7-28-16 Thursday

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I’m sure y’all remember Bubble, one of the three kittens (along with Barnaby and Squeek) that I babysat for Brittany while she was in Uganda in June. Sadly, while I was in Maine, Brittany messaged me to let me know that Bubble had passed away unexpectedly overnight. She’d been fine at bedtime the night before, but when Brittany checked on them the next morning, Bubble was already gone. (You can see the post on the Pounce to My Level Facebook page.)

I know a lot of you loved watching Bubble while I was babysitting her, so I’m going to share a few of my favorite pictures of that sweet girl.

(I love this picture so much that I’ve been using it as my desktop wallpaper ever since I took it!)

Rest in peace, sweet little one.


Cypress, hanging out in the teddy bear basket.

Monkey-walkin’ Cypress.

While I was doing some work outside yesterday, a sprig of catnip landed in my boot. Apparently it made my foot smell good.

REALLY good.

Guess who got spotted snoozing together in the wall condo? Hemlock and Privet!
“It’s not what it looks like!” insisted Hemlock.

“I was just passing through!

Upside-down selfie.

“Gimme a hug, Juniper!”

“Is he comin’ back?”

Hemlock in the teddy bear bed, Juniper nearby.

Hemlock, Juniper (left), and Spruce in a big ol’ cuddle pile.

Except for some occasional hissiness from Cypress when Privet floomps toward him too energetically, there is no longer hissing or growling in the foster room. As as you can see, they’ve all pretty much accepted Hemlock as their little brother who needs some snuggling. I glanced in on them via the camera yesterday morning, and Hemlock was curled up next to Juniper. All he really wants to do with them is snuggle – he might bat at a tail here or there, but for the most part snuggling is what he wants, so snuggling is what he gets!

Spruce and Privet play together a lot, and I’ve seen Privet and Juniper play together, too (though it mostly depends on Juniper’s mood). Cypress will play with Spruce, but he’s still not sure what he thinks of The Floompy One. I’m sure that, given a few more days, he’ll be pulled into her floofy orbit.


Oh, that Joe Bob. Isn’t he a pretty boy? I can’t believe he’s 11!


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7-28-16 Thursday — 22 Comments

  1. Sweet Bubble, thank you for being you. RIP, little girl.

    Hemlock, lol! What a cute and funny bunch they are!

  2. Bubble was such a beautiful kitten – she brightened my mornings whenever she was featured…as I am sure she delighted so many others. Not an insignificant accomplishment for a little one.

    This morning when I first saw her picture I thought it might be an adoption notice. To say the news hit me like a blow is an understatement.

    Rest in peace, sweet baby, and condolences to Brittany, to you Robyn, and to all who adored her.

  3. Aw sweet Bubble. Such a sad surprise. I too thought we were getting an adoption update or just some new pictures. I thought she was just the prettiest little thing. I can’t explain it but this really hits me hard. Have fun at the bridge sweet girl.

  4. I am just beyond ill. Bubble!!!! I just will never understand how things like that happen. Logging off to cry….

  5. Except for the three little angels Robyn lost when she was first fostering, we’ve been very, very lucky not to see kittens leave us unexpectedly on this blog. Losing the permanent residents has been hard enough, but seeing the babies goes to The Bridge… πŸ™ At least we know Bubble was loved and spoiled the entire time she was here!

  6. It is so sad to see the news about Bubble. Combined with those that have been lost recently at Three Tiny Tabbies, I console myself with the thought that because of recent world violence “heaven” (or whatever you believe in) needs more baby kittehs to make those people happy and at peace. More baby animals are needed all over the world! ((hugs)) to all

    • That is a wonderful thought. I felt that way when I lost one of my furbabies just before 9/11. I assumed he was needed to console those people who had been lost.

  7. Aw, what a heartbreak to hear about pretty little Bubble. Can’t imagine what poor Brittany must have experienced finding Bubble gone without warning. Rest in peace, Bubble πŸ™

  8. My cranky alpha cat is being extra snuggly today. Maybe he knows. RIP sweet Bubble, like your namesake, here all too briefly.

  9. Bubble as such a sweet little thing. RIP love.

    That Cyprus monkey walk is ridiculous. Doesn’t even look real! Would love a video.

  10. I don’t understand – what could take a visibly healthy kitten overnight? πŸ™

  11. I’m so sad to hear about the loss of sweet Bubble. She was my favorite of that little litter. I wonder what happened. πŸ™

  12. Aww, Bubble was one of the cutest kittens I have ever seen anywhere. I’m very sad to hear about her. Many hugs to you and her other fosterers. Calicos and torties are the best cats, aside from all the other best cats. I’ve had a sudden loss like that of a young adult cat (love you, Amber-girl, wherever you are) and it’s so tough.

    On a happier note, little Hemlock is so cute I can’t stand it. I must come over and play with all the kittens and cuddle him. Please? πŸ™‚

  13. Bubble was so adorable. I guess she was needed elsewhere.

    I was wondering, does Hemlock have one eye with black eyeliner and one with white eyeliner? Our Princess Leia has that.

      • Our vet explained that the white lined eye gets more light and the black lined gets less acting like a football players’ black undereye.