7-1-15 Wednesday

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Last night:

I’ll be taking Louis to Petsmart this morning, to join Roseanne, Shecky and Belushi. Carlin and Skelton will stay here with us ’til Carlin has his rabies shot next Wednesday.


Gilda and the Ear of Semi-Annoyance.

Skelton and his purty eyes.

Gilda, rolling around in the sun on the bedside table.

And then Belushi had to get all up in her space. I love her “Do you see what I put up with?” look. Bonus: back by the window, Carlin playing with either Gilda or Belushi’s tail.

Shecky, checking out the hidey bed.

Playing with Da Bird. Naturally Stefan had to get involved.

Belushi, hissing at Stefan – who seems very worried about the little hissing kitten, doesn’t he?

Belushi tries sneaking up on Da Bird, while Shecky and Jake watch.

Lucy relaxes on the cat tree in Fred’s room.

Pretty girl.

Rickles and the mile-long legs.

A Carlin and his chicken.

Louis, keeping his eye on things.


Video! Stefan and the kittens chasing Da Bird.

YouTube link.


Dennis, in his favorite spot (my bed) in his favorite position (upside down). Yes, his eyes really are that gorgeous!


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  1. I can just imagine Stefan saying to Belushi, “You want me to show you who’s the boss again?”

  2. Congratulations Rickles! Hope you have a great life in your new home.

  3. that first picture with Da Bird – the kitten in the back seems to be praying for assistance LOL

    YAY for adoptions….paws crossed for lots more!

  4. Congrats to Rickles. From the looks of those long, long legs he’s going to be a stunningly HUGE grown cat! Hope the mom will share some photos in the future.

  5. Yay for Rickles! And I hope his new family looks at Love & Hisses so they can see his awesome “Jazz Paws Somersault” video!! 😀

  6. Lucy looks so thin! Poor mama kitty – is she denying those sucking little monsters before she vanishes in to thin air?

  7. The kittens moving to Da Bird makes me think of a flock of birds and the way they change directions as they’re flying.

    Yay for Rickles!!

  8. I love hearing that the kittens are being snapped up like hot cakes.

    Oh Belushi, you are so NOT scary. Bless your little heart.

  9. I like how Stefan forgets all about his need to bite kitten necks when Da Bird is in view! He looks so adorable sitting amongst all those babies and waiting for his chance to strike at it!

  10. I’m a long time reader and I’m wondering if I can get advice from some people much more experienced than me. Almost two months ago I took in an estimated 6 week old kitten found by a friend of mine. I thought we would either find his owners or, if not, I would keep him. When no one tried to claim him I gradually started introducing him to my other two cats (17 years old and 4 years old)(he is getting vet care btw and is negative for FIV and Felv).

    I don’t think I was truly prepared for how much energy, and for how scrappy he was going to be. He doesn’t bother the 17 year old cat because she smacks him around and puts him in his place. The 4 year old cat is more submissive and sensitive, and he is just tormenting her. Jumping on her, knocking her over, grabbing her, biting her, chasing her. It’s to the point were I have to supervise very carefully or keep them separate and even still, my 4 year old cat is just nervous and out of sorts (understandably). I’m having to make some decisions about whether or not I can keep the kitten because it’s not fair to have to keep either of them locked up all the time. I might have a home for him with my brother in a year or so, when he moves to an apartment that allows pets, but that is a very long time to be dealing with this so I’m not sure if I can wait that long. I thought maybe I could get some advice from kitten experts – is this going to improve? Or should I throw in the towel and try to find the little guy a new home?

    Things I’ve tried: intense play time with the kitten (up to 2 hours daily which is literally all I can do), feliway plug ins and spray for the last week, a slow introduction (my 4 year old was really relaxed and interested in the kitten until he started harassing her), loud noises to startle him before he attacks (scares the 4 year old a lot, doesn’t scare the kitten one bit). And no, I’m really not interested in getting another kitten.

    Thanks in advance if anyone has any advice, I would be so grateful.

    • I went through the exact same thing. I had a 9 yr old who (now 14) is the most submissive cat on the planet. Your 4 yr old would be the boss of her. My new kitten tormented her…and will, if allowed, to this day (he is now 5). I got a second kitten. That way those two could rough house and be the wild things that they are and my older girl would have more spa days than she had otherwise. If 4 cats, is not a possibility for you, then I would say to rehome him. I do NOT say that lightly. But your 4 yr old will end up lurking in the shadows and staying away from everything. That is a sad life. The kitten will have a grand time in any loving home that provides well for him.

      I hope someone has a better solution….

      My boy knows what “Be nice to her” means….

      • Did the second kitten make a big difference? I love him so, it’s really breaking my heart that I need to rehome him, but I’m very concerned about adding another kitten to this situation. I could probably make it work financially, but again, I know it should be better than just ‘making it work’. I have a 17 year old cat who is healthy right now but I know that could change at any time, and I need to be prepared for that financially.

        Going after my 3 year old seems to be almost habit to the kitten now, he’ll wake up from a dead sleep (after I’ve tired him out with a long play session) to go after her if he hears her coming. He’s pulled out clumps of her fur. I think the only reason he is less relentless with the older cat is she sleeps so much she doesn’t make a fun target. I’m worried another cat his energy level will start going after her as well, now that she is so nervous around him. I think you are absolutely right that I need to rehome him. I’m struggling a lot with it, but I think I’ve known for weeks now that it was the right thing to do.

        Thank you so much for your response.

        • The second kitten helped, but he does still pick on her but not like he use to…if she didn’t run from him, he wouldn’t pick on her at all. (“If you act like bait, you get treated like bait.” – Jackson Galaxy). Emma is bait…. 🙁 I do have a fourth now and she is tiny (8 lbs) compared to the others. She doesn’t run so he leaves her be and doesn’t even try to steal her snacks. If I see him walk toward my eldest, I say, “Be nice to her!” and he falls on his side like he was the most innocent of things. So, it does depend on the individual cats and if the kitten can be discouraged in going after your eldest.

          I do a lot of pet adoption counseling…and I will have to say that it isn’t about you … it is about them. What is right for them. When we love something, we have a hard time letting it go – sometimes at a high price. What is best for your cats – that is honestly the right answer. If it means rehoming one for the sake of the household…then find an amazing home. It is super hard, I know…but listen to your gut…it never lies. Your heart and head will lie to you to make you happy, but your gut never does.

          • My eldest is 14-15 ish, bossy pants is 5, his kitten is 4 and my newest (accident) is 1.5 yrs old.

          • You are right about that gut thing. I’ve been trying for weeks now to figure out a way to make this work, but things have been getting worse, not better. I’ve tried so many things to discourage him, but he knows he’s faster than me. So half the time I just hear all the yowling and screeching coming from a different floor while I try to catch up. I love him dearly but this isn’t the right home for him. Thank you for your advice.

      • I went through this after my younger cat died and my older girl was distraught. Within days, it was clear that the kitten’s laddish ways were intimidating my peacenik. In short, I got my kitten a kitten — the best decision I’ve ever made. The two adore each other, and Kitten Numero Uno now leaves my girl alone for 23 hours and 55 minutes of the day.

        But you might not be as lucky, and I totally agree with GD and Robyn that finding the tyke a great home would be ideal. Your four-year-old is the priority.

        One question: rather than loud noises, have you tried spraying the little guy (with water, of course!)?

        Hooray for adorable Rickles, and may his sibs get equally lucky soonest!

        • I’ve spent a few weeks now walking around with a spray bottle whenever I let him out of his room. It has worked wonders for discouraging him from running at the front door every time it opens. But the sound of the spray bottle scares my 4 year old cat so much it was doing more harm to her than good.

          In my heart I keep trying to convince myself another kitten is a good idea. This kitten was supposed to be a companion for the 4 year old cat (who was quite interested in him until he started harassing her like this) when I went back to work. So that has absolutely not worked out. I always had it in the back of my mind that he might need to be rehomed if things didn’t work out, but I didn’t count on completely falling in love with him. These past few weeks have been really hard. I have a whole new appreciation for people who foster, I am clearly just not cut out for this!

    • Lee, I’ll post this in Friday’s post in hopes of getting more advice, but you’ve pretty much covered what I would have suggested.

      I’m with GD – there’s no shame in finding another home for him. If it would help any, I’ll happily share pictures and information about him on the blog to get the word out about him.

      • I would be so incredibly grateful if you would put up his picture. I live in British Columbia, Canada and will drive several hours if it means getting him to someone who will love him and take care of him. Should I use your gmail address listed above?

        I’m so worried about trying to rehome him myself – that he will go to someone who can’t handle his energy level or won’t take good care of him. I’m going to be contacting rescues and speaking to my vet tomorrow, to see if I can put up some flyers. I think I’ve known in my head for a few weeks now that I’ve done all I can do and it’s time to help him find somewhere else to live, it’s just taken some time for my heart to catch up. I love him dearly, he’s such a little character, but I suppose it’s a matter of doing what’s in everyone’s best interests now.

        Thank you for your kind words.

        • Yes, send his pictures and a description of him to me at mizrobyn (at) gmail.com, and let me know the email address where people can contact you, as well as the general area where you live, and I’ll start posting about him on Friday. Hopefully we can spread the word and get his face in front of someone who’ll fall in love. 🙂

        • Ask potential adopters TONS of questions without leading them toward the answer you are looking for (so they won’t tell you want you want to hear, but the truth instead). Such as, “Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor cat?” (I personally only adopt to indoor only homes. Safer life for the kitty and not a lonely life for a dog.). What pets do you currently have? Ask about their personalities and make sure it would be a good fit. Ask about small children…everything that helps you decide that this is the RIGHT family for you. Feel free to say “No”. Your kitten is not a couch. I don’t care if it makes them mad…oh well. A good adopter will also be very willing to keep in touch and send pictures. You will “know” the right person when you meet them.

          By the way, all kittens are crazy/insane and have tons of energy. 🙂

    • tell the kitten no, and give the older cat permission to beat up the kitten. Tell your resident cat that you need help training the kitten, and give permission to give the whippersnapper what for when it acts up

      • Some cats are just so submissive that they will run and screech rather than fight back. I think this is the case with Lee’s cat as it is with my cat. Unfortunately, that makes it very fun for the confident kitten… just like when a little brother can make his sister run and cry by chasing her around the house with a bug in his hand. If the sister turned around and smacked him, he would not get the reward (running/crying) he was looking for. However, she is so scared that she runs and cries. Therefore, the brother continues to chase her with bugs.