Barnaby, Bubble & Squeek – Babysitting

Squeek (gray tabby girl), Bubble (calico girl) and Barnaby (gray and white boy).

Barnaby (also known as Barnaby Mouse), Bubble, and Squeek were not technically our fosters. They stayed with us a little over two weeks while their foster mom – Brittany (who is with Forgotten Felines of Huntsville) – was in Uganda. They joined us on May 28th, and went back to Brittany on June 14th.

They were all three about 10 weeks old, though small for their ages, and were unrelated, but put together so they’d have companionship. They were a delight to babysit, and I missed them a lot when they left. If I’d had a room to put them in, I would have been lobbying to keep them – as it was, they were spending their nights in the bathroom and their days in my bedroom.

You can read about the trio beginning with this post. Brittany started a Facebook page and has posted a few pictures of them, here. You can see all the pictures I took of them while they were here with us here at Flickr, or scroll through them below.

Edited to add: Bubble passed away a few months later.

Bubble, Squeek & Barnaby