011-07-07 (12)
“Hey! You! GUYS! Finnie-mini done had a snort of the ‘nip and I NEEDS A SNUGGLE. Come on, who wantsa snuggle? ::hic:: ”

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2011-07-07 (19)
“You can’t see me.”


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7-7-11 — 13 Comments

  1. I’m all too aware of the tragedy of melted cats — I have two right here in my house! On the bright side, they don’t seem to mind being melted and you can finally see how long they actually are.

    On a serious note, may I mention the petition for Dexter again? The story and petition are here. Warning! The story is of heinous abuse of two tiny kittens, so if you are sensitive, best not to read the story. If you can sign the petition, it will help decent folks in Florida.

    Updates on Dexter are here. Only a cuteness warning on that last link as he appears to be slowly recovering from his injuries and is extremely cute.

    Thanks for letting me preach for a bit. Now back to my melted cats!

    • Oh, absolutely you can mention the petition for Dexter as often as you want to! I’d already written today’s entry when I saw your other comment, or I would have linked to it today. I intend to put it at the top of tomorrow’s entry. It is absolutely horrifying that anyone could do such a thing, and if you ask me that damn mother deserves to be buried under the jail, and those kids should get years of intensive therapy.

      • Thanks Robyn! I put in the wrong link to Dexter’s Facebook page. Here is the correct one. It’s not really Dexter’s page, but is the page for PetLuv clinic where he is being cared for. He’s kinda taken it over, really. We all know how that goes!

  2. I’ve just finished reading up about Mia and her babies. Poor Mia. πŸ™ Awwww.

    Your baby chicks are adorable!!!

    Hello to the Spice Girls and the McMaos and a special special hug to mama Maggie!! The spirit of amazing Mia lives on in her. I’m really cut up about Mia, poor mama kitty!

    Take care

  3. I’m curious, are you ever tempted to get Gracie & George severe summer trims for the heat? I can’t recall any pic’s with extreme haircuts but that doesn’t mean anything.

  4. I took the link for Dexter’s petition (signed it myself) and forwarded it on to everyone I know. I asked them to sign it and forward it along. I just got ill reading his story! I pray that God grants Dexter justice, no lasting injuries…and a life of love and bliss with a wonderful family!

  5. That’s right, we can’t see you…Alice.
    Melted kitties is bad…you’ll have to scoop them up and drop them all in a cool bath. that’ll put ’em back together quick smart!
    Feel better babies, you’re forever homes are calling…