7-28-12 – Stompers Saturday!

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As promised, more Stompers pics! Things certainly are quiet around here without his little self stomping around demanding kisses.

Today, pics of Stompers playing, tomorrow various pics of Stompers in his quiet moments (including a video!)

This was taken the day he went in for his neutering, thus the collar.

Facing down with Fianna.

Fight! Fight!

Stompers is about the size of a size-12 men’s sneaker. If you were wondering.

Fianna LEAPS out of her box to attack the unsuspecting Stompers.

Stompers gonna mess you UP, Fianna.

Sneaky little man.




“Let’s just be quiet for a moment and hold paws.”

Stompers prepares for the attack.

Chasing down his prey.




“Hey. Where ya goin’?!”

“Little pink mouse, prepare to DIE!”

“Hey, what’s he got?!”



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7-28-12 – Stompers Saturday! — 15 Comments

  1. Thanks for the early post via FB – I sooooo need these pictures this morning.
    Thinking of Stompers and his forever family and the fun they must be having this weekend!

  2. Fianna must be missing her wee nemesis. Er, perhaps not… Thanks for the bonus post, Robyn! And here’s hoping some perfect families will be snaffling up some equally perfect Noms soonest.

  3. Thanks Robyn! Love the “Boo” picture! I hope he has some friends to attack (er play with) at his new home.

  4. I bet you have a few things on your todo list that will be glad that Stompers isn’t there anymore.. and your lips can heal after kissing your lips off kissing Stompers.. 🙂

    But he will be missed..

  5. What a little rascal! His new big sister may be in for a rude awakening. 🙂 Thanks to his new family (or should I say his new STAFF) for giving him a forever home.

  6. Oh duh – Robyn – thank you for saving him, training him, kissing him, snorgling him and having the courage to let him go.

    Sniff…where is the Kleenex?

  7. He is one adorable little guy! Thanks for sharing more of him with us! I’m so glad he got such a nice family for his forever home. You and Fred gave him a wonderful start. Your generosity to the kitties and your readers is awesome!

  8. Stompers by name and by nature!! His forever family are very lucky to have such a sweetheart! Yay!! Hoping and hoping for more Noms adoptions!!!! Take care

  9. Um, I totally teared up at Baby Stompers leaving. I’m happy for him but sad we won’t get more photos of that wee lil booger.