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On Tuesdays, we leap.

(These pictures include Mooch – they were taken before he was adopted.)

Dennis and Corbie settle in for the show.

Marshall goes floating by.

Tommy and Sugarbutt check out Blaster’s form.

Blaster adds an interesting twist to the end of his leap.

Marshall and his amazing stripes hail an invisible taxi.

Invisible soccer match.

Check the HEIGHT on that jump!

Riverdance. Er, Marshalldance.

I swear it looks like Stefan tossed him in the air, and he’s doing a somersault before he comes down again.

Your feet are apart, Marshall. Judges are going to deduct two points for that.

He hangs in the air so long that I swear he’s got helium in his veins.

STILL not on the floor.


The lighting in the kitchen is awful and I don’t want to lighten the picture too much, or it’ll be terribly grainy. Jake looks like he’s as dark as Tommy here!

You’d never really mistake him for Tommy, though, with that loony face going on.


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7-29-14 — 14 Comments

  1. Ohhh, Marshall made me laugh today! Love the “STILL not on the floor” shot!

  2. you know if you draw a couple of strings on Marshall in that second to the last picture, he could be a float in the thanksgiving parade 🙂

  3. The loon is strong in those pictures! Have the boys recovered from their cat show experience?

  4. Is that Alice Mo playing in the background on that “STILL not on the floor” picture? Does she enjoy playing even when kittens are around?

  5. OK seriously, you need to stop feeding those kittens helium (and yes, I came to that thought independently of your comments.. and I was kinda bummed when you mentioned it first, because I thought I was so darn clever)

  6. Love watching the progression of the kitten (Blaster?) climbing the scratcher on the left hand side of the photos to get a better look, maybe a leaping advantage.