7-3-15 Friday

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Robyn, here in Ireland it’s actually warm enough this week that we need to leave some windows open at night to sleep comfortably. Our windows here are usually divided into the lower portion which opens out like a door, and a smaller, upper part that pushes out like an awning. It’s the upper portion we’d opened a little ways to allow some air in, but we still had blinds down and closed and the curtains drawn. All of that background info to say that this morning, several hours before my alarm was due to go off, we were awakened by the squeak of paws against the window and then the inevitable crash of our neighbour’s cat, having jumped through that little upper window from the roof, landing graceless in the blinds. Our own cat was none too pleased with the breaking and entering, while the neighbour’s cat hissed at her like she was the one in the wrong house! Let me tell you, acting as peace negotiator between those two and trying to convince the interloper to curtail his leisurely tour of our house was not my idea of pre-7am activity. I thought I might just be able to get back to sleep for an hour before having to get up, but our own cat waited until I was almost sleepy again before she regurgitated something gross on our bed (for the first time ever!). That’s when I gave up and got up. It’s a good thing they’re so cute.

This made me laugh SO HARD. Been there, done that!


The Saddest Cat on the Internet.


I’m starting to think that Carlin could be the Poutiest Cat on the Internet. Even when he’s sitting there purring, he looks like he’s pouting about some perceived injustice.


Yay for Rickles! And I hope his new family looks at Love & Hisses so they can see his awesome “Jazz Paws Somersault” video!! 😀

I’m sharing this comment just so I can post that video again!

YouTube link.


Robyn, the kittens made it onto Buzzfeed. Scroll down to #20.

I love Buzzfeed so so so much (also, we’re gonna take over the world with that Rickles video, I think)!


I clicked “Random Post” just for the fun of it and got the story of Stefan being half feral. Even more humor for the day!

HA. Yeah, that’s Stefan. He is one feral boy – I mean, when he’s not flopped down in the middle of the floor on his back or giving me the Hopeful Eyes when I’m making dinner, he’s SO feral.

I’m amazed that he ever had the energy to make us think he was feral.


As an FYI, I’m at the end of the pictures I took before the kittens went off to Petsmart (though you’ll be seeing Louis for a few more days). So savor them!

Rickles in the wall bed, staring at the wall. As you do.

Shecky in the sun.

Louis in the sun.

Belushi. I love how the sun is shining through the very bottom of his ear.

Sweet Gilda in the sun.

Roseanne, sneaking up to see what the what.

Louis, playing peekaboo.

Roseanne disapproves of this “peekaboo” nonsense.

Rickles checks to see if Shecky’s up for a game of Slappy Paws.

Gilda does a little Kravitzing.


“You won’t beLIEVE what they’re doing now!”

Roseanne and Belushi are all ears.


Video! Before Louis went off to Petsmart, and he and Skelton (and you can see a little of Carlin in the background) got all smug and self-satisfied (and sleepy).

YouTube link.


Tommy in the sun. He is such a purty boy.


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7-3-15 Friday — 10 Comments

  1. I certainly hope that Rickles’ new family was informed that they have adopted an internet famous kitty. They should be provided with links to all the sites that have shown the Jazz Hands Somersault!! And that should be trademarked!

  2. Dang Gilda’s a gorgeous girlie. Even with her ears all laid back so she can stick her head between the blinds.

    I love that picture of Rickles staring at the wall. I think it’s the complimentary yellow and orange toned toys beneath his majesty’s butt.

    I’m looking at that old pic of Maryann with her ears folded back. They’re so far back they look like it should hurt!

  3. That video of Louis and Skelton is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. To watch Louis curl his paw under his chin and make that sleepy smacking noise is to be overcome with drowsy contentment.

  4. “Kravitzing” LOL. This means Gilda is a kravitzer 😉

    Hope the remaining kittens quicly find their furever homes. Did Carlin get his shot so he’s off to Pet Smart too?

    • No, Carlin will get his shot next Wednesday, so he’ll leave us after that. Skelton’s here to keep him company, and of course we have Lucy with us for a bit longer, too.

  5. I’ve got to say it again, Robyn: I don’t know how you do it. I’ve had the opportunity lately to kitten-sit two kittens, and it’s so hard to let them go! Watching your babies be born and grow up into the beautiful, smug, socialized Crooked Acres graduates that they become–and then letting them go–must be so satisfying and yet a bittersweet prize to be sure.

    But we’re so glad you do it, and that you share their journeys with us.

    • It is the Crooked Acres Finishing School for Wayward Kitties!! Every semester puts out some of the most polite & well mannered young cats. Heehee!

  6. Robyn, I don’t want to hijack your comments, but I do have a question. I came home from my book club last night to have my daughter freaking out-our 19 yr old cat had blood coming from below his anus. I think it had just happened, because the blood was very fresh everywhere-and I do MEAN everywhere.

    I thought our other cat had bit him, because I saw him earlier following him around sniffing his behind. Luckily my husband works for a vet clinic, so I texted a vet tech, and sent a picture, she thought he had ruptured an anal gland. We were able to get him to the clinic, even though it was after hours, someone gave him the antibiotic shot that lasts 14 days, and told us to feed him pumpkin and to do warm compresses if possible.

    My question-has anyone had a cat that ruptured an anal gland? The people at the clinic said it was fairly unusual, cats usually kind of deal with the anal glands themselves. It is a pretty good sized wound-but I guess we need to keep it open so it can drain.

    Anyone else have a cat this happened to?

  7. I love the Jazz Paws video so much, I never get tired of watching it. Thanks for posting it again :). It makes me laugh out loud every time, without fail!