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Housekeeping note: I know that some of you are used to having the links in the sidebar to other blogs I read. I was using a Google Reader widget to organize those, but since Google Reader is no more, the widget doesn’t work anymore either. I need to go through and make a list by hand, and I’ll do that hopefully by the end of the week. It MAY be on a separate page, but then again it may not, it depends on what I can find to help with the organization of it (and if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know. I liked the Google Reader widget because if I added a blog to Google Reader, it automatically showed up on the list at the sidebar.)

Also, I’m working on a new theme (design) for the blog. I’m thinking that I’m just going to install it and work on it from here rather than work on it elsewhere. So if things suddenly look different, that’s why!

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Can you believe these kittens are two months old?






Mama, can you BELIEVE those babies are two months old already? And you’re going to celebrate by being spayed!

“What’s being spayed?”
It’s a surgery where they make it so you don’t have any more kittens. You might be a little sore afterward, but just think – no more kittens for you!

“Hmmm….No more kittens…”

“Can we leave RIGHT NOW?”

Here’s a video for y’all. Puff is flirty, and Norbert is sleepy (and Scorch and Ember are not interested in anything but wrestling). Pardon the baby talk. I just can’t help myself!

YouTube link.

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Brandon. Look at those ears popping up!

Bellies full and bladders empty, it’s time for wrestling in my lap!

Arya’s keeping an eye on me, while Hodor grabs my hand to see if it’s something he can eat.

Arya and Hodor. Um, I’ve only finished the second book of the series. This must be a plot twist that happens in book three or four! That George R.R. Martin really likes to keep us guessing, I never would have seen this one coming!

She is such a feisty little brat.

Jon Snow is a quiet one.

Smilin’ Arya.

Brandon, having pinned Hodor, looks quite smug.

Check out that fabulously striped tail.

Video! The Starks, just hanging out in the tub. Under that (hideous) pillow case is a bed warmer. They prefer that part of the tub, of course. (Also, they’re listed as being 2 1/2 weeks old in the video because I recorded it last week. They’re actually 3 weeks old now!)

YouTube link.

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So, this has started to happen. That’s Stefan.

Judging by how comfortable he is, I’m guessing that Stefan has been in a house before. Nothing inside fazes him.

He jumps right up into a cat bed and falls asleep.

He’s had limited time inside at this point – only when we can keep an eye on him. He’s not a problem, though. He’s pretty submissive and hasn’t hissed or smacked at anyone else. Corbie is not thrilled with him, though (I probably haven’t mentioned that Corbie can be a bit high-strung), and follows him around and yowls at him. He’ll adjust eventually, we just need to take it slow.


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7-2-13 — 47 Comments

  1. Kittens galore, Khaleesi in no-more-babies-mode, and Stefan in cushion heaven — it’s a perfect day at Crooked Acres. (And hey, beautiful Corbie, keep calm and carry on: Stefan has his own brand of mojo — he’s not after yours!)

  2. Two months has really flown by! Wow, I loved the side-by-side pics! They are all soooo lovely – I would take them all! Norbert has the cutest little black nose!!!!

    Make yourself at home, Stephan!!! Looks like such a sweet boy!!!

  3. So is Stefan one of those cats — like Maxi and Newt used to be — who IS NOT YOURS (but clearly is yours)? He’s a handsome guy!

    Khaleesi and her whole family are gorgeous. I want them all. Such a variety pack!

    • Yeah, I’m not even trying to claim he’s not ours. He’s as ours as he wants to be, we’ll take care of him, make sure he gets to the vet when need be, and try to convince him that indoors is better than outdoors. πŸ™‚

      • Well, he’s a lucky little dude. I’m glad he doesn’t seem to be too much trouble among the inside population, and I do hope Corbie learns to accept his presence. Corbs needn’t worry — no-one can compete with His Gorgeousness.

  4. So…Puff’s eyes are clearly changing to green….what about the others’ eyes? Any chance of any of them keeping their baby blues? (Scorch would be amazing with blue eyes! Or green eyes. Or amber eyes. Or whatever color eyes he wants. He is simply amazing!)

    Khaleesi certainly gave us a beautiful variety pack and is a terrific mom. But thank heavens no more litters for her! Time for her to be a happy, spoiled girl with a wonderful forever family and no concerns whatsoever!

    A new design will be interesting, but if you aren’t going to use it, PLEASE archive your banner so we can look back at it from time. The whacky kitten pictures always prompt a smile from me – no small feat for early mornings! Thanks, Robyn!

    • I’m sure I’ll archive the old banner somewhere. My plan is to do a banner for each litter and have them rotate randomly so you never know what you’ll get. Whether that’ll actually happen, I can’t say – but I’m hoping it does!

  5. BTW – Count me in as one of Stefan’s Fans! What a hunk of happy cat!

  6. The Starks look like real kittens now (I think it is when the ears pop up.) Going to be cuties – but not as cute as Kahleesi’s bunch, wow they are all adorable. People will just snatch them up. I still think Norbert looks like a Gremlin – he needs to grow into his ears. I love him.

  7. When do the kitten eyes change from blue to whatever? Puff’s & the Norbs eyes are still so blue! I hope they don’t change too much. And the Starks are just too cute for words!

    • They’re currently changing – I don’t expect anyone to keep their blue eyes, but I would certainly love to be proven wrong. πŸ™‚

  8. Hey Starks – it is all fun and games until someone gets their teeth in! πŸ™‚

    Poor Corbs – I can hear it now “hey hey hey – new guy…..this is my house”

  9. I have a love for the buff boys,and Stefan is making my heart so happy by being so comfy in your house.He might end up not just being an outside cat.

    Also,Arya is such a sweetie,I also have a major soft spot for calicos.

    Who am I kidding?!I love ALL.THE.CATS!!!!

    • I love all cats too but there’s something about calicos that really tickles my heart. They are my favorite!

  10. Norbert has that Siamese/Asian kitty head shape, maybe he’ll keep his blue eyes :)!!
    We can hope, right?

  11. I fall in love with Norbert a little bit more every day. I don’t know what it is about that boy but he has me mesmerized.

    That picture of sweet Jon Snow… with his foot [nonchalantly] in Hodor’s mouth. HILARIOUS.

    The fact that Stefan is trusting enough of you to be making himself comfy just warms my heart. I’m so glad he’s not causing a ruckus and I think Corbie is jealous because Stefan is one seriously handsome dude.

  12. I was just looking at Norbert and the other Dragons and the way his head is shaped and his ears are placed is different from his siblings – more triangular. I’m glad they don’t notice or care at all, that he’s their brother.

    Just came across this page with Google Reader replacement suggestions in case you might be interested – http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2421283,00.asp

  13. Stefan looks like an incredibly sweet boy – I’m glad he’s making himself at home. Tell the Corbs to chill out!

  14. I am so glad no one was walking by my office when I was watching the videos and making kissy noises at the computer screen… I love me a flirty kitty! πŸ™‚

    After your comment about celebrating by being spayed, Khaleesi looks like she is saying “But I thought we were going to Disney World!?”

    Stefan looks like one sweet, handsome dude!

    • Fred isn’t super crazy about the name Stefan. I’m going to see what he thinks about the name Butters. πŸ™‚

      • So it’s another “S” name who shall hereby be known by their nickname? I await the many incarnations of “Butters” to come πŸ˜‰

  15. The fact that Stefan is comfortable and familiar with everything inside a house makes me happy that he’s going to settle in well, but also incredibly heartbroken for him. That means he had a home with places to sleep and things to eat and stuff to do, but was abandoned by the guardians he trusted. Honestly, my heart would have been lighter if he’d made it clear that he was totally unfamiliar with all things human. He’s beautiful and looks so sweet, and I’m so glad he found you guys, but I’m tearing up over the loss he must have experienced. Thanks for being such champions of Kittydom. πŸ™‚

  16. I use feedly as a substitute for google reader. The reader is nice. I’m not sure if they have blog apps though.

    • I haven’t been able to find any blog apps – maybe that’s something that will happen down the road, I know they’re always working on improving it.

  17. Awwww……Arya and Hodor!
    I think you have just found your new Valentine's Day banner!!!
    Love it! πŸ™‚

  18. Oh Stefan-I wonder if he knows how lucky he is to have happened upon the Anderson household! His life is a bed of roses from here on out!

  19. I am not quite sure how your head has not exploded in the past few months with all the beautiful BABIES you have had in your home. each litter is more gorgeous than the next!!

    Jon snow’s little eyebrows crack me up. Puff is gorgeous. I love little determined ember. ruth is the most gorgeous thing, and little arya! ugh! I am so jealous of you.

  20. LMAO over last year’s post – the video of Stompers and the Hollarers! Never get between a kitten and his food!

    • I had to go back and watch it – I’ve improved my method of feeding kittens. I prepare it in the kitchen so that when they see me, the food’s all ready to be put down on the floor for them! πŸ™‚

  21. Puff’s moustache makes him look a bit “dastardly villain” from a silent movie. But then you look at his eyes and melt while squealing “KITTY”!!!!!

  22. Happy 2-month “birthday”, Dragons! And OMG, that Arya & Hodor “kissing” photo… and then, “chomp!” Precious little babies.

    And lookin’ good, Stefan! Smart boy – he knew a good deal when he saw it!

  23. I’ve noticed before, but haven’t said, that Ember really has the perfect name for her. She’s got that prominent M on her forehead and her white fur is snow white, brrrr, M-Brrrr Ember! Did you do that on purpose? Oh and her little orangey bits look like flames! Seriously perfect name!

    Poor John Snow, in that picture where you say he’s the quiet one, he’s laying there so sweetly.. and getting his leg chomped on by a sibling!

  24. The Dragons seemed to have “grown” up so fast. Maybe having two sets of litters make things progress faster? I am sorry to say I noticed a week or so ago that Puff and Scorch seemed to have grown into their big, round fluffy heads. Sigh. They were so cute with their huge heads!