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Look who it is!

Enjoying the view and the 3 minutes a week that he is allowed to be in the Riley bubble.

Can you tell who it is? How about now:

​Photo shoot under the sheets. He loves running around like a crazy man when I’m changing them.

That’s right, it’s Norbie! Hasn’t he grown up to be just the most gorgeous mancat?

​Horrible lighting but he is still such a lovebug. He’ll just lay there letting me rub his belly. And yes, he has (ahem) “filled out” a little, but it’s mostly the angle of the photo! I’ll have to teach him some more slimming poses.

Thanks for the update, Kirsten. I sure do love seeing that sweet boy, and you KNOW we love it when we get updates on former fosters!


Most of the rest of the Mooch pictures are in today’s post. There are still a few left to post, so these won’t be the last you see of his sweet face. If we’re really lucky, we’ll get an update on how he’s doing!

“I feel like someone’s watching me.”

Tusslin’ with his bro.

“Give me your paw! I’ll help you get back up on the bed!”

I have no idea where Blaster was – off wandering around with his head in the clouds, I guess.

You KNOW there was a feather teaser involved in this series of pictures.

Angelo was a little nervous, but just couldn’t stay away. There was a teaser up there!

And over there.

And up there.

There, too!

Angelo just couldn’t help himself, he had to get closer to the action.

Moochie in the sun.

They were chasing the laser light, and had to stop for some claw-sharpening.


Alice in the sun, cleaning her tail.

YouTube link.


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7-30-14 — 16 Comments

  1. NORBIE!!! (Ahem…being more dignified…NORBERT!!!!!) I knew it was him right away!!! He looks great! Thank you, Kirsten, for the photos and update! Lovely boy!!!

    Great shots of Angelo and the babies on the bed!

  2. Norbie!!! I know that nose as soon as I see it! What a way to start the day! 😀

  3. NORBLES!!! OMG! So happy to see him! I knew it was him in the first pic because of those sweet white toes! He’s grown up to be just beautiful (I think we all knew this would happen). The update is very much appreciated!!

  4. AWWW NORBIE!! I knew it was him from the very first photo too! He may have grown into a gorgeous mancat, but he’s still got that oh-so-lovable kitten face. I just love him!! Have a special place in my heart for the tuxies!!

  5. Oh, da Norbs! We luvs us a good Norbulletin! He helps make the bed – such a good little helper!

  6. Oh Norbert, what happened to the absolutely adorable kitten?

    Where did this handsome, charismatic mancat come from?