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Happy 4th of July, Americans!

(And happy Monday, the rest of you! Also, I missed Canada Day. Happy belated Canada Day, Canadians!)

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If you or someone you know is in the Bronx area and is looking for a sweet, cuddly little kitten, go check this out. Here’s a sweetie pie who needs a home!

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It being Independence Day and all, I’m just doing a quick post. Some videos to tide you over ’til tomorrow!

Poor Maggie was just walking across the kitchen, minding her own business. Suddenly and shockingly, she was attacked by a roving band of degenerate hooligans who neatly took her down like a gazelle being taken down by a pride of lions.

YouTube link

These kittens are far too old for this – you know, I know, they know it. But Maggie is an indulgent mama. I try to rescue her from this by carrying her into another room, away from the little brats, and she responds by running back to find them. She sure is a good mama. (Please note the look from Finnegan at around 20 seconds. He’s ready to mess me UP if I get in the way.)

YouTube link.


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7-4-11 — 9 Comments

  1. Happy 4th of July! And thanks for remembering Canada Day!

    Maggie, being that easy is how you got knocked up in the first place. Just sayin’.

  2. The actually knock her down! It’s like a zombies horde, except ridiculously cute. Do cats keep making milk until the kittens stop feeding?

  3. Yes, some cats will keep making milk until the kittens stop feeding, though if a Queen goes in for spaying, usually the milk stops. Many Mother cats push their kittens away at a certain age, but other’s don’t and Maggie is one of them. Plus she’s adopted the Spice Girls, so in her mind she still has maternal duties to attend to. In nature (or as a feral) she would probably push the older kittens away about now, because she would be likely getting ready to have her next litter. She would probably the allow the older kittens to live with her and even hunt with them, but she would know to push them away from the watering hole.

    One reason feral mothers (or un-spayed barn cats) can ware out so quickly is that it isn’t uncommon for them to be carrying young and still nursing the last litter. That’s very bad, whereas Maggie’s second “litter” is adopted, so as long as she is happy and has enough food for the stomach on legs; she should be fine.

    She may or may not show grief symptoms when the first litter goes to pet smart and/or when the Spice Girls are off her hands (or she goes ahead of them). She may experience relief or she may look for them everywhere.

    One thing for sure, she would be a perfect cat to encourage someone to adopt either with her own kitten or any young orphan. Within the next year or two (and perhaps until old age) she’s more likely to adopt, adapt and become bonded to a kitten in need. She may let them nurse (even without milk) when they five years old and 20 pounds of bouncy tom neutered tom cat (we’ve had Mother cats like that in the past, they never push that last “baby” away). But more often, they just settle in and become a bonded pair.

    Poor Maggie, I think she will be happier with just the Spice Girls after a few days though. She’s being over-run!

  4. I just adore Maggie! What a great mamacat! I can see her as Melodi describes, bonding with a kitten in need.

  5. Awwww I can’t seem to view the clips! They’re just two black boxes!! I’ll try again tomorrow – have a great 4th of July and hugs to all your kitties especially wonderful mama Maggie! take care

  6. Awwww yay – I finally see mama Maggie and her babies in action!! How lovely!!! Awwwww I think the kitties and mama will know when it’s time to part. I remember my own mama kitty from waaaaaaaaaaay back and she was like sweet Maggie – very indulgent but then she got to a point (kitties were maybe 12 weeks old) when she’d snap at them to go away – she did do this gradually though. Yay for mama Maggie though – what a star! Take care

  7. Does your shelter have any bottle babies who Maggie might take on? She seems to enjoy being a mom and some tiny little itty bitties could benefit. Just a thought — I’m sure you’ve had it also…