7-4-17 Tuesday

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Roux from above.

And Praline from above.

Praline giggles.

Step 1 to becoming a famous photographer, Praline: take the lens off the camera.

I don’t know where the girls have spent the past two nights, but Fred has reported that when he opens his bedroom door in the morning, they’re usually hanging out in the hall. They eat out of the food bowl in the bathroom, and I know they use the litter box in that bathroom, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they spend most of the night sleeping in the hall or on the bathroom rug. (Now watch: since I’ve said that, they’ll start sleeping with me at night. Which is what I want – as long as they SLEEP, that is.)

I finally took their collars off because the scratching was driving me nuts – and because I was starting to get paranoid that maybe they’d somehow been infested with fleas (everyone in the house – fosters included – gets their monthly flea treatment on the 1st of the month, but it’s still something I worry about). Once the collars came off, the scratching stopped. I need to find lighter, softer collars, I suppose. I want their new family to have a way to tell them apart in the beginning. Someone mentioned Beastie Band collars on Facebook yesterday, I think I’ll give those a try.

Both girls (but Roux more than Praline) floof up at the permanent residents (usually Frankie, Dewey, or Stefan since most everyone else ignores them), but I caught Roux chasing Frankie through the house yesterday morning and nearly died from the cute.

PS: Can you believe these girls (and Andre (formerly Andouille) and Bella (formerly Beignet)) are now three months old? Time flies!


Video! Roux’s got the morning crazies. A little fighting with the cat bed, a little floofing up at Praline (who was on the floor) a little spying on the neighbors. A full morning by 7 am!

YouTube link


Gaston atop the little blue cat tree.

And Mrs. Potts on the little blue cat tree.

Chip has a think.

“Can’t believe you’re letting this happen, lady,” says Belle. Like I could stop it from happening! By the way, I haven’t seen Ressler nursing from Belle yet – maybe he’s been away from his own mama too long and doesn’t remember how it works.

Sweet Agnes. I love her splashes of orange.

Gaston and Lumiere. That little smile on Gaston’s face is killing me dead.

Mrs. Potts is a fan of the dog fur cat toy. Agnes is a fan of bunny kicking Mrs. Potts in the butt.

She let Chip nurse for about 20 seconds before she got up and walked off.

Tiny Basket full o’ Ressler.

Gaston in the scratcher bowl.


Video! Chip is wearing his crazy pants.

YouTube link


Sheriff Mama is NOT pleased with your shenanigans. Lucky for you she left her ticket book at home.


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7-4-17 Tuesday — 6 Comments

  1. Sheriff Mama means business but accepts that on Independence Day she has to go easy. Fear not: she’s noting any and every infraction.

  2. Happy 4th Robyn! Love little Agnes’ golden toe. My Coco had one too.

    Looks like you have a house full up with shenanigans!