7-18-22 Monday

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In case you missed it on social media over the weekend, Fergus was adopted and went home on Friday. And then Jamie was adopted and went home on Saturday!

Today’s post are the last of the pictures I have that include Fergus and Jamie.

That track toy is much-loved, if you couldn’t tell.

Fergus and Brianna in a basket, in the sun.

Fergus has a ::thlurrrp::

Angus and Fergus have a snuggle (followed up by a tussle, of course.)

Pretty, pretty, pretty Fergus.

Fergus havin’ a think. Or not.

Nap time for Jamie.

And nap time for Jamie and Jenny.

Just a little bit of attitude from Jamie.

Jamie and Lizzie and Roger and Marsali.

Jamie in the sun. (At first glance, I thought “Why does it look he’s been ear-tipped?” But then I realized Lizzie’s paw was dangling down.)

Such a little poser, that boy.

Jocasta stays up out of the fray.

If you were wondering, this leaves Jocasta, Brianna, Roger, Lizzie and Marsali still available for adoption. Ian, Angus and Jenny are still with us, but are adoption pending – Ian and Angus together, and Jenny to a home with cats in residence for her to play with. They’ll go home toward the end of the month.


The gorgeous Alice Mo is enjoying the heat, but is staying out of the sun.

YouTube link


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

They’re sleeping in this morning, I guess!

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Brianna’s having a blast with that toy. And I love the random kittens racing across the middle of the room with PLACES TO GO.

Hooray, hooray, Fergus was adopted today! His new name is TJ, and he joins a family with a kitty named Kevin who needed a friend, and two awesome human siblings. Happy life, sweet boy! ❤️

YouTube link
2 minutes of happy purring kittens… and also some tussling. Because: kittens.

Brianna’s havin’ a think.

Good night innernets. (Jamie)

Oh that Jamie. Just such a POSER.

YouTube link
Snuggling Jamie. ❤️

Hooray, hooray, Jamie was adopted today! He joins a home with a playful older kitten, a sometimes-playful older cat, and will be spoiled rotten. Name to be determined (they’re seeing what fits his personality). Happy life, sweet boy! ❤️

Jenny has hit her lanky stage (all the kittens have, maybe with the exception of Roger) and thus she fits nicely in the side-tunnel of the fishy tunnel!

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A conversation with Jocasta. Is she not just the SWEETEST girl? (She is!)

Good night innernets. (Roger and his toe beans)

Rookie mistake.

Brianna the little poser.⁠

(Brianna is still available for adoption. Inquire about adoption at info (at) ffhsv.org . We are located in Huntsville, Alabama.)

YouTube link
Note: Jocasta, Brianna and Jenny are not in this video but they, too, are very cute.

Sweet Lizzie in the sun. ⁠

(Lizzie is still available for adoption.)

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It’s entirely possible that the kittens weren’t the only ones sleeping when Jocasta jumped up onto the bed, trilled at them, and woke them up.

(This video was made before Jamie was adopted and went home yesterday, obviously.)

Marsali has herself some FABULOUS whiskers.

(Marsali is still available for adoption.)

Roger is out like a light. (Please admire his stripes.)⁠

(Roger is still available for adoption.)


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