I think it would be so funny and cute to see a video of you saying “who ready for the yum-yums” and the cats’ reactions.

Please keep in mind that this is not anything NEAR my normal speaking voice. I don’t usually sound like such a dork, I swear it!

YouTube link.

Tommy absolutely cannot come to visit the foster kittens without Spanky running over and getting all up in his business. He thinks Tommy is COOL (it’s like a little kid wanting to hang with the cool big kid) and is always following him around, sniffing at him, and trying to start a fight. All Tommy wants to do is check out the toys, the view out the window, and the food. He has no time for the little kid.

Zombie kitty wants brains. Braaaaaains.


Yesterday I took Sugarbutt’s bandage off to look at his neck, and when I went to put it back on, the self-stick stuff wouldn’t stick. So I got another roll and put some on him, and it wouldn’t stick, either. So I pulled off a long piece and wrapped it around his neck twice, and it stayed. Until last night when the end came unstuck. Fred says he looks like Fred from Scooby Doo.

Note on Sugarbutt: I took him to the vet today; he’s got to go back next week to have the spot biopsied, since it didn’t react to the steroid at all, so we can see exactly what it is. Poor Suggie.


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