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So. The McMaos got a stay of execution. Or a stay of… adoptacution? In any case, they’re still here. Fred told me at bedtime Monday that he’d seen Cillian in the litter box and things were not as they should be. Then there was evidence yesterday morning that that was true of at least two or three cats. I told the shelter manager that I’d keep them here ’til Friday (I was heartbroken to have them for a few days longer, of course), and we’d see if it cleared up.

I was able to get a stool sample, and took it up to the vet’s office for testing. Word came back that there were no parasites, but they did ask if we’d recently changed their food, because there was some oiliness in the sample. Which is when I decided that it was Fred’s fault, because he’d had a tuna sandwich for lunch on Monday, and gave the liquid from the can to the cats. So I blamed him – and he blamed me for letting them have a couple of egg yolks. “They’re nothing but fat!” he said. (In my defense, there were no kittens around when I put the bowl on the floor; I meant for Maggie to have them because she’s always hungry!)

In any case, the fact that there were no parasites present was a good sign, and by the end of yesterday things seemed to be improving. We’ll see how things proceed, but I expect that Friday morning they’ll be going to Petsmart for real.

2011-07-06 (8)
All the McMaos (and Maggie!) and all the Spice Girls, present and accounted for!

2011-07-06 (6)

2011-07-06 (7)
You see how one of the McMaos is stretched across the top of Maggie? Well, she was laying there letting them all nurse, and Sugarbutt came in. For some reason, he got too close to Maggie, and she hissed at him, and he hissed back. Maggie STOOD UP with that McMao on her back like she was a burro and he was her blanket, and she faced off with Sugarbutt. Sugarbutt backed down (you don’t mess with an angry mama), and she walked about halfway across the room before she shrugged that kitten off her.

OF COURSE I didn’t get any pictures of it.

2011-07-06 (5)
Clove loves that Macushla.

2011-07-06 (4)
I actually originally thought that both Finnegan and Ciara had perfectly pink noses, but as it turns out, Ciara has a bit of a freckle on her nostril. Too cute!

2011-07-06 (3)

2011-07-06 (1)
Note that her eyes have almost completely changed color. There’s just a rim of blue around the outside.

2011-07-06 (2)
Vampire kitteh is HONGRY.

2011-07-06 (10)
Cilantro (left) and Coriander (right), hanging out in the sunshine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-07-06 (12)
Newt loves the cat tree in the guest bedroom. And the cat tree in the foster room. Wherever there’s a cat tree, Newt loves it!

2011-07-06 (13)
“Go ‘way, lady. Newt’s nappin’.”


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7-6-11 — 8 Comments

  1. Yay for the little black beauty.

    Good luck to the McMaos, and of course kisses to Maggie and the Spice Girls.

    With our blog dead in the water (hopefully not permanently), we’ve been living the cat rescuer’s dream life vicariously through love and hisses! Thank the kitty deities! 🙂

  2. Many congratulations to young Lilith for finding just the right person. Debra does indeed rock — and as if we needed any more proof that Robyn makes a difference each day, here it is! Oh, those mini-McMaos, making sure that their leavetaking is as dramatic as possible — not that Newt seems perturbed.

  3. Mama Maggie is FIERCE!! Wow – how amazonian is she?!?! With baby draped on her back, she faces down intruders! Oh ok gorgeous Sugarbutt but still – wow!!! Yay for mama Maggie!

    Awwww I hope the kitties are ok now!!

    These are adorable pictures of the beautiful McMaos!! Much as I’d love for them to find forever homes asap – I will truly miss them!! Awwww and the Spice Girls too!

    Hello lovely Newt!

    Take care

  4. Oh my that first photo is just a pile of squirming happy, nomming stripies, isn’t it? I know there two calicoes, but sheesh, the stripes just overwhelm the blobs, don’t they? And I love the Maggie story. She is a fierce and loving momma and you just can’t ask for anything more!

    That photo of Cori and Cila in the sunshine is simply lovely. I’m going to snatch it up for my wallpaper, if you don’t mind.

    Finally, if people haven’t heard, there was a horrific case of kitten abuse in Florida and it would be great if people could sign the petition for the Florida AG to prosecute the woman who beat two kittens with a bat and encouraged her young sons to abuse the kittens as well. One of the kittens died and the other was rescued by some brave children in the park. The story and petition are here.

    The petition is important since there is some pressure from the alleged perps relatives and neighbors to let her go. It’s so bad, that the mother of one of the children who rescued one of the kittens was surrounded by about 30 angry people on the day of the incident. They were yelling at her for calling the police, if you can imagine.

    Let’s support her, her brave son and decency by signing and publicizing the petition. I’ll get off my soapbox now with a link to the Facebook page for the surviving kitten, who is named Dexter and is slowing recovering from his injuries. He’s as cute as a very cute button!