7-29-10 – Nosy Bolitar & the MMMs.

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I got a package in the mail. Bolitar checked out the box, and then checked out the produce while he was at it. He is the nosiest cat in the house, and that’s saying something!


Check out Martin’s crazy eyes.

He’s a bitey little brat.

But cute. SO cute.

I am a tiny bit too amused by this picture.

Snuggly Moxie.



Joe B. in the Joe Cave.


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7-29-10 – Nosy Bolitar & the MMMs. — 3 Comments

  1. Awwww Bolitar is adorable!!!!! He’s such a cutie and hasn’t he grown?!?!

    Awwwww Martin and his beautiful eyes!!! Wonderful!
    Moxie is gorgeous – I love her sophisticated little face – she’s got cheekbones only matched by Marlene Dietrich! Lovely!

    Hello there Joe B!

    Take care

  2. Such cuties! And that one with the two kittens in the box was just adorable. And seriously – of course Martin is bitey – because like I said, he reminds me of Barney. Barney is bitey, therefore Martin had to be bitey too! See, another reason he reminds me of Barney.