7-2-15 Thlurrrpsday

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Welcome to ~~Thlurrrp~~sday!

Gilda gets her thlurrrp on.

And so does Roseanne.

Skelton? Yep, gotta thlurrrp.

Louis thlurrrps in the sun. Rickles is just an innocent bystander.

More from Skelton. Gotta keep those toes pristine!

Something about that sunshine…

Rosie supposes her toeses are roses.

She’s a very thlurrrpy girrrrl, the kind you don’t take home to motherrrrr..

She’s a super thlurrp, super thlurrp, she’s super-thlurrpy, YOW.

I don’t know which I like more, the folded-over tongue that Louis is sporting, or the pouty face on Carlin.

You’ve gotta look closely, but there’s the tiniest bit of tongue sticking out of Shecky’s mouth.

And Lucy’s not going to be left out of the thlurrrpathon!

It has been 9 days since any of the kittens nursed, and Lucy’s milk is finally drying up. Her personality is really starting to show itself – at bedtime, with the kittens tucked away in the foster room, she hangs out with Fred in his room while he reads. Last night, he learned that she’ll play fetch. She races around, she tears into cardboard boxes, she plays peekaboo with him. It’s seriously cute, and I need to get it on video!


Old Man Suggie would like you kids to get off his lawn. And stop blasting that loud music.


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7-2-15 Thlurrrpsday — 21 Comments

  1. Robyn, here in Ireland it’s actually warm enough this week that we need to leave some windows open at night to sleep comfortably. Our windows here are usually divided into the lower portion which opens out like a door, and a smaller, upper part that pushes out like an awning. It’s the upper portion we’d opened a little ways to allow some air in, but we still had blinds down and closed and the curtains drawn. All of that background info to say that this morning, several hours before my alarm was due to go off, we were awakened by the squeak of paws against the window and then the inevitable crash of our neighbour’s cat, having jumped through that little upper window from the roof, landing graceless in the blinds. Our own cat was none too pleased with the breaking and entering, while the neighbour’s cat hissed at her like she was the one in the wrong house! Let me tell you, acting as peace negotiator between those two and trying to convince the interloper to curtail his leisurely tour of our house was not my idea of pre-7am activity. I thought I might just be able to get back to sleep for an hour before having to get up, but our own cat waited until I was almost sleepy again before she regurgitated something gross on our bed (for the first time ever!). That’s when I gave up and got up. It’s a good thing they’re so cute.

    • What a story! This made me LOL, and, Jessica, in some time you will laugh at it, too πŸ™‚ “good thing they are so cute” – SO TRUE! πŸ™‚

      • What a way to wake up! Poor you! It will be funnier in time, I agree but not for a while!

        • Apparently our neighbours always leave an upstairs window open for him at night, so from his point of view, we might as well have sent him an invitation and put out the welcome mat!

    • I concur. The fireworks were being set off last night in the cul -de – sac behind us already! It was brief but I bet it happens every night now until at the least the fourth!

  2. Aww, I love that you/we are now getting a glimpse of Lucy’s true personality (and not her Responsible Mama persona). It’s always such a joy when they are relaxed enough to be their kooky selves and it’s nice to know the rigors of childbirth have not squashed her own kittenish pursuits since she’s still so young herself!

  3. Robyn-that was the SuperCutest post in a long time! (Bu none of them are ever bad) Could you add it to the favorites list?

  4. One of our cats, Khloe from our original Kardashian fosters, plays fetch BUT only with those little purse packets of kleenex. We can throw it up on the upstairs balcony and she will race up there and carry it back down to us. It’s really funny to watch.

  5. Glad mama Lucy is finding her “inner kitteh.” I always wonder about the stray mama cats I’ve had in the past, if they ever had a chance to be kittenish or were they breeding too soon for that? Every time I rescued a stray mama, I ended up keeping her and it was always fun to watch them become playful.

  6. Someday soon, all your permanent residences will be calico girls in love with Fred!

    • I was thinking, Lucy must have heard what it takes to become a permanent resident at Crooked Acres. πŸ˜‰

  7. Ha ha ha, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who makes up words to “Super Freak” to sing to my cats! I think Trixie heard it last…”She’s a very floofy girl, from her head down to her paw pads…” πŸ˜€

    • Earlier today I was singing “Baby Got Back” to one of my cats: “I like fluffy butts and I cannot lie!”

      • “I like big CATS and I cannot LIE!” is my go-to. πŸ™‚

        And Amy, I used to sing “She’s a very slinky girrrrl!” to Tricki. πŸ™‚

  8. I just have to say that I loved every little bit of this post: the little tongues, Old Man Suggie’s grumpy face, reading about Lucy’s personality. But what I especially ESPECIALLY loved was Roseanne channeling first Gene Kelly and then Rick James. Total winner.

  9. A) Good thing I didn’t have a chance to read this at work today, since I absolutely had to thlurrp every time one of the kittehs did!
    2) I will be singing Super Freak all evening.
    III) Allie Cat plays fetch but only with a very specific type of fuzzy mouse. She had never shown any interest in fetch until I brought her those mice!