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A few of you asked about the Β watermarking of my photos (which I started doing on the pictures in yesterday’s entry). I’ve been meaning to start doing it for some time now, but finally decided it was time. There’s been no one big incident that caused me to start doing it, but lots of little things. I see my pictures pop up in emails and on sites, never attributed to me or this site, and it’s kind of annoying.

Now, I am NOT talking about those of you who use my pictures as wallpaper or screen savers, that’s perfectly fine with me. Just, if you post one of my pictures on your site, all I’m asking is that you give me credit for taking the picture either in a link back to this site or in text under the picture. I’m not looking for payment or for you to wax poetic about my amazing photo skillz (heh), just attribution, you know?

Sites like Cute Overload and Love Meow always attribute the pictures they use to the owner of the picture, and that’s all I want. What irritates me is when I see one of my pictures on another site – I see them on ICHCΒ  regularly – and it becomes this thing where the onus is on me to get photo credit for, y’know, MY picture, by proving that it’s MINE.

So anyway, that’s why the sudden watermarking. I’m doing my very best to make the watermark subtle so it won’t detract from your enjoyment of the picture, but bear with me – watermarking pictures is new to me!

(In a perfect world, I’d go back and watermark all my pictures over on Flickr, but as there are thousands and thousands of them, I don’t see that happening.)

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Also in yesterday’s comments, several people asked why there are only five Taters present at the end of the video I posted (this one). That would be because the two biggest Taters (Cap’n Floof and General Grumpypants) are allowed in and out of that room, and are spending most of their time out of the room these days. They know the snack time routine, and sometimes they join in on snack time, and sometimes they have other places to be. When I shot that video, the General was off chasing flies or harassing Alice or something, while the Cap’n was pleased to partake of snackin’ time next to his foster siblings.

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2012-07-03 (1)

2012-07-03 (2)

2012-07-03 (3)
I just can’t stop taking pictures of Brandywine. She is so PRETTY!

2012-07-03 (4)

2012-07-03 (5)
Dingwall Scotty decides to go Mama-surfing.

2012-07-03 (6)
“That last wave was a killer!”

2012-07-03 (8)

2012-07-03 (7)

2012-07-03 (9)
Did I mention SO pretty?

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2012-07-03 (10)
Lady Agata with the pretty, pretty eyes.

2012-07-03 (11)
Stompers and Cap’n Floof.

2012-07-03 (12)
Cap’n Floof, Kennebec, and Stompers examine the litter box (the look on Stompers’s face is cracking me UP.) Okay, really they were trying to get a toy out from behind the litter box, not discussing the state of the (clean!) litter box.

2012-07-03 (13)

2012-07-03 (14)

2012-07-03 (15)
That set of steps leading up to the bed looks really tall next to him, but he goes up and down those steps with no problems at all. You should have seen our reaction the first time we found him laying on the bed. You’d have thought he’d cured cancer.

2012-07-03 (16)
“Who, me? Sitting here to knock the little brat off the steps if he tries to come up? I’d NEVER!”

2012-07-03 (17)
Agata likes the sunshine, clearly.

2012-07-03 (19)
Sisterly lurve.

2012-07-03 (18)
The whiskers in the sun kill me dead. (That’s Stompers.)

And a short video for today. Cap’n Floof has a funny voice – he sounds kind of like a little croaking frog to me. (The video’s not that great, but you can hear him a couple of times.)

YouTube link

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2012-07-03 (20)
Miz Poo, having carried the toy through the entire house whilst keening at the top of her lungs, considers it a job well done.


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7-3-12 — 74 Comments

  1. *Whew* You had me skeered for a moment there since I have a photo of Razzie as my current wallpaper! Good on you for getting credit where credit is due. I would just hate for you to quit posting your pics because of a few knuckleheads.

    Any word on more Noms being adopted?

    • No more Noms adopted yet. πŸ™ Adoptions seem to slow down considerably around most holidays, so I’m hoping they pick up after this week!

    • Dawn,
      Thanks, you said everythig I wanted to say. I also have Newbery’s last photo as my wallpaper.

      • Rest assured I would never mind y’all using my pictures for your own private use – wallpaper, screensavers, print them out and hang them on the wall, any of that stuff – I love that you do! πŸ™‚

  2. OK, let me wax poetic about your amazing photography skillz because it’s darn near impossible to get a half-way decent photo of a squirming kitten, let alone an entire blog worth of gorgeous ones like yours. My camera is on it’s last legs and needs replacing, but I’m not sure that even with a new camera I’d be able to get shots like yours… between natural kitten bounciness and the camera strap/lens cap being the BEST TOYZ EVER(!) I’ve got lots of blurry cute on my memory card right now. But they are excessively adorable blurs, I promise!

    OMG, Cap’n Floof can come croak at me anytime. Oh, and well done Miz Poo. Thank you for saving us from the yellow monster. You are the bestest hunter ever. πŸ™‚

    • Kelly, I’m right with you. But like Robyn I take 100 pictures for each one that comes out amazing..

      (I still want to know how Laurie at IBKC does it, she so needs to video tape one of her photo shoots)

      • I think she drugs those kittens! (Okay, I don’t really think that, heh)

        As many times as I’ve seen my own pictures used without attribution, I bet Laurie sees 10 times that!

    • Kelly, I don’t know where you are on the amateur-to-serious photographer spectrum, but my husband and I have been really happy with the Canon digital PowerShot that we bought at Christmas. I don’t have it with me, so I don’t know the model number, but we got it at Sam’s. It’s inexpensive and takes really good pictures for the price.

  3. Ha, ha Floof the frog. I have had a few foster kittens like that too. Me and my hubby always get a kick out of that type of meow…Happy to hear that Stompers will be going directly to his new forever home, when ready. You are lucky you will be able to keep in touch and watch him grow.

  4. This may seem like a random question… What font are you using for the watermark? I really like it. I won’t steal your pics, but I may steal the font! πŸ˜‰

  5. You know, I don’t know that I would have noticed the watermarks if they hadn’t been pointed out to me. I am not that observant, I guess…

    So I have a question for y’all. One of our two cats, Gravy, has been eating only sporadically since the weather got really warm (unfortunately we don’t, nor are we able to, have air conditioning in our apartment. I won’t get into the reasons. We typically do ok without it.) I think she would graze, but because our other cat is a huge pig who would eat until he burst, we don’t leave food out. I’ve taken to shutting Gravy in the bathroom for an hour or so that she can graze a bit without distraction, and she usually does (although this morning she’s not interested in food at all). Otherwise, her behavior seems pretty normal, just a little more subdued than usual in the heat.

    I feel like I go through this periodically with her: she barely eats, I freak out, we take her to the vet, everything’s fine, she starts eating again. Does anyone else experience this with their cats, especially during the summer?

    • Alexandra-I don’t have cats right now and therefore have no advice for your situation BUT I know as a person I get the same way. When it is REALLY HOT outside I tend to drink more and eat more fruit and salads and lighter fare. Maybe your kitty is the same way?

    • I’m the same way. If it’s hot out, I eat much less and never notice hunger (probably because I’m drinking so much water that I feel satisfied). I wouldn’t worry unless this becomes a long term thing. It’s so hot right now that it’s bound to affect her somehow. We’re getting rain and a breeze this morning. I hope you get some cooling weather soon!

    • I would say that a) if this were new behavior b) if she is losing weight and or c) her personality changes (lethargic, uninterested in foods that normally she LOVES) then a vet visit wouldn’t be a bad idea.

      but if she is holding her own weight and generally seems OK outside of not eating in hot hot weather, I personally might hold off.

      actually a vet visit is never a bad idea. Keeps a good relationship with your vet, puts your worries at ease, and as I always say the more info the better. Now your wallet might not think so, but wallets are usually hoarders and don’t like letting go of things πŸ™‚

    • I’ve noticed that the heat does affect some of the cats that way, and others aren’t affected at all. I’d keep an eye on her and if her appetite doesn’t pick up when the heat lets up a little, get her to the vet (but it also sounds like this is a usual behavior for her, too, so I wouldn’t be too freaked out).

      • Thanks for the thoughts, folks. I noticed some, ahem, loose poo this morning (sorry, TMI), so off Gravy goes to the vet today. Again, she’s acting totally normal, but tomorrow’s a holiday and with the new symptom, well, better to be on the safe side!

        • My cat Julius has always let any other cat eat his food, goes out to play at meal times, has only picked at meals for 10 years now. He’s a lanky 12 pounder who is doing fine.

  6. We watched the starvin’ kitten video last night and laughed our heads off. I think the best part for me was the instant total silence when the blue plate appeared. I have had the pleasure of doing some kitty babysitting for the former Starsky and Hutch over the last week whilst Jennifer was out of town on business. They are sweet boys but goodness they grew up to be big boys. They love their snacks and for a minute I was worried they might try to eat my lips off. I will send over some rank amateur cell phone photos today. Jen was supposed to be back yesterday but the travel gods hate her and she got stuck in Berlin and then overnight in Newark. She is flying home today so keep your fingers crossed.

    • Well, you know, they started out with us as such tiny little skin-and-bones babies that we fed them well! πŸ™‚

  7. I LOVE your pictures, and I’d do a watermark, too! Wanna come take pics of the kittens I’ll be watching starting tonight? Because that’d be great, haha. The floof kills me dead. I just love him. And youre right.. agata does have gorgeous eyes!!! Love your posts, always! I feel like i need to be blogging about the temporary kittens i have been keeping haha.

  8. I have a cat almost identical to Brandywine; she was a rescue from a barn, at which time she had 3 kittens. I found good homes for the kittens, and kept momma cat, Slinky. Oddly enough, she has always stayed very thin, even though she eats like a pig. Slinky is now approaching 13 years old, my eldest cat! And she shows no sign of slowing down, but can be grumpy sometimes if the other cats get on her nerves. She’s a love-bug though, likes to snuggle.

  9. That next to the last pic of Brandywine is mesmerizing. She is a gorgeous girl. As much as I love kittens, I’m head-over-heals for mature kitties. I’m glad to see you watermarking your pic. I haven’t seen your pics uncredited, but I have seen other kitty bloggers pics uncredited, and I try to leave the credit in the comments. I teach that to my elementary students. It’s so important to give credit for anything you copy. Unfortunately, not everyone has high ethics, or maybe they think anything on the Internet is fair game.

    • Poor Brandy. The kittens are at the stage where I momentarily think she’s being eaten alive by zombie kittens when they swarm.

      She’s such a patient, good mommy.

  10. Don’t blame you for the watermark – I have thought about it and honestly am probably just too lazy…. hahaha

    I love those Brandywine pictures. She is adorable. And there is nothing cuter than momma cats with that put out “save me” expression. πŸ™‚

  11. I posted a pic of the Noms, all on a cat tree, on my instagram. I listed all of their names, but I didn’t credit Robyn or Love and Hisses. I’m sorry, won’t do it again! But that was such a killer picture.

  12. Everytime you post a picture of Brandywine, I think ‘She is SO beautiful!’. Love Floof’s frog-meow!!

  13. I love the picture of the three gingers “inspecting” the litter box. The look Stompers is giving is like “>wink< I gots this!". My husband, also a trouble-making ginger (not a cat but a human) makes the SAME face sometimes. Again, i'd like to repeat my husband is a human, not a cat. πŸ™‚

    • I’m married to a trouble-making ginger, too! Wouldn’t trade him for the world, but he can get ornery at times. πŸ™‚

      • Wow, me too! Lots of folks with ginger (human) spouses on here! We’re hoping little Skull (the 20-week-old girl presently kicking my insides) comes out a ginger, but we’ll take her no matter what. (“Skull” is her nickname from our most recent ultrasound — the ginger husband was fascinated by the images of her giant head.)

          • I know. Some people give us horrified looks when we refer to our unborn child as “Skull” — I’m glad that you LOLed instead, because that’s what we do! Although, if people take us too seriously, we may have some MΓΆtley CrΓΌe or Black Sabbath onesies in our future… πŸ™‚

      • My son is the trouble making ginger in our house. The color came from my side of the family, though. I suppose you could call me one as well, but most of my color comes from a box now-a-days.

        • Recessive genes come out in interesting ways. My husband’s first wife was Hispanic, and my two oldest stepsons inherited her coloring: olive skin, dark hair, dark eyes. My youngest stepson, however, is very fair-skinned, with blond hair and hazel eyes. When he was thirteen or so, he once asked me, “Why do I have blond hair?” I told him that neither of his dad’s parents had red hair, that it had been passed down from his dad’s grandfather. Now in his twenties, although my stepson’s hair remains blond, he’s sporting a decidedly RED goatee. πŸ™‚

    • I got the goofies today. I looked back at that picture, and this is what popped into my head:

      “We represent the Litterbox Guild,
      The Litterbox Guild,
      The Litterbox Guild…”

      You are welcome for that earworm. πŸ™‚

    • so let me get this right, you are married to a cat?? πŸ˜‰

      (Btw, I’m a ‘ginger’ all be it a little bit darker)

      • I think a cat would cause fewer headaches. And the care and feeding would be cheaper! I spend tons of money on sunscreen and then run around all weekend chasing him with it to keep him from frying. He and the NC summers are not a match made in heaven!

  14. Mummy Brandywine is an awesome Mummy, I hope she gets THE best furrever home, girlfriend you EARNED it!

  15. My one-sided love affair with Cap’n Floof grew more intense with each croak. He is just perfect! And Robyn, do please tell Ms. Poo to keep up the good work.

  16. I had to go somewhere in Atlanta for an errand today. Paid $10 to park for all of 5 minutes πŸ™ And when I came out, someone hit the front of my beloved car and left a nice scrape and dent in it.

    So I came here for some kitteh therapy to make myself feel better. It’s better than real therapy and no insurance needed!

    Thanks Robyn!

    • Awww, I’m sorry your car got hit – but glad some kitten therapy helped make you feel better! πŸ™‚

  17. Cap’n Floof sounds like he has laryngitis. Stompers slays me, Brandywine’s coloring is beautiful; and her facial expressions!!!

  18. Watermarking does very little other than making you, the photographer, feel better. I mark mine with a copyright symbol, my website name, and “all rights reserved” – the pictures show up on sites around the world. Google “Pinterest” plus your blog name for more of the -“it’s out there on the Internet so I can do what I want with it.” Plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize, but always be sure to call it research. Thank you Tom Lehrer.

    My cats have been cycling one at a time through lack of appetite, sporadic vomiting, a little diarrhea. The vet says there’s a virus going around and she’s seeing one or two cats a day with more severe symptoms.

    Love all your pretty kitties. I have a yen for a ginger cat, but we always seem to have solid gray, solid black, now one cow cat. I get my fix admiring your summer full of ginger kitties.

    • I do know that anyone who wants to will figure out how to remove the watermark and use it for their own purposes, but it DOES make me feel a bit better to do it! πŸ™‚

      Last Summer was almost all brown tabbies for us, this Summer we’re leaning toward gingers. Love the gingers (well, love the brown tabbies, too, for that matter!)

  19. Robyn, if you are most concerned about getting credit for your photos (which you should, of course!) but don’t care so much if they are re-used for non-commercial purposes, you might think about using a Creative Commons license rather than regular copyright: http://creativecommons.org/choose/

    Just a suggestion! No matter what type of copyright you use, the watermark is a great idea.

    And my Alice sounds just like Cap’n Floof. She’s about two years old now, so I think this is her permanent ‘meow’!

  20. Cap’n Floof sounds like a duck from over here! *giggling* Awwwwww! Did I also hear a purr in that video, near the start, or was that the camera? And who was that squeaking in the background? It was adorable, whoever it was.

    • I think that WAS purring in the beginning, I hadn’t noticed that. πŸ™‚ I’m sure that was Kennebec squeaking in the background, he’s usually demanding that I sit down and snuggle with him!