7-3-17 Monday

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It’s the beginning of July, and it’s time to see our calendar boy and girl!

If you bought an Anderson Kitties calendar, this month you’re looking at…

Joe Bob!

And if you bought a Love & Hisses calendar, this month’s calendar girl is…

Bubble, who was one of the three kittens (along with Barnaby and Squeek) we babysat last year for three weeks while Brittany was in Uganda. I adore this picture so much.


Roux in the sun.

And stomping over to see just what I’m doing.

Praline has become ALL about the nap time.

Roux kind of enjoys it, too.

I put collars on Praline and Roux (pink for Praline and blue for Roux), and they spent so much time scratching at them that it was driving me nuts. So I got out the softer collars that I have (they’re basically strips of velcro) and at first they seemed okay with them, and now they’re scratching at them and driving me nuts. I’m going to let them go another day to see if they adapt, and I hope they do since they’ve been sleeping in my room at night, and every time they scratch at their collars they wake me up.


I took this picture the day I brought Belle and her beasts home, and the wide-eyed looks on those faces crack me up.

Lumiere’s all “WHAT. IS. GOING. ON?!”

Lumiere and Gaston checking out Ressler.

“Haaave ya met my slappin’ paw?” asks Ressler.

Lumiere’s not pleased to make the slappin’ paw’s acquaintance.

“WINDOWS. Look at all those WINDOWS!”

Mrs. Potts looks like she’s telling a secret to that piece of dangling cord.

Agnes is always just so pleased with herself.


Video! Play time in the foster room. Someone’s always racing around like their butt is on fire in that room.

YouTube link


Maxi wanted to know why in tarnation I was sitting on the driveway. (Because I was trying to get Fancypants to come over to me, is why!)


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7-3-17 Monday — 11 Comments

  1. Maxi is such a tiny girl! Hope your neighbors won’t be starting their Fourth celebrations early this year.

    • The celebration has been going on for three or four days now. Every year I hope whoever’s setting them off blows off at least a few fingers. Hasn’t happened yet, but I still keep hoping.

    • He is doing well – let me get a few pictures of him (and also get my act together) and I’ll post about him later this week.

  2. These babies look F U N !!! Well, they all do always, really! How do the permanent residents handle the fireworks? Are y’all lucky enough to be in a place where it hasn’t sounded like Kabul constantly since mid last week? My poor cat who doesn’t even like thunderstorms has been camped out under my bed since last week. I’ve been bringing her food and water and have put a litterbox up there for her, I don’t want to lure her out as I know it’s not over yet… GAH!

    • Unfortunately, being in the country, the jackasses around here love to set off fireworks for several days before the actual holiday (though I will say that they generally stop the night of the holiday and don’t keep going on for days afterward. They used to do that, but whoever did it either got a job they needed to get up for the next day, or they moved). The cats don’t seem to really notice (they were more freaked out by the thunderstorm we got today), for which I am grateful. I wish I didn’t notice!