7-29-12 – Stompers Sunday!

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Annnnnd, here are the last of the Stompers pics I took! He is such a cute little monster, isn’t he?

Snoozing with Kennebec.

Mr. Stress and his spotted belleh.

Look at how long that tail is! Remember when his tail looked like this? :

2012-06-12 (22)

Snugglin’ with Agata.

Agata and Kennebec are watching the birds; Stompers is watching them, trying to figure out what has them so excited.

Then Stompers apparently discovers his back foot. “Where’d THAT come from?!”

Every kitten eventually ends up fighting with the shoes.

I was trying to get him next to Mr. Jelly Cat, but he was being contrary. Here they are in mid-June, for comparison:

2012-06-14 (14)
That Stompers sure did grow a lot, huh? I sent Mr. Jelly Cat home with Stompers. I thought it might comfort him if he was scared in his new home, but I bet y’all anything that he hasn’t suffered a moment of fear, that one.

Watching Kennebec complain – and looking amused.

On the scratcher, about to jump up on the bed.

2012-07-02 (10)
And on the same scratcher, almost a month ago!

Stompers in profile.

Snuggling up to one of the cat beds.

And melting out of the same bed.


Snuggled up with Kennebec.


Got whiskers much, Stompypants?


This is the picture that is quintessential Stompers to me.

And now, some Stompers videos – just a couple of short ones – to round out your Stompers Sunday.

YouTube link

YouTube link


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7-29-12 – Stompers Sunday! — 12 Comments

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter here. Stompers made me do it! He’s just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Those big eyes melt my heart and he has such an expressive face.
    Thanks for taking such good care of him and sending him to the perfect Forever Home!

  2. that last photo of Stompers is pretty spectacular!

    and tell me, how on earth did you go the 40 seconds with out kissing him??

  3. He’s definitely working on his Puss-in-Boots impression. Love those big gorgeous eyes!

  4. Don’t know how you let Stompers go. Totally adorable. I wish him a long, happy life in his new forever home. Hope we get lucky & see some updates in the future.

  5. That Stompers sure is a snugglebug, isn’t he? I kind of love him. XD

    That first video is super precious! The fact that you’re trying to get him to meow, and the whole time he’s purring up a storm and the camera picks it up… awwww!

  6. The silent meow just knocked me flat. His new family is so lucky to get Sir Stompsalot! So much personality!

  7. Au-revoir, Stompers! Job well done you guys. What a happy, well adjusted, little despot. I hope you get updates Robyn that we can then see, too.
    As for the meowing – he mimed it – huh! too cute to leave un-kissed or squished till he squeaks! Naaawww…


  9. But he’s just a BAAAYBEEEE, why did he have to GOOOOOOOO??

    Okay, will stop whining & come to terms with a Stompers-free L&H. But I don’t have to like it.


    (but will settle for some new home pictures, kay?)