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In case you missed it on Saturday, this happened:

The people who adopted Mooch pretty much fell in love immediately upon spotting him, and I liked them a lot. Hopefully we’ll get an update on how he’s doing!

No other Cheez Doodles were adopted at the cat show, but they got lots of attention. Now, we just wait. One more adoption at Petsmart will open up a cage for them, and off they’ll go. It could be any time now!

Also, Quinn and Darcey (I posted their pictures in last Wednesday’s post) were adopted on Saturday – so maybe this means that adoptions are picking up. Fingers crossed!


Pictures from the cat show!

The display, with lots of Cheez Doodles pictures.

The boys, all “WHAT is going ON?!” They shared a cage on Saturday, since AJ and Creed were in the other two cages. Neither AJ nor Creed came back for Sunday, so I put two boys in each cage, and they got a little more room to stretch out.

The hall, filled to the brim with cats and cat people!

AJ. He was signed up to show, but made it pretty clear early on that he wasn’t up for that.

I’ve never seen so many gorgeous cats in one place!

Silly cat.

LOVE the ears.

Creed, waiting to be judged. He made it through five rounds, and then decided he was DONE. I think he did pretty good for a cat who isn’t a show cat!

Maine Coons.


Sweet little three month old Abyssinian. So freakin’ cute.

On Sunday, Grant had a lot to say. A LOT.

I love how he’s looking at Gilbert, as though to check his reaction.


Some of these cats didn’t even look real.


This kitten’s name is Yoko Ono and she was LOADED with personality.

This sweet boy got stung on the paw by a wasp! He was being judged, and he stretched up the scratching post, and there the wasp was. Luckily, there was a vet in attendance.

Sweet snoozin’ Ragdoll.

And his Maine Coon sister.

Gorgeous, gorgeous.

We had a really good turnout, and the kittens got a lot of attention. Plus, of course, the adoption of Mooch. I would have loved to see all the babies get adopted, but y’know. At this point I’ll take what we got! I only wish that we’d entered Gilbert to compete, because I think he would have had fun with all the attention and might have done well. We’ll have to keep that in mind for next year!


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7-28-14 — 17 Comments

  1. GORGEOUS!! Thanks for my kitteh/cat fix … before I return to work after a week at the beach. I needed this. Also: Yoko Ono, Loaded With Personality. UNLIKE the drip for whom she was named. IMHO.

  2. what fun….I have been to one cat show and it was SO interesting. Hope that Aby boy is ok after the wasp sting – and oh my that Aby kitten. 🙂 Good luck with more adoptions!!

  3. What kind of cat is the one in the last photo? I have never seen one like that before.

  4. I once had a sweet part Abyssinian, I named him Bissi- I was told it was Arabic for kitten- he had all kinds of quirks. I miss him

  5. So jealous! Wish I coulda seen all those lovelies in person! PLUS the Doodles! Grrr, damn all those miles away!

  6. So I’m curious how AJ and Creed made it known that they were not interested in being shown? Was it just that they got hissy? Or was it something more dramatic than that? Also, those cages for the show cats seemed awfully small if they had to be in them for the whole day….but maybe they were only in them for a brief period. Wonderful pics, btw! Especially loved the one of Grant saying, “WHY NOBODY ADOPT ME YEEEEET?!”

    • There was biting and swiping involved in AJ’s case – Susan got smacked several times. He’s a really good boy in his foster home and at the shelter, but I think all the activity was freaking him out.

      Creed got bitey after a while, too, though he was nipping rather than actually biting. It’s a lot for a cat who hasn’t been through the whole show thing to put up with!

      The cages in those pictures were the ring cages, so the cats were in them for only brief periods of time. I canNOT believe I failed to get pictures of the enclosures the cats spent most of their time in – they were really nice, and some of them were beautifully decorated. And for the most part, the cats were being carried around and admired by everyone.

  7. Love! Ragdolls and Maine coons and rescue kits and–ooh, yikes, wasp. That’s not so pleasant. Go away wasp! Poor kitty.

    Congratulations on the adoption, Mooch. *smooch*