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I got an update from Toby (formerly Charming) and Sooty (formerly Jareth)’s parents! The boys are doing GREAT. There was a little bit of hissiness and floofiness for a very brief amount of time when they were reunited, but the boys remembered each other quickly, and now it’s like they were never apart. They run and play, snuggle and groom each other – they’re inseparable. The older statecat of the house (Harley) is tolerant of them at the moment, but I suspect it’s not going to be long before he won’t be able to help himself, and will end up playing with Toby and Sooty.

“We like to drink ‘purrified’ water.”

Toby’s glamour shot.

“Just chillin’ out.” (They’re on the freezer.)

All three kitties on the cat tree. (I love that Sooty is peering in at Harley, all “WHAT GOIN’ ON IN HERE?!”)

Isn’t it awesome to see those boys doing so well? I LOVE it!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And speaking of updates, some of you donated to help Heaven feed her new little fosters (as mentioned in last Saturday’s post). Last night, she posted a video of them eating their first meal of canned food. You can see the video here!

That’s pretty much what it’s like, getting kittens to eat on their own. First you put them in front of the food and they sniff it and say “Um, no. I’m good. GIVE ME THE BOTTLE!” Then you put some in their mouths, and the light goes on over their head and they’re like “GIVE ME MOOOOOOORE!” So adorable – the more they do it, the better they get at it, and then one day you have kittens who can eat food on their own, off a plate, and NOT make a huge mess of it!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Brandon would like you to check out his humongous feet, please.

Arya and Hodor show off their food beards.

Jon Snow prefers that I not play with his paws, and threatens to bite with his sharp little teeth. Remember when I first got these guys and how they had no teeth at all yet? Time flies!

Little boy with the attitude, that Brandon.

“Iiiiiiiiiii am just a poor wee babyyyyyyy!”



“Look at my paws! LOOK AT THEM!”

Here’s a video to show that even though they are WELL over 5 weeks old, those Starks still insist on their bottle time. That’s kind of old news, though, actually. As of last night, all four kittens are eating food (messily) off of plates, and when I offered them the bottle, only Hodor drank any of the formula. I’m going to continue to offer the bottle for another day or so, but I’m pretty sure we’re done with the bottle.

YouTube link.

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Roofy Toofy Fresh and Froofy. And Puffles.

He looks very Bill the Cat here, doesn’t he?

And a bit Joker-esque, here.

All five! Looking in my general direction! I call that a success.

It must have been a particularly tiring day.

“A Kitty Boinks? For meeeeee?”

Lots of teeth in today’s post.

I’m surprised the weight of that noggin didn’t pull him right over the side of that platform. He must have a really strong neck.

“That tickles!”

I sure wish Scorch could find a way to relax.

The Dragons are going for their spaying and neutering next Tuesday! They’ll be 12 weeks and able to get their fixin’, their id chips, and their rabies shots, all at once. Can you BELIEVE they’re almost 12 weeks old?

Here’s a video to show Scorch’s flirty little monkey ways.

YouTube link.

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Jobey Joe
The tuxie-doe
Sure does give everyone he sees the Love Eyes


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7-18-13 — 32 Comments

  1. Gaaaaah! Charming!!! er, um, I mean Toby and Sooty!!! And a good morning to you too!!! Thank you! Robyn, the Stark kittens, as they’re bottle babies, do they ever knead? Is that a learned or automatic response in kittens? The Dragons are getting sooo big, Puffles is growing into his head and looks so “Deep Thoughts by Puff Dragon”. Oh… and… has Stefan and Norbie grown close? Jobey Joe looks like he’s begging for a scritch and a kiss! Have a great day!!! Mine has started off very well – thank you!

    • They don’t! As far as I know, it’s an instinctive response in the kittens, but the Starks haven’t kneaded (knade?) at all.

      Stefan will play with any of the kittens – they’re not sure what they think about him, but if they’re desperate for a snuggle buddy, he’ll do in a pinch. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh. My. God. Arya and Jon Snow’s little round bellies. AUGH. *ded*

    So glad Toby and Sooty have a good home together. Now it’s Buttercup and Leia’s turn. *fingers crossed*

  3. Did anyone notice that in the picture of all 5 dragons that little Ember has her front legs crossed! Super cute!

    β€œThat tickles!” – adorable picture!

    Hello, Joe Bob!!!

    • I *did* notice how my little sweetie-boop Ember is sitting in that photo!

      ::sigh:: I really want her & Norbles to come live with me. BUT! I know Robyn will make sure they go to a fabulous home so I console myself with that and remain ever hopeful that their new parents keep us updated.

  4. I watch your videos as much to hear you baby talk the kitties as I do to see the kitties themselves. “Ears of annoyance” and “I’m da baybeeee” have already made their way into my vernacular with my cats. Scorch is beyond cute.

    • Me too! I adore how Robyn adds such personality to all the kitties. It makes it so much more fun! I actually say “WHUT DOIN’?” now to my cats!

  5. I frequently use “I’m da baybeeeee” too! πŸ™‚

    A full post of absolute gorgeousness, as ever! I love the scratching post/tower that Toby & Sooty have! It’s bigger than my house!

  6. What is wrong with Toby & Sooty’s mom? Does she not know someone who would go gaga over Buttercup & Leia?! A friend? neighbour? family member? anyone? COME.ON.

    If not, I have the solution. She adopts them herself! There’s plenty of room on that amazing cat condo for ALL of them, plus, because it’s another pair, they won’t bother Harley.

    I’m such a genius. You are welcome.

  7. Ok, so this is embarrassing, but I dreamt about one of your fosters last night. It was Jon Snow,who, you will be possibly amused to know, speaks with a British accent. The cutest little growly British accent you ever heard.

    “Helloooo, my name is Jon Snoooow.”

  8. I’ve lost the bet on Leia being adopted first. Jeez. She is so adorable…but I’m sure her furever parents will come along soon.

    So good to see the former fosters happy & thriving in their new home. You must be so glad when you get updates on fosters.

    Those bottle babies are fat, fat, fat…and look very healthy. You had better luck than I did getting them to eat food. I only had one bottle baby, and she kept refusing to eat food. Finally I put her in with my adult cats, supervised of course, and when she saw them eating, she started eating food too. Sigh.

    Loved the photos/video!

    • I got REALLY lucky with these guys – I’ve had bottle babies that will NOT have anything to do with the bottle, and it drives me nuts!

      I would have expected Leia to be adopted first, too. It goes to show you really can’t tell!

  9. Oh, how handsome are Toby and Sooty!!! *kiss*

    And Arya, you look like a stuffed toy with that chubby round belly! *kiss*

    Are Norbert’s eyes still blue?! *kiss*

    • You made me smile….cuz I all can ever think when I look at their pics and videos is to snatch them all up and kiss them all over.

  10. I laughed at how Heaven finally says “Eff this” and just scoops the food out of the bowl and thwaps it onto the counter. Lol! The baybee kittehs ate it better there anyway!

  11. I love adoptee updates!

    But, this: “then one day you have kittens who can eat food on their own, off a plate, and NOT make a huge mess of it!”

    When exactly does that happen? Our current ruler of the roost just turned 12 and still makes a gigantic mess. We have to put down paper so we don’t have to wash her placemats three times a day. I even had the vet check her out several times because I was worried something was wrong with her teeth/mouth.

    • With some cats, it never does. I have a 13 year old cat who scoops his food onto the floor to eat it. He’s done it since he was a kitten. He just prefers it on the floor, dunno why. Seasoning maybe? πŸ˜‰

      • One of mine scoops it out onto the floor & eats it from there, too! I don’t know why, if he can scoop it out of the bowl, he doesn’t just scoop it right into his mouth, but whatever. Cats.

        • One of mine scoops the canned food into her paw, then eats it off her paw. It makes a mess, and she has her own placemat. But she’s 15 and has done it that way for years. (she’s also one of those cats who still kneads and suckles and licks.)

          • Awww, she’s da BAYbee! πŸ™‚

            Most of the time they figure out how to eat without making a mess, but you know – different strokes for different (cat)folks. πŸ™‚