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Edited to add, 7/27: Mooch was adopted yesterday, by some really great people. It was pretty much love at first sight for them (or at least love at first hold), and hopefully we’ll hear from them! Gilbert got a lot of love and interest, but didn’t get adopted. Maybe today will be his day!


Mooch sure hopes his people come along at the cat show today, because holding this smile is starting to make his face hurt.


Locals, don’t forget: the TICA Cat Show is taking place this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm! There’ll be cool vendors there (note to self: get cash, because YOU HAVE A CAT TOY ADDICTION), lots of cool cats, and the Cheez Doodles will be there, available for adoption, or even just for cuddles and kisses! Come by and say hi!

(Click to see the larger version.)

Admission proceeds benefit Challenger’s House – the more people who attend, the more money Challenger’s House will get! Admission is $5 per adult, $4 for seniors and uniformed military, $3 for children, and children under 3 are free.


Yesterday I took Mooch, Marshall, and Gilbert to WAAY, to be on the 4:00 news. Gilbert and Mooch could NOT have been more laid-back (Gilbert flirted with every person who walked by; he was a serious little charmer), but Marshall was a little tense. He relaxed the longer we were there, but he just did NOT know what was going on.

I’m sure he’ll be thrilled when I put him in a carrier again today!

Gilbert, charming the ladies.

Marshall, with Walt Hennessee from the North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic. Marshall’s all “And she put this HARNESS thing on me, and then she threw me in a CARRIER, and I was in there FOREVERRRRR…”

Gilbert investigates.

Kami and Mooch.

Marshall, looking for escape routes.

And here’s the clip from the news. You’ll see that when the reporter asked me just about ANYTHING, my mind went completely blank. I am SO SO SO grateful that Kami was there!

Direct link.


If anyone gets adopted today, I’ll try to post something at the Love & Hisses Facebook page, and when I get home I’ll mark their picture(s) in the sidebar with “ADOPTED!” Depending on the service I get on my phone at the cat show, I may post at the Love & Hisses page during the day, if I get a chance.

You can also keep an eye on the Challenger’s House Facebook page.

Wish the boys luck! I’d love it if all of them were adopted this weekend. Wouldn’t that be awesome?


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7-26-14 — 12 Comments

  1. Good luck today, Robyn! I must admit, if I was in the market and, well, not living in NH, I’d grab Mooch and take him home in a hot minute!

  2. You looked awesome and did a great job! Those kitties are SO ready to go to a forever home. Mooch (my fav) was pretty laid-back; at that age though, they like to race around like their butts are on fire. Getting them to sit still even a little bit is difficult. Again, good job and will keep my fingers crossed they get adopted today!

  3. Best of luck today, Robyn, and may many animals in need find homes there, here, and everywhere!

  4. OMG Mooch!! Look at him all sitting still, waiting for his close-up. Nice job everyone!!

  5. Congratulations Mooch! Your smile helped your furever family find you today!!

  6. Oh I just have a super fond spot for any kitty with black eyeliner… and mooch has black lipstick? * splort * After recovery… happy dance he’s been adopted!

  7. We thought that was a really good interview! And Gilbert! What loves Mooch, Gilbert, and Marshall were (we’re looking at you, Marshall who kept that man’s hands full!). Congrats, Mooch, for finding your forever home!