7-27-16 Wednesday

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If I were the organized type, I’d have sorted through my Maine pictures and would post them for you today.

Alas, I am not, so maybe next week!


Spruce in the ess scratcher with the bunny paws.

Cap’n Privet’s gonna sail that basket to shore, you just watch!

That’s a lot of floof for one little basket.

Spruce thinks the basket is a little small, but he’ll sit here for a while longer, just to annoy The Floofy One.

It didn’t take Hemlock long to discover the teddy bear bed, and it’s his favorite place to sleep.

Cypress also likes to sneak in for a snooze.

I put Juniper on the top shelf of the wall tree to get a picture of her face, and she was NOT sure about this situation.

She went into the tuna can to think about it for a while.

Spruce admires himself (and can you blame him?)

“What doon, Mister?”
“Just resting my head on this hard wooden box because there’s no softer place to rest. Woe.”

Hemlock checks out the world beyond the window. It’s a big world, but he’s not worried.


Sheriff Mama (Kara) loves rolling around in the dirt. Sometimes she changes it up and rolls around on the concrete pad; she likes to keep us guessing!


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7-27-16 Wednesday — 11 Comments

    • Shades of Charlie and Patty Peppers! 😀

      It’s the kittens that have the roughest starts (Charlie and Patty, Dorfy, Stompers, Tony “RH” Pickle) that grab our heart strings and make us love them so hard!

  1. Spruce has some lovely fur.
    Hemlock belongs in the sea of teddy bears. I have to say that the picture of him looking out the window is just beyond precious. Look at his little self. Talk about pulling heart strings….ok, yanking is more like it.

  2. Cap’n Privet looks like a well-loved teddy bear in that photo..

    and Hemlock isn’t worried because Sheriff Mama is on patrol!

  3. Hemlock is the cutest little thing and the others are simply gorgeous. Great group of kittehs that found their way to you.

  4. I’m imagining that Hemlock is looking out the window at Kara and wishing there was a big pile of dirt in the foster room to roll around in. Have you ever considered putting a big pile of dirt in your house on purpose, Robyn?

  5. Am I a mean person for wanting to see pics when you give little Hemlock a bath? Because I know he will hate it but he will also be so pathetically cute!

  6. Ahhhhhhh this post was so adorable I read it twice, once in the morning and once before bed. Hemlock, you sure are a lucky boy. When I adopted my cat, Harry, from the Humane society, my friend said Harry “fell into a vat of butter.” Same could be said about every cat that finds his or her way to you.