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Cap’n Floof – aka Russet – was adopted last night!!!

Could this be the weekend that the Noms start finding their forever homes? Oh, pleeeeease let it be so!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Caspian shows off his exceptionally long front legs.

“Dear Lord, can it be snackin’ time now, please? Amen.”


Mr. Stripey’s telling a scary story about the day when there was no snackin’.

“I don’t believe I care for the sound of THAT.”

“This is what the temper tantrum I had looked like after I heard there was to be no snackin’.”

“No snackin’? Am sad.”

“I think I’ll go pout in the blue cat tree just in case a snack shows up, so I can spot it first.”

“When the snack comes, I’ll sneak up on it like THIS!”

‘Maters attacking the snack machine.

The neutering went fine yesterday aside from the part where all the kittens in the house expect a snack the instant they see me in the morning, and instead the ‘Maters and Stompers got cruelly shoved into carriers. Because Stompers hasn’t spent much time with the ‘Maters, he was in his own carrier, and I split the ‘Maters between two carriers. There was not a peep from the ‘Maters all the way to the vet, but Stompers had plenty to say for the first 15 minutes, then he settled down and just watched the scenery go by.

I picked them up last night, and they were all screaming for snacks. Stompers was still a bit loopy from the surgery, and just wanted to be snuggled. Because I’m a giver, I obliged. He purred louder than I’ve ever heard him purr!

Tomorrow, he goes home. Luckily, I’ve been going crazy with the camera. I might have a special Stomper-centric weekend picturepalooza!

Bath time for Kennebec.

Check out Fianna’s shaved belly. Adorable, isn’t it?

Sleepy Stomps.

You can see here that Stompers is about the same size as Fianna (she may have a couple of ounces on him.) I think she’s going to be a teeny cat.

I wish Stompers could figure out a way to relax. What a stressball.

Fianna and her pretty stripes.

Kennebec and HIS pretty stripes.

Kennebec sniffed the box and declared it good.

Then he jumped in and played in the paper. This box full of packing paper has been in the front room for a few months now, and to my amazement, no one has peed in it. Of course, now that I said that, somewhere in this house a cat is lifting his head and saying “Yeah? Well, let me fix that!”

Stompers, snuggled up with Agata.

And coming out to demand that I lift him down to the floor IMMEDIATELY. Did I jump to it? You know I did!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alice Mo, annoyed. She totally looks like she lined one eye with the black eyeliner and one eye with the orange and then forgot to fix her makeup.

Yep. There’s the cat we didn’t expect to get any bigger than 6 or 7 pounds. HA. (In her defense, she’s not really a BIG cat. In the way that black is slimming, white is… widening.)


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7-25-12 — 30 Comments

  1. Of course Cap’n Floof was adopted! If I lived there, he would have been M-I-N-E!!!!
    Love love love all the pictures and the comments about no snack’n!
    Ummmm…Alice Mo, I do love you so….BUT that is one ROUND belleh! LOL (However, her coloring is just gorgeous!!!)

    • Russett would have been mine too – He was such a cute and cuddly kitten – Good luck to him training up his new humans!

  2. In an ideal world, they ALL would have been MINE. Congrats to Cap’n Floof’s new parents and prods to future Noms parents: get a move on, peeps!

  3. WOOHOO!!!! Hooray for the Floof! Now, on to the rest of them. Have they installed the special lighting so that Logie’s stripes are correctly displayed? Are Razzie’s skills with the printer clearly outlined in her resume? Why is that handsome hunk of Newbery still there??

    Sure, Agata’s going to be a teeny cat… look how well that worked with Alice πŸ˜‰ All of your kittens’ legs are so long in comparison to my foster Eloise. Is there such a thing as a dwarf cat? Girlfriend’s just short!

    • Just you wait – she’s going to hit her long and lanky stage, and then you won’t believe how long her legs are! πŸ™‚ (Or maybe she’ll be more a short ‘n stumpy cat, like Alice!)

  4. Your stories are so cute they are killing me! Poor little bits..no snackin’, I’m sure they made up for it in no time!

    Yay..for adoptions, please hurry everyone and scoop yourselves up a love & hisses fostered cat..they are all the rage! They are so well raised I’m sure they will practically feed themselves when you get them home πŸ™‚ Okay, they may demand to be snuggled and kissed all day long but who says there is anything wrong with that!

    Alice Mo! My Kasey says finally someone who understands about the widening white..he tells me all the time that it is an optical illusion with the white! He is all white on the bottom with a tabby head and tabby tail and tabby spots on his back. I tell him its because he steals his sister’s food all the time πŸ™‚

    • O the tragedy of the delayed snacks!
      O the clearly neglected kittens!

      I wish I could take any one of the Noms home, or all the remaining ones so they’d stay together. Alas, I am at maximum feline saturation at my house.

  5. Happy for “Cap N Floof”
    AND the new owners! They will be able to feast upon the beauty daily. But I will miss seeing the pictures!!!

  6. Alice Mo reminds me a bit of Alex in “A Clockwork Orange” with her one dramatically-lined eye. Does she hang out at milk bars? πŸ™‚

  7. Yeah for the adoption!!! Love those first few pictures – they look like they might be warming up a team for volleyball for the olympics. πŸ™‚

  8. Kennebec’s like blond high school quarterback gorgeous. Fianna is the prettiest non-cheerleader beauty.

    Someone got a great kitten yesterday. Go Russet

  9. Good Morning, LOL Snackin’ Story! And yeah! Someone finally SAW Capn Floof… what took so long? Horray!

  10. Ohhh, I’m going to miss Stompers! Glad he’s going home, but his presence will be missed! Hope his new mom keeps you updated (does she have a blog?)

  11. So nice to see Alice Mo! Just yesterday, I was wondering what she was up to. And my Holly is also mostly white on the bottom… maybe that’s why she looks pudgy.

  12. No wonder Miss Alice is annoyed. She knows you’re judging her…wide/white-ness. πŸ˜‰

    I was doing my best to sell the kitteh-friendliness of the Noms and Cap’n Floof Sunday; the couple already had a couple of cats, and I told her any one of your fosters would be TOTALLY fine with that!

    • A house with only two other cats would be like an empty house to any fosters who’ve lived here! πŸ™‚

  13. “Maters attacking the snack machine” – an almost spit out coffee moment!!!

    Congrats for Cap’n Floof, and new owners.

    I’m happy Stompers will be going tomorrow to his forever home.

  14. I just hate the people are so ignorant and shallow they won’t adopt an older kitten or cat! I know, I know, those people probably aren’t good cat owners and require the overwhelming cuteness of smaller kittens to make them fall in love so that when the kitten becomes a cat some of them won’t just dump it!

    Can you tell I’m having a bad day? Or rather, just the past 2 hours.

    At any rate, the kittens are cute, I’m glad the Floofster got adopted and Alice Mo is a really good examplar of my mood!

  15. Yay for the adoption!
    That picture of ‘stressed’ stompers sleeping in several directions at once? That’s how Leo sleeps.. oh the stress! Why can’t they relax?
    Are you sure the white is all that’s widening Alice? MOL

  16. I’m currently a train engineer for a trackless steam train that goes around an outdoor mall – we play music and sing songs and tell stories as we take kids and families around the mall on the train. Well, right now I’m on Bouncy’s Brown Bear Line and made up a story about Bouncy the Bear and Her Best Friend named Stompers the Tiny Orange Kitten *heh*

    Bouncy and Stompers go frolicking in a forest, climbing trees and looking for snackins. They come upon a set of train tracks right along a river and they are soooo cute that the train engineer lets them climb in and ring the bell and blow the whistle and take the tickets of people getting on the train at the next stop. Train Conductor Stompers and Train Engineer Bouncy Bear. πŸ™‚

    • OMG that is a fantastic series of childrens’ books just waiting to happen! Robyn take a gazzillion photos more – a career in publishing for you and Beanie awaits! i’d by them!