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What’s this? A rare moment when Scorch the Mouth isn’t talking?

How peaceful he looks. I guess he doesn’t have anything to complain about.

Maybe he’s outgrown his whiny brat stage.

Or not.

(Scorch is off to be neutered today, but shhhhhh. Don’t tell him, or else he’ll start pretending to be sick again to get out of it!)

Puff and Ruth, occupying Sugarbutt’s Ham-mick.

Three little buffies, all in a row. (Newt on the left, Stefan on the right, Scorch in the middle. I’m mostly amazed that Newt isn’t growling at Stefan, because he has NO love for Stefan. Too bad for you, Newt. He’s clearly here to stay!)

Four out of five Dragons agree that bird-watching is THE BOMB.

Scorch would probably agree that bird watching is fun, but he was too busy napping in Fred’s chair.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Arya has some Precious Moments eyes.



“I said LOOK, I didn’t say TOUCH!”

Grumpy-face Brandon.

Places to go, people to see!

A pile of toys to dive into!

“Paws.. up… y’aaaaawn.”

“What… what does this lens cap say? I THOUGHT WE WERE A NIKON FAMILY!”
(For the record, we’re a Sony family. Every digital camera we’ve owned, from the very first one that took floppy discs, has been a Sony. However, that lens cap says “Tamron” because it’s a less expensive lens, and it fit on my Sony DSLR.)

Arya reflects that the corner of that washable pad doesn’t taste like she thought it was going to.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“You tell those whippersnappers that this is MY ham-mick and NOT theirs and they better STOP thinking they can just go laying in it, all willy-nilly. IT IS THE ONE PLACE IN THE ENTIRE HOUSE THAT IS ALL MINE AND I AIN’T SHARIN’. You get me?”


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7-29-13 — 18 Comments

  1. “LOOK AT MY PAWS!” – No, it should be “LOOK AT MY BELLEH!”

    Oh my, Arya is gonna be sooooo purdy!!!

  2. Oh I think I just fell in love about 7 more times 😀 Wonderful photos…<3

  3. Ruth and Puff sleeping in the ham-mick: so adorable!

    The “3 little buffies” picture is amusing, mainly because it looks like Newt doesn’t even want to sleep facing Stefan. My guess is that Scorch hopes the 2 big cats stay in dreamland while he’s in the middle of things!

  4. Three buffs in a row.. kinda looks like Scorch is trying so hard to fit in..

    The “LOOK AT MY PAWS!” photo.. I’m sorry, I can’t look at those paws.. all I can see is that awesome belleh!

    Arya in that places to go photo looks like she is trying to be super kitten!

  5. Arya! Oh! Arya! How CAN you resist all that calico cuteness? And I’m still not seeing much more than smudgy golden shadows on Mr. Jon Snow – he’s another I find hard to resist! And that Aby-like ticked coat on Ruth – just gorgeous. I’m beginning to realize that if I were ever to break my husband down enough to let me foster babies, I’d HAVE to foster more than one litter at a time so there would just be too many I just just “absolutely in love with” to let me keep them all! Goodness – I both envy you your job, and don’t know how you resist the temptation of all those BABIES!!!

  6. Aww, 4 little dragons all in a row — SO cute!! 🙂

    Arya’s belly is just the last word in bellies… oh my heavens.

  7. It’s clear from that one picture that those kittens do not have nearly enough toys!
    Ok, two things about that blue ham-mick, 1, it’s clearly melting the kitty! and 2, if the kitties lay on top, why is there so much fur on the underside?? Or is that just sticking through as he melts into it?

  8. …Hmm; you need to get Hodor in there too; so the picture of the three buffies can be all four… 😉 😀

  9. It is my birthday today – can you bake a cake and stick Hodor on top of it for me? No candles needed since he’d burn himself, the meowing of kitten will be celebratory enough!