7/3/11 – Looking for a home!

Edited to add: THIS LITTLE GIRL NOW HAS A HOME!!! Yay!!!!!

Attention, Bronx-area readers!

Gail said:

I was wondering if you would do me a favor and post about one kitten I have for adoption. I found all the other kittens in the warehouse homes. She will be fixed Tuesday and UTD on all shots. She is all black, cuddly , and 14 weeks old. I am trying like heck to find her a home. I live in the Bronx but can travel. The mothers are both to be fixed Tuesday, too. All the shelters are full and 5 cats in one apartment is a lot, so six would be pushing it.

She is the sister (I think) of my two kittens. The only one left in the warehouse, but taken care of by the staff. The two mothers (sisters) had kittens less than a week apart and both are solid black. They ended up trading kittens back and forth and finally placed them on the second story when the warehouse flooded and combined them. I pulled a bunch of kittens at 4 weeks and hand raised them, but couldn’t catch them all (living under pallets), but she is super tame and cuddly.

I also found a picture of her sisters. They are all identical, so I am not sure if she is in there or not.



On a side note, I have to add that of all the black cats I’ve known, every one of them has been absolutely awesome. Our two black cats (Maxi and Tommy) have loads of personality, and that’s held true for all the black fosters we’ve had.


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  1. I agree. I have owned 2 black cats (+ 1 mouthy tuxedo) and they have both been the sweetest things with such funny personalities. I’ve never met a black cat I didn’t like.

  2. Same with me. One of my two is a black cat and she is the sweetest, most loving little pesonality I know. Not just my opinion. Eeryone I know says the same thing about her.

  3. And for the superstitious out there: I read somewhere that OWNING a black cat brings good luck! I’ve had two black beauties in the past, and they were both darlings, sweet, lovable and snuggle-bunnies. Hope this cutie finds a forever home.

  4. Awww, she’s almost an identical twin to my (Prima) Donna.

    One of the snuggliest creatures that God graced with a tail.

  5. Black kitties are wonderful! My 6 year old black cat named Apollo was a Hurricane Katrina rescue. Poor guy was passed around shelters and one not-so-permanent home before I found him up for adoption at our local Petsmart (through a local rescue called Kool Kats). That was 4 years ago and he’s blossomed into a real sweetheart. Please don’t hesitate to adopt a black cat!

  6. Ok that cute little girl is mine!! She will hopefully be fixed today and then we will meet tonight! Her name is Lilith!! Yay for me! Well and her too! She will join my 5 other rescues, aging from 3 – 14.

    • THAT IS SO AMAZING!!!!!! My week started off really bad, and you just put a HUGE BRIGHT SPOT in my day – my week! – my MONTH!

      • I can’t wait to meet her! I’ve been craving kitten love! My last kitten I found in a parking lot under a bush. He’s almost 3 years old now and still terrified of everything. He lives under my husbands desk. He is slowly coming around. You would think after almost 3 years he would be okay. He grew up around grouchy old lady cats and one grouchy old man cat. I’m hoping this little girl will bring him out of his shell.

        • I suppose I should say they aren’t really grouchy, just old and all they want to do is sleep. Poor little Marco just wanted to play and they would bop him on the nose!

          • I know what you mean about grouchy older cats. I hope Lilith and Marco bond and have the best time ever!! 🙂