7-26-12 – Crooked Acres Thursday

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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

Pardon the fuzziness of the first few pictures. It was SUPER humid here yesterday, and the camera lens kept fogging over. Y’all, the humidity these past few days has been killer. Ugh.

George likes to tromp around in the mud at the edges of the pond.

Check out the look o’ love Gracie’s giving George.


Lil rooster on the run.

The wallow gets bigger every single day.

“Go ‘way, lady. We’re wallowing.”

I would sooner go for a swim in the pond (the thought of which makes me shudder) than fall into that wallow. Sometimes they sit in there, and they chew on something they found in the mud, and I don’t EVEN want to know. (Okay, probably they’re just chewing on acorns, but who knows what else they find as they dig?)


The hens like fresh water almost as much as they like tomatoes.

Toasty the rooster supervises the hens.

Having decided I have no more cookies for them, the pigs settle back down in the wallow. (Pigs wallow in mud to keep cool – they have no sweat glands and can’t pant like dogs do. They prefer mud because it protects them from sunburn (and let me note here that they have a perfectly fine wallow that is NOT in full sunlight, which is not to their liking) and insects.)

“I’ll just hang out here in the shade, if it’s all the same to you.”

Squash bug eggs, the bane of the garden. You can squoosh them or scrape them into a bucket of soapy water to get rid of them, but they’ve so taken over the summer squash that it’s about time to pull up the plants and toss them onto the burn pile.

After weeks without rain, we got a few inches last week and the week before, and due to the uneven watering caused by the rain, we’re getting a lot of split tomatoes. Split tomatoes go to the chickens and pigs (but mostly the chickens).

I think it’s funny that we grow bell peppers every year even though I don’t like them, and Fred doesn’t care either way. I need them, though…

.. because the jalapeno jelly I make calls for a few bell peppers as well. Loooove jalapeno jelly (I deseed the jalapenos so that the jelly isn’t the slightest bit hot. I’m a wimp.)

Fred decided to give pumpkin-growing a try, and planted some around the corn. The pumpkins seem pretty intent on taking over the garden.


The fruit on our little Meyer Lemon tree (which is potted; when it gets cold, we’ll move it into the garage, upstairs by the window.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Nope. Sorry, dude. No room on the platform. Occupancy: one. Me. Not you. Buh-bye.”

Isn’t Dingwall Scotty the most gorgeous little man? That pretty white ruff, the white-rimmed eyes, the tufts of white fur. The total package, this one.

Shaved belleh!

Pretty Brandywine.

I know that when I get a little time to relax, I prefer to spend it among dirty shoes. Seriously, there are two humans who live here – what’s up with all the shoes?

Snackin’ Time for the ‘Maters.

Wellington likes to make sure that no food remnants are left behind.

“Why, I never!”

“Occupancy one, he says? I don’t think so! There’s plenty of room up here for two!”
“I feel a little squooshed, actually.”
“Who asked you?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The clock is ticking – soon, I’ll leave here with Stompers to hand him over to his new family. I am going to miss that little man an awful lot, but I know he’ll be fine, and I know he’s going to have his new family wrapped around his paw in no time flat. ‘Cause that’s the kind of charmer he is.

“I’m totally going to be the King in my forever home, and you guys have to stay here. Ha ha!”

Stompers and Kennebec discovered the fountain in the laundry room and they thought it was pretty awesome.


I tuck the cords up out of the way when I’m not in the room, but the kittens love to play with them so much that I let them do so when I’m around.

He’s moved the focus of his attack from the cords to the bed.

Maybe his nickname should be Chompers! (When we get kittens who are bitey, I always refer to them as Chompers McGee.)

So long, little Stompers. Have a wonderful life. I know you will!

(I’ve still got a zillion Stompers pics, which I’ll be sharing over the next few days, so you haven’t really seen the last of him!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Smilin’ Joe is a happy, happy boy.


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7-26-12 – Crooked Acres Thursday — 45 Comments

  1. Whoever is adopting baby Stompers – shame on you! He would have become a permanent resident and now you’re taking him away from all of us on teh internetz; soon there will be no more of his photos! :'(

  2. awwww! I am really going to miss Stompers!!! it will have to be a condition that his humans send regular pics so you can keep us up to date !!!
    and did I mention that I love George and Gracie’s names? were there ever such a sweet couple as George Burns and Gracie Allen?

  3. Love love love all the pictures!!!
    I understand the humidity – and heat!! My a/c went out yesterday and today’s heat index is gonna be over 100!!!! WHAAAAAAA!!

    I will miss you little Stompers! Be a good boy for your new mama!
    George and Gracie – [kiss]
    “Room for one” – hahahahahahha

    • Oh good lord – if our air went out, I would immediately pack my bags and move into the fridge! I cannot imagine going one single day without it!

  4. Okay – – my garden doesn’t even compare but those stupid squash bugs piss me off and are causing havoc here on the plants too. Not pleased as they seem intent on taking over the cucumbers too and not ready to pull those up. And finding the time to go scrap them off isn’t happening.

    Glad Stompers has turned into the super healthy pistol he is today to head home. He was a scrawny little dude when he first showed up but you worked your vodoo loving. Good job, as always!!

  5. The “fuzziness” that you refer to in the first few pictures gives George and Gracie (and the little rooster) a lovely, ethereal aura. Like those photos of actresses from the 20s-40s that were taken with Vaseline-smeared lenses. George and Gracie are trying to smooth out their wrinkles and look younger!

    Stompers’ family is indeed lucky. They are getting a sweet little man.

    Obviously it’s not an option, but I just want to adopt all the ‘Maters, Brandywine included. They look so nice as a set!

    • It reminds me of the old SNL skit where they mocked Elizabeth Taylor’s perfume commercial because of the fuzzy picture!

  6. The pigs are totally using that wallow as a cover for their escape plan. Soon it will be right under the fence.

    • I thought the same thing, then I noticed a hot wire running along the base of the fence. Or so I assume that is what it is….

      • Yeah, there’s an electric fence around the pig yard. They’d have to dig pretty low to get under it!

  7. All the babies are awesome, but I will admit that I’m going to reallllly miss the Stomp Man.

    Bye Stompers!

    (Joe Bob is pretty awesome too.)

  8. Kiss Stompers once more for us!!!

    Do you have recipes somewhere? Would you be willing to share yours for the jalapeno jelly? Not for me, but I know my parents would love it. 🙂

  9. LOVE Thursdays! (it felt like a Wednesday till I got here and saw FOR SURE it wasn’t).
    Best wishes Stompers! I am sad but also happy for you. Have a fun time with your new family and be sure to send us updates.

  10. Nooooo! Don’t leave us, Stompers! We love you!

    Make sure your new family gives you all the kisses, toys, and snackins that you require. It’s what you deserve as their new Overlord.

  11. I love those “ghost” pictures of the pups. They look almost otherworldy.

    Green bell peppers are one thing but red ones, if you can wait that long, are better. I can eat them like apples.

    What’s with Brandy’s ‘tude lately? Is she holding a grudge about the awful experience at the vets? Tired of being eaten alive by kittens bigger than her? Ready for a spa day?

  12. Good luck Stompers, you sweet little boy! Thank you for making me smile whenever I see you! Tell your new Momma we definitely need to have a “Stompers Blog” because we all love you so very much and we will miss not seeing you every day 🙂 Love Ya, Stompers – all the way from Pennsylvania!

  13. Have a wonderful life, Stompers! We will miss you so.

    Mezzetta’s has “tamed” jalapenos that are wonderful. I can’t handle the heat, either!

  14. Bye Romper Stompers! Have a wonderful life with your new family!! And try not to give out too many demerits at first! 😉

  15. You mentioned before that you grew Ghost Chili peppers. I have been trying to grow them from seeds, to little result. Do you get them pre-started or do the whole grow ’em from seeds thing?

  16. For some reason, I keep seeing Brandywine as a permanent resident….any chance on that?

  17. Just a quick comment for those of you who read comments: Stompers is on his way home with Kristyn and her boys, and they are absolutely awesome. When I handed Stompers over to Kristyn, he never stopped purring. He’s going to be so happy in his new home!!!

  18. Bon Voyage, Inspector Stompers! You have a wonderful life ahead of you with Kristyn and her boys!

    I sure will miss his sweet face, though. I’m glad you still have a few pictures left to share. That would be so wonderful if Kristyn kept us all up to date, but no pressure 🙂

  19. Wahhh, wahhhh! Goodbye Inspector Stompers and have a great life with your permanent owners. I hope she send pictures of him to you every once in awhile, Robyn. He really has the cutest little face!

  20. oh, am I going to miss his little face! I hope he’s loved to pieces in his new home.

  21. Two bad things in one day: we’re due for severe storms and little Stompers is leaving. I’m going to miss him. I don’t know what it is about the little fella, but I think he’s adorable. Give him a good-bye hug and kiss for me. 🙂

  22. I went back and read the archives to see the day that Cicero Stompers first came to Crooked Acres, and 06/07/2012 was his first post. He was such a wee ragamuffin, and it’s amazing to see how much he bloomed in your care! Congratulations Kristyn, on your new Inspector Kitten!

  23. What kind of fountain is that? It looks like something my two kittehs would like.

  24. Yay for the Stomp-man purring during the changeover! Robyn, if you’re ever in the mood, I’d love to find out more about Agata and Fianna — maybe an A&F Friday feature? As always, thanks, and my fingers are permanently crossed for swift adoptions for the Noms, ‘Maters, and ‘Taters!!!!!

  25. Oh, Stompers — have a good life at your forever home! We’ll miss you even though we are very happy for you and your new family!

  26. Aw, poor black and white chicken, who’s breed I cannot recall at the moment, showing signs of too many suitors, rooster or duckboy, with that bare back. Why does it look like she’s the only one? Is she the hussy of the group? lol
    Bye Stompers!! Rule that new home!
    Joe Bob, my darlin’, are you looking skinny? I know it’s hot, but eat anyway!

  27. Have a wonderful life, Stompers, with your new Mama Kristyn and her boys. Be good for them! We all send our love with you.

  28. Aw! Fare thee well, Stomps.

    Anyway, as has been vaguely banging around my head this past week:

    And Robyn said, “Brandy, you’re a fine girl. What a good pet you will be! But I’m sorry, we’re out of room on the cat tree.”

    To the tune of the obvious, of course.