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If it’s any time after 9 am and before 6 pm, it must be nap time.

“I get SLEEPY!”

Scorch hanging out with Uncle Tommy.

All five Dragons in one picture!

Scorch scales Box Mountain to proclaim his love for Miz Poo (who is unimpressed).

Ember watches the others from atop Half-Pint Jars Mountain.

Pretty, pretty Ruth.

Sleepy Dragon boys.

Norbert is a big-time snuggler.

Pretty Puff.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I can’t get over how perfectly his eye color matches his gray fur.

Arya with attitude.

By the way, those of you who noticed Arya’s big ol’ belly in yesterday’s post, you are not kidding. That girl has a big, round belly. She’s been the best eater of the bunch since the very beginning, and she will belly up to a plate of food like nobody’s business. They’re all getting big bellies, but hers is a sight to behold, for sure.


“It really needs to be snack time. NOW.”


Hodor simultaneously licking his lips and dropping a piece of food onto the floor.

“NO, Hodor, there’s no room up here for you. You go away!”

“Well, then, why’d you ASK if you were just going to come up here anyway?!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tommy on the new window shelf, which I earned with Fresh Step points! (I don’t think I’ll be earning many more of those – but that’s a topic for another day.)


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7-30-13 — 25 Comments

  1. If Ember is atop Half-Pint Jars Mountain, then has Ruth found herself in Fancy Feast Valley (or perhaps on F F Plateau)? And did those Dragons head out on a shopping trip for cheekbones or did supplies arrive special delivery? Even Puff seems en route, perhaps a leisurely one, to supermodel gauntness. Lovely picture of Tommy on his new perch!

  2. Wow, you can really see how “grown up” Ember and the other dragons are looking in these photos!!!

  3. What on earth is on the nightstand? It looks like a baton and chocolate syrup. Please don’t tell me you have sessy times with the kids in the room! o_O Won’t someone please think of the children! (LOLOLOL-ing)

  4. Ember looks all long and leggy and slim 🙂

    (I wish I could learn the secret!)

  5. Love the pix of Tommy with his back legs splayed out. One of my cats, Mr. Mister, does that and since he’s so fat, I’ve started calling him, “Mr. Frog.”

    Love the kitty pix, nice way to start the day!

  6. The EARS in the first picture are killing me DED!
    I really wish I could steal The Norbs and Puff!
    Have you ever seen a kitten belly button? I don’t know why, but I’m fascinated with cat belly buttons – but I’ve never seen one. My cats won’t let me shave their bellies to find them. 🙁

    • PS: I just re-read your SCOOP HANDS post, an – dear God – I nearly cried from laughter. You are hilarious!

    • They don’t look like much – a tiny line on the tummy. I think they are higher up nearer the ribs than human navels.

    • I have two that have obvious belly buttons.. well not completely true.. they have a small button like area in the button area that won’t grow fur. They have no nodule, no scar.. just missing fur.

    • Yeah, we can see Tommy’s belly button sometimes, and there’s not much to it. It’s not like a human belly button, it’s just a tiny scar.

    • I think they will – he’s the only Stark whose eyes haven’t begun to change. They’ve gotten lighter, but they’re still definitely blue!

  7. Hmm, has Arya (and the rest of the litter) been checked for worms/etc, since they came in from a feral mother? (I’ve heard that can cause big stomachs in kittens)

    …If they have a clean bill of health and the belly is just from chugging the kibble, however…Very cute!

  8. Now I’m all curious about your Fresh Step cliffhanger.

    Oh, and the kittens are super-cute. I kinda want to kit-nap Ruth. And maybe Scorch. Perhaps Arya too.

  9. So, is Uncle Tommy OK with the little nieces and nephews crowding his personal space? They already know that Auntie Miz Poo isn’t big on them crowding her oxygen space, lol. Sort of like my girl Mae – never liked the kitten interlopers aka. her dweeby brothers, but my old man Atticus loved his new little buddies when they arrived at first sight. 7 and 4 years ago…

    Robyn, can I ask an open question to you and your readers? My old man Atticus is 15 now – a diabetic, although doing quite well, with a touch of peripheral neuropathy in his hind legs. As a result, he more often than not ends up stepping in his clumping litter after he’s peed – he can’t tell what he’s stepping in. And of course, this usually occurs within 15 mins of me walking out the door for work. He ends up with clumpy legs and paws, and I end up having to bath his legs in the sink, which as you can imagine, is the highlight of both our days. So, my questions – any suggestions as to what I can do to prevent this from happening with clumping litter, and secondly, is there any alternative any one can suggest, even non-clumping? I have 4 cats, and although they have no issues using the one box when it’s clumping litter, I don’t know how it would be using non-clumping for all of them.

    Thanks for letting me use this forum!

    • If your cats will tolerate it, I highly recommend crystals. I know a lot of people get flustered about it because you don’t scoop out the soiled (urine) litter on a daily basis, but I have to say I love it the best of any litter ever, hands down.

      It’s silica crystals (like what come in the little bags inside new purses or shoes), and is a desiccant, so I would not recommend it if you have kittens or any cat who might eat the litter. Otherwise, it’s awesome for odor control, it’s lightweight, and would alleviate the problem you describe Atticus having. I use two litter boxes for my five cats, and although I usually scoop daily, there have been times I’ve gone several days without scooping at all, simply because I forgot and there was no odor to remind me.

      It does have a markedly different texture than regular litters, so maybe give it a trial run on a weekend when you’re there to see what the reactions are – if Atticus has trouble feeling what he’s stepping on, he probably won’t mind, but your other cats might have Opinions about it.

      My cats prefer the crystals over ANYTHING – the brand I use (Mimi Litter, carried by Walmart & nowhere else as far as I can find) was pulled off the shelves for a while because of a labeling issue (California didn’t like the phrasing about antibacterial properties, so no Walmart was allowed to sell it, as a way of ensuring it didn’t accidentally get sold in CA) and my cats had FITS when I had to switch them to regular litter. I wound up using Fresh Step crystals, I think, for a while, but it’s like 3x as expensive as the Mimi litter. (One bag of Mimi costs $4.32 at my Walmart – supposedly one bag will last one cat for up to 30 days, with regular raking & removal of solid waste. I have five cats, and use three bags divided between two boxes, and change it once a week. I could easily stretch it to 10 days, but trash pickup is weekly so I just stick with that.)

      I could write PAGES about it (“the first step is admitting you have a problem”) so let me know (well, let Robyn know, as she’s the Keeper of the Email Addresses) if you want more details & I’ll be glad to infodump on you via email. Good luck!