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Locals, don’t forget: the TICA Cat Show is taking place this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm! There’ll be cool vendors there (note to self: get cash, because YOU HAVE A CAT TOY ADDICTION), lots of cool cats, and the Cheez Doodles will be there, available for adoption, or even just for cuddles and kisses! Come by and say hi!

(Click to see the larger version.)

Admission proceeds benefit Challenger’s House – the more people who attend, the more money Challenger’s House will get! Admission is $5 per adult, $4 for seniors and uniformed military, $3 for children, and children under 3 are free.


OK, am I the only one who looks at the picture of the cat, the feather toy, and Marshall’s concerned little face, and thinks Adam and God on the Sistine Chapel ceiling?

You have killed me dead. That. Is. HILARIOUS!


flipping back to old entries (like I do) I hit the picture of Dingwall Scotty and Caspian in “they see dead people” and burst out laughing 🙂

I love that picture so much!


This is a question that has flitted through my mind on numerous occasions but which I keep forgetting to ask: in all those pics with Da Bird and various feather teasers and so forth, is Fred playing “prop assistant,” as it were, and you, Robyn, are snapping the pics? If not and if you are actually madly waving Da Bird/feather teaser and taking the pics, how in the world do you do that??

It depends – if they’re kind of off in the distance a little, flying through the air, then Fred’s running Da Bird. In the pictures I got where they were mid-air, jumping from the cat tree to the bed, I got most of those on my own. When it’s just me, with no help, I can whip the feather teaser over my head to get their attention (or throw it on the bed to get them to jump from the cat tree), but Da Bird requires a little more dexterity than the feather teaser. I mean, I have no problem with just Da Bird, but I can’t run that with one hand and take pictures with the other. It can’t be done! (At least not by ME.)


Just came across this fun quiz: How much do you love cats? I scored 87%. I bet Robyn’s would be close to 100%! Would be fun to get a bunch of readers’ results to this…!

Yeah, I got 100%!


What do you think, Robyn? This LOOKS easy enough

I have that exact link pinned on my Pinterest board! I haven’t gotten around to actually doing it yet… but one of these days!


I saw this today and number six made me think of Jake. The cat has that loony look on their face as well as acting loony!

That cat looks so much like Jake I had to look more closely to make sure it wasn’t him!


Compatibility chart updated! Thanks go to Pam, who suggested that I use Google Documents to make the compatibility chart and then just share the link. That’s also going to make it easier to keep it updated! In theory, at least. There’s also a link to the chart in the sidebar, under the block of permanent residents’ pictures.


“When I am on the news this afternoon*, I am gonna smile like THIS and someone will see me and beg to adopt me, and they will take me home and spoil me rotten!”

*WAAY channel 31, this afternoon at 4!

Sometimes holding up the weight of those ears tires a boy out.

“Tryin’ to sleep, lady. What you want?”

Angelo, gettin’ flirty with the toy box.

Angelo, giving Mooch a smooch.

“Come back here, Mister! I didn’t get a chance to bite you!”

So tiring, being this cute.

Marshall and his giant paw.


“Wake me up when it’s time to be on the news.”

“And THIS is the smile I’m gonna use at the cat show. THAT’ll get me a home, for sure!”

Grant and Gilbert, gettin’ bitey.

Open Mouth of Outrage.


I’m not sure what you’re doing, but you probably oughta stop. Sheriff Mama is keeping an eye on YOU.


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7-25-14 — 23 Comments

  1. Yeppers, I’m a big ol’ 100%. “You scored 100%. That makes you a Crazy Cat Lady.”

  2. Ah man, only 98% here. I think I lost the 2% in the question about the sleeping cat on my chest. I am sure I should have answered that I would just wait until kitty woke up. What was I thinking?

    Picture 17 owns me now. The ‘what slinky’ look on that cat and the fact that it is one of the great multicolored slinkys just destroys me.

  3. Mooch’s smiles cracked me up! And let me tell you…Angelo looks a lot like Corbie in those pictures…

  4. Oh how I wish I could adopt that adorable little Mooch!!! He’s too much! Those “smiles” crack me up. Maybe you could just give him a few smooches for me 😉

  5. My mum only got 97%!!!!!!! I knew I was deprived (((((SULK)))))

  6. I, too, scored 100% on that test!

    Oh, what you do to me, Robyn! Those Mooch pics with those captions? PRICELESS. I just about died at how cute that was. And I don’t know why but I never noticed before that Moochie has black lips! He just keeps getting special-er and special-er!

    Pssst…. don’t worry, Marshall, you’re still my fave! 😉

  7. I got 100% too. I keep telling hubby we need more to fulfill my crazy cat lady status, but for now he’s adamant about just the two furgirls.

  8. I love the compatibily chart, i spend hours analyzing it! Dunno if it’s a coincidence, but it seems your girls cats are way more anti-social than the boy cats. And poor Miz Poo, doesn’t like any of her roomates 😛

    • Oh, those girl cats have NO use for most of the other cats. They love Fred and I an awful lot, though. 🙂

  9. Well if I am not allowed to be here anymore than so be it. 🙁 I only scored a 67% on the quiz. That makes me a Friend of Felines so I guess maybe I’m still in training. Yep-that’s it! I need this site MORE so I can learn from the best of you. 😉
    The other links are fun too!
    Mooch, I wish you and your brudders the best of luck.

  10. I only got 88% but that last question was tricky. It depends on why I have to get up:

    a) bathroom, gently awaken cat and convince her to move until I get back
    b) need to turn something off/on/over/etc.–yell to husband to do it because I’m trapped
    c) most other reasons, wait until she wakes up and moves on her own

  11. If I hadn’t seen ten thousand pictures of Mooch, I would’ve sworn that was photoshopped.

    Those big anime eyes and curve of a smile that you can see from a thousand miles are too cute to be real.

  12. Good luck on TV this afternoon Mooch!! I know the peoples of the TVs will be begging to get you after they see that smile and nose!! (Any chance you can post the clip later Robyn?)

    And good luck to all the kitties this week-end!!!

    • I’m hoping to post the clip – sometimes they don’t get them up right away, but I’ll post it when they do. Hopefully I’ll convince the other Challenger’s House volunteer to do all the talking. 😀