7-6-09 – Creed, Dwight & Phyllis.

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Thanks, y’all, for your kind words and thoughts about our Mister Boogers. We miss him an awful lot and it still surprises us every now and then, but our other cats (and the fosters!) are helping us get past it.

Creed, Dwight, and Phyllis are especially helping. They’re such funny little kittens, racing around the house, jumping on each other (and us!), fighting, and then falling in a heap to sleep for hours and hours before resuming the racing around again. They’re sassy little monkeys, and Creed especially is a love bug. He adores climbing up on Fred in the evenings, sniffs wildly at Fred’s mouth, rubs his face along Fred’s cheek, and then settles in to sleep.

(Unless, of course, he hears a strange noise at the other end of the house, in which case he goes racing off to investigate.)

At this point, these three are ready to go to PetSmart, but there are so many kittens at the shelter and more coming in all the time, that it could be a while. And to be honest, I’m fine with that! They’re no trouble, and they’re certainly entertaining.

2009-07-06 (14)
Phyllis, sound asleep with her eyes open. Kinda creepy!

2009-07-06 (15)
On the mat by the door, among the shoes, is Dwight’s favorite place to snooze.

2009-07-06 (16)
“We are trying to sleep. Go ‘way.”

2009-07-06 (17)
He just REFUSED to lay so that the hat would sit on his head properly. So I hung it off his ear, and he could not have cared less.

2009-07-06 (18)
Sweet boy.


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