7-27-15 Roundup: Mama Love Monday

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(Yes, I am STILL on vacation!) I’m on vacation ’til the end of the month, I’ve pre written and scheduled posts for the time that I’m gone because I love you so!


One tough thing about being on vacation is the lack of kittens! Lucky for me, Connie from Tails of the Foster Kittens was willing to share. AND she took pictures.

Go check it out!

(And yes, I WAS very pleased with the fact that I thought ahead and packed a cat-themed shirt to wear for the visit!)


HELP! Anyone know of (or work with) a rescue in the Morgan, West Virginia area? A friend has found a small, very friendly and very hungry kitten, and there’s at least one more nearby. She’s leaving very soon, and needs to get the kitten to a rescue – any help is very much appreciated!


Roundup: Mama Love Monday

Mama Lucy and Louis.

Skelton and Gilda love their Mama.

Teaching Rickles to eat off a plate.

“Mama, Mama, Mama! I love you!”

Rickles loves his Mama.

And Roseanne loves her Mama.

Gilda loves her Mama.

And Skelton loves his Mama.

Louis? Yep. Loves his Mama!

Shecky shows his love by smacking at his Mama. Silly boy.

Louis helps keep Mama’s face clean.

Rickles gives Mama a hug.

Belushi and Lucy, mother and son portrait.

Roseanne gets some one-on-one time.

Giving Skelton a bath.

Shecky wants a HUG.

“Hi, Mama, hi! I love you!”

Shecky gets an ear-cleaning, and checks to see if the milk bar is open.

Baff-time for Rickles.

Carlin and Rickles visit the milk bar.

Gilda and Lucy hang out and check out the view.

Rickles crashes the party.

More mother-daughter time.

Carlin gets a kiss.

As the kittens line up to the milk bar, Lucy looks for her escape route!


The ornj boys love their mama:

YouTube link.


Rolling around in the grass gives Sheriff Mama (Kara) the Crazy Eyes.


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7-27-15 Roundup: Mama Love Monday — 10 Comments

  1. She was SUCH a good momma. And such a pretty one too! There are some beautiful shots here, my favourite being the fifth one down, with her on her side, paw curled, beautiful green eyes gazing at the camera while pouty little Rickles perches with a protective paw on her head.

  2. Wow the fools loved their mama. especially love when she nuzzles the adopted Carlin.

    She is going to be a great housepet/lady in residence.

  3. Now I know why Tigga (formerly Mama Lucy) is so patient with our grandkids 🙂

  4. Two things: While getting a bath in a bowl, is that silly Skelton trying to get a drink at the milk bar? In a bowl??? Or am I crazy?
    In the video, there’s a kitten in the litter box in the background! But I think it’s just playing.. Is that the ‘eat the litter’ stage?

    • Yes, Skelton was trying to nurse. Those kittens took any opportunity!

      I think they were past the litter-eating stage, and were just playing. 🙂