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Yesterday, I went to a Challenger’s House volunteer party, where I got to meet the awesome Eileen and Keith, who adopted Javert and Eponine (now Gus and Belle). (Also, they made this neat mini cat staircase, which I’ve linked to before.) I love meeting people who’ve adopted my former fosters!

I saw THE most beautiful Bengal cat there who (CORBIE DO NOT READ THIS) might be as beautiful as Corbie (CORBIE YOU DID NOT READ THAT. ALSO, YOU CANNOT READ. (Can you?)).

Also, oh… what was I going to tell you? I can’t quite remember. It probably wasn’t that important.

Oh, right. LOGIE AND NEWBERY WERE ADOPTED ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!! This leaves Razzie as the last Nom standing at Petsmart. They moved her to a cage at eye level so that hopefully she’ll catch someone’s eye and get herself a home. If she’s still there next week, I’ll bring her home for a break from the cage. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed – I think this is going to be her week!

Logie and Newbery didn’t go to the same home – actually, someone came in who’d seen Logie on the Petfinder page, determined to adopt her, but after spending time with her decided they wanted someone more, um, rambunctious shall we say? And that’s more Newbery’s area of expertise, so off he went. And then one of the Challenger’s House volunteers who cleans at Petsmart adopted Logie!

So keep your fingers crossed for Razzie. Seriously, I think she’s going to be adopted this week. I really thought she’d be the first Nom to go, but I guess you really never can tell.

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I got the Sunshine Award from the awesome Connie over at tails from the foster kittens because the Stompers pics have been making her smile.

(Stompies makes everyone smile!)

You have to answer 7 questions and then pass it along!

Question 1: Favorite Number?
17. I don’t know why, that’s just the number that always comes to mind for some reason.

Question 2: Favorite Nonalcoholic beverage.
I’m a total Diet Coke fiend. I wish I could quit you, Diet Coke. I WISH I COULD (but I don’t want to!)

Question 3: Facebook or Twitter?
It depends on the info I want to share. If it’s kitteh-related, I tend to post it on the Love & Hisses Facebook page. If I want to whine or complain whilst using many profanities, Twitter’s my drug of choice.

Question 4: Your Passion
Kittehs! Also, reading. And gardening… but NOT cleaning.

Question 5: Favorite Pattern
Classic tabby (scroll down to see). Before I knew what it was called, I referred to as the “cinnamon roll” pattern.

Question 6: Favorite Day of the Week
I like Sundays ’cause they’re usually long and lazy.

Question 7: Favorite Flower
Daffodils (I also love Sunflowers!)

I am passing this one along to Kelly at Whiskers in the Window because I love her permanent residents and her fosters, and I also love the Metro Monday pictures!

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Wellington’s giving me the look of “Is it snack time yet?”

I can announce to y’all that Brandywine has gained a pound and a half since we got her. She’s still thin, but she’s gaining! She’ll still occasionally let the kittens nurse, but she doesn’t put up with their nonsense for long. Isn’t she a gorgeous girl? She’s so long and slinky and you might think that she’s dignified and graceful, but toss a ping pong ball for her, and you’ll find out “dignified and graceful” really aren’t in her wheelhouse.

Bathtime for Brandywine.

“Pardon me, Caspian, are you trying to steal my ping pong balls?”
“No, Mama.”

“Don’t make me bite you on your neck, Caspian, while that lady’s taking pictures.”
“No, Mama.”

When Brandywine starts playing and gets excited, her tail gets all floofed out.

Just her tail. Nowhere else does she floof.

Caspian, slithering out from under that table to grab a golf ball.

Brandywine carrying one of those foil balls around, while Sungold slithers under the table.

Sungold, playing.

For the record, that “door” across the end of the hallway is so that the kittens are kept upstairs. With the door to the foster room open and that “door” across the end of the hall, they get the run of their room, my room, and the bathroom. Brandywine can jump up on the table and over the top of the “door” (which is really a half-door) to get to the rest of the house, and she can jump from the floor to the top of the half-door to get back in with the kittens. The kittens will be allowed the run of the house starting later today (just for a few hours at first, then with longer and longer periods of time.) I’m looking forward to seeing Jake’s reaction to all those new-to-him kittens!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kerry mentioned in the comments last week that she’d like to hear more about Agata and Fianna. I know that I’ve been pretty focused on Stompers and have been kind of slack on the Agata and Fianna front, so I’m going to focus on Agata today, Fianna tomorrow, and Wednesday we’ll give Kennebec some special attention!

Agata is the sweetest little lady. She’s polite, she’s well-mannered, and she loves a good belly rub. (Sometimes the good manners have to fall by the wayside, you understand, when her sister or brother needs to be pounced upon and bitten in the neck.)

She loves the Ham-mick (and Fred’s sneaker).

She loves the scratcher bowl.

Fred has a wing back chair set up in the guest bedroom, and he sits in there with his laptop on a small table, and that’s where he likes to write, so there’s nothing (like me or the TV) to distract him. Agata loves to sit next to him in the chair and quietly keep him company while he’s working. (Sometimes she has to get up and walk around on his laptop, but come on. Sometimes a girl needs some petting!)

She likes to give Looks of Annoyance.

I mentioned the love of belly rubs, right? Check out the pattern on her shaved belly. Kill me with the cute!

I know we’ve all noticed her beautiful eyes, but I hadn’t noticed the ring of green around her pupils ’til now. How neat!

Hanging out on Miz Poo’s bed.

She’s a skinny girl, but loves her snack time and eats heartily (she’s not picky, but chicken baby food is a particular favorite for her). She’s got beautiful, soft, silky fur that’s pure pleasure to touch – and she loves to be petted. She’s got an instant-on purr, and she will purr and purr and purr as long as you pet her. (Why do I feel like I’m writing a singles ad for her? She likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain!) She’s a fantastic nap time companion, snuggly but not pushy about cuddling (she likes to sleep next to me, sometimes hooking her head over my arm). She gets along great with other cats, and has been picking “fights” with Jake recently (lucky for her, he’s indulgent with the little ones).

Really, she is just the sweetest girl and I have no doubt that someone will fall in love with her in no time flat!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Maxi and Rupert would like you to know that they do NOT like each other and just because they were napping next to each other on the side stoop doesn’t mean that they don’t hate each other with every fiber of their being. No, really. REALLY.

“Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat have very important meeting, lady. You go ‘way. We not talking about how to con you out of more treats or anything like that. Important BUSINESS meeting.”


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7-30-12 — 38 Comments

  1. Yay for Logie and Newbery — and here’s hoping that sweet Razzie will find the best family in the world (after the Andersons) soonest. Thanks, Robyn, for the great 3D Agata profile and the good news re Brandywine’s weight gain (and the revelation re her tail: too cute)!

  2. Oh, my love affair with Brandywine continues! She’s just gorgeous. And now she’s a goofball, too! Love the tail. Seriously, if I didn’t live so far away, I would be tempted to take home that pretty tortie mama.

  3. I looked at the first picture of Brandywine and thought “wow, she is so skinny”. Then I read the text below. It’s great that she gained a pound and a half and I’m sure she will keep going, but she really must have been painfully, pitifully scrawny when you first got her. Good job making her healthy and happy!

    • She really was skin and bones when we got her – and to her credit, her babies were very well-fed, too! She’s an awesome mama. πŸ™‚

  4. Wow… Thank you, Miz Robyn! Another reason to check out my blog today (shameless self-promotion) is the brand new foster that moved in over the weekend. πŸ™‚

    My fostering question for the week… How do you deal with a food defensive kitten? The new guy Ben has trouble with the other kittens eating next to him. He growls, but never does anything else about it. I’ve given them a second plate (even though the fancypants chip and dip platter serves four comfortably). Eloise and Porter usually move there at the first noise from Ben, but I’d like him to knock it off.

    Gorgeous little Agata has mastered the Looks of Annoyance complete with crossed eyes and tongue out. I love it (almost as much as I love Brandywine… and Rupert… and… )!

    • I deal with food aggression by making the kitten wait to eat. If they growl I pull them off to the side and let them watch while everyone else eats. I let them go after a minute or so (younger gets let go sooner) and the second they start growling again I take them away again. We cycle through letting them eat and holding them back until either they aren’t growling any more or they are the only one left eating. In the cat world alphas eat first and omegas eat last, so when they are eating last it diminishes their status. Growling at others shows he wants the best options, the alpha status if you will. Making sure there is an excess of food also helps. When they see that they are full and there is still food left over, they don’t feel as strongly that they have to get “THEIRS” before anyone else gets it.

      some people deal with it by simply giving more plates of food so everyone gets their own, but I don’t think that addresses the underlying issues.

      • Thanks, Connie! I was reading Kelly’s question, and I thought “I feel like Connie mentioned what she does about food-aggressive kittens recently…”! πŸ™‚

        • Kelly – I think giving him a seperate plate on the other side of the room might help. He sounds like he needs his personal space.

  5. It’s so funny, I was just thinking about Jake yesterday (yes, I randomly think about your cats sometimes) and was wondering if he still liked to play with the little foster kittens! I miss that Loony boy. Moar Jake!

  6. Is Rupert’s tail hanging down between the cracks? That seems like some kind of old-timey Southern saying. “It’s cat-tail-hangin’ hot today!”

    • LOL! Yeah, it was hanging down between the cracks – and it’s TOTALLY been cat-tail-hangin’ hot lately! πŸ™‚

  7. P.S. I love Brandywine’s floofed tail. Yay for pretty silly kitties! Yay for you for giving her the chance to be silly!

  8. Aww Robyn, I was a bit saddened by Newberry’s adoption (cause it wasn’t me) even though I am too far away and realize that it’s better for him to be adopted by SOMEONE. However, you made it better by having an “All about Agata” Monday. She is such a pretty girl. I only had pics of Newberry as screensavers till she came along. So I have added all the new pics to my folder. Thanks! You definitely deserve that Sunshine Award. Kelly-you do too! Off to read your blog now…

  9. How could you not fall in love with Logie and Newberry? Seriously, how do you not? So glad that they’ve gone to their forever homes.

    That first pic of Brandy is gorgeous. Like FHM pictorial gorgeous. I know cats are poised but she’s got dainty grace down pat. Such a beauty.

    Sungold just sneaks into your heart, doesn’t she?

    BTW, Rupert continually astonishes me with his amazing Teflon coat.

    • He’s pretty amazing – he’ll roll around in the dirt, stand up, shake, and he’s pristinely white again. He must be related to George and Gracie, he’s definitely got their Teflon fur!

  10. I’ve been in love with Agata ever since I saw her big eyes. Unfortunately I can’t have a cat at the moment otherwise I’d make my way down to you and adopt her toot sweet.

  11. Hi Robyn !!
    Those are fantastic pictures of Brandywine. I have a soft spot for torties and calicos. I love how they are so unique in the coloring. My cat Max fluffs his tail just like that when he plays or when he basking in the glory of total attention (my husband calls him an attetion Wh***). I was away from my computer for a few weeks so I just spent some quality time catching up on all the kitties and the rest of the gang. What a wonderful way to spend time !! I am very happy to hear of all the adoptions. I am sure you will get updates on all of them and let the rest of us know how they are doing.
    Have a great day !!!
    Snuggles and scritches to all the kitties !!

  12. Brandywine sure does look like a dancer in that first photo of her.. (i love it when they have that look but aren’t nearly as graceful as they look)

    And you are writing a singles add. You know you want someone to fall in love with her and take her home.. I do write ups for all my kittens. I’ve started putting them on craft store cards (you know the ones to make your own greeting cards) and sending those along with them when they go back so people who want to adopt have some idea of their personalities.

    I had a major soda habit in my past. I was one of those people they make posters about warning you not to do that sort of thing. Getting off soda was one of the hardest things I have ever done. While I’ve never smoked, I would imagine it was nearly as bad if not worse because drinking soda is so accepted and I often felt like a weirdo or left out because I didn’t want to drink it any more.

    • I do write-ups for the kittens before they go to Petsmart – the description goes on a board near the cages, so it really is like a singles ad – and after I’ve written a couple I always think “How many ways can I say this kitten is great?” I always want to just say THIS KITTEN IS AWESOME ADOPT HIM RIGHT NOW OR ELSE! πŸ™‚

      • Yes, but remember there are different versions of awesome. Some people want that in your face purring kitten who is in to everything, but then some people would prefer their kitten sit nicely on their lap. One of my kittens is a laundry sleeper. I find that oh so utterly adorable – not everyone would, so that will go on his write up..

  13. Yay for your own personal Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat! I have the Basement Cat, but haven’t found my Ceiling Cat. Not that I need to add an 8th cat into my household at the moment! I found my own personal Basement Cat through you Robyn, last year this month, through Gail!

    • Woohoo! Basement cats are the best! I have never had a black foster (or a black cat, period) who wasn’t completely awesome!

      You give your basement cat a kiss from me. πŸ™‚

  14. So happy to hear about Logie & Newbery — keeping good thoughts that Razzie gets scooped up next. I love all the photos of Agata, of this group of fosters, I really think she is the prettiest!

    Now if we can only get Rupert & Maxi to lie together like a yin/yang, that would be cool!

    • I was going to say that that would never happen – but I never would have expected that they’d spend all this time snoozing so close together, either, so I’ll never say never. And I’ll keep the camera close at hand!

  15. I was thining Brandywine looked like such an elegant lady, thin, but so elegant… then the ping pong balls! MOL!
    Is that a paw sticking under the half door in those pictures??
    Ceiling cat and Basement cat plot to steal your snacks…

    • Ha – no, that’s not a paw sticking under the half door, it’s one of those felt things that’s sticky on one side, so the door won’t scrape the floor when we open and close it. Kittens have been known to stick their paws through on the sides, though! πŸ™‚

  16. Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat have important meeting! Bwahaha!
    I love Brandywine, she’s so lovely.
    I have one cat, with more than a passing resemblance to Jake and Elwood, who puffs up his tail when he’s particularly happy about getting some high quality petting. Not sure what that means!

    • Maggie, who looks like a little sister to Jake and Elwood, puffs the base of her tail when she’s getting petted. πŸ™‚ Just the base. Looks like a gray spruce tree.

  17. In the picture of Agata, where you are mentioning the green ring around her pupils…..if you look hard, her pupils seem like they are pulsating!! Freaky, but gorgeous!