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In the pic of Mooch, not quite knowing what was going on with the nip: the cat in the foreground is cracking me up.

Gilbert was having a GOOD time!


Could you repost that chart you made showing the relationships between the Gen Pop cats in your house, with categories like ‘loves,’ ‘likes,’ ‘tolerates,’ ‘hates,’ ‘has no use for,’ ‘WEIRDLY OBSESSED WITH,’?

Ooh! Since the household has grown, you could update it!

Here it is (click on the picture to go to a larger version at Flickr).


There’s also a link to that chart over there in the sidebar, under the permanent residents’ link (I’m calling it a compatibility chart). I’ll see if I can get it updated before next Friday. (That means it’s not updated from last time I did it, thus Dennis isn’t included.)


You said you’ve pickled your garden vegetables before, right? What method do you use for pickling things like jalapeno peppers? I’ve wanted to try it but I’d love to get some tips from someone who has actually done it before!

I have only made sweet pickled jalapenos – these – which I hear are good on sandwiches and burgers and possibly in egg salad. I also dehydrate them, and use them in stews and chilis during the winter. Most often, though (and the main reason I grow them), I make jalapeno jelly. (If y’all have never had jalapeno jelly, you MUST give it a try. I’m the wimpiest of wimps when it comes to spicy stuff – I like to say that water’s too spicy for me – and jalapeno jelly is not the slightest bit hot, believe me. It is SO good!)


“He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s prettyyyy”. Is this a nod to the Real Housewives of New York?

It certainly is! I watch all the Housewives franchises except for Miami, because those women scare the bejeebers out of me.


So I have to ask, why is there a medicine cabinet in the dining room?

Because the medicine cabinets in the bathrooms are far, far too small and the kitchen cabinet where we were keeping everything was just a big ol’ messy pain, so Fred built a simple cabinet and we put it in a central-ish location.

The outside (picture from 2008).

The inside. Obviously we like to keep stocked up on band-aids!


The way Grant is standing makes him look like a kitten-giraffe hybrid.

Ha – it certainly does! That boy has a long, skinny neck, doesn’t he?


So I see those spike-y mats next to Jake really keeps kittens from walking over it.

I know, right? The kittens are so light that the spikes don’t really bother them. The adults find them uncomfortable, though, and that’s who they’re really supposed to deter. I’ve had that recliner since January of this year and THUS FAR it hasn’t been sprayed. I should probably mention that in the last several months the spraying has mostly stopped (YAY), but I’m keeping those mats there because you can NEVER be too safe.


Grant has a think.

Gilbert needs a kiss.

I love Marshall’s crinkled whiskers. He looks like he’s been using a crimping iron on them.

“I’m the king of the tree. You can’t get any higher than this!”

Blaster will be your kitty yoga instructor today.

Gilbert, hangin’ with Dennis, Tommy and Miz Poo.

“I still don’t see it. It looks like a cloud to me.”
“No see, the tail is THERE, and then if you squint a little bit that part looks like fire. It’s totally a dragon!”

Grant fits just perfectly on that platform.

Marshall’s concerned little face over there on the bed is killing me. “It’s INSANE. He’s NEVER going to be able to reach that!”

“I gots dis.”

“Give. Me. THAT.”


Sugarbutt, checking out the tree. “I could totally climb that tree if I wanted to. But I don’t.”

Checking out the view.


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7-18-14 — 33 Comments

  1. No DENNIS in the chart yet? But I MUST know!!!

    And I love your ladies are all of a mind that they be done for good with them gosh-darn kittens. Their milk bar days are done and they ain’t got time for that!

    Except Miz Poo, the exception to all rules

  2. Um….where the H*LL is DENNIS on that chart!!!!???? His fan club is gonna be outraged!!!!

    Miz Poo, Alice and Stinkerbelle certainly aren’t popular…and it doesn’t seem like they care! LOL.

  3. OK, am I the only one who looks at the picture of the cat, the feather toy, and Marshall’s concerned little face, and thinks Adam and God on the Sistine Chapel ceiling?

  4. Been meaning to say this, but Mooch has the most distinctive little face! His eyes are rounded, which gives him a perpetually “surprised look.” I can see his mug being photographed and used on the interwebs for some kind of funny cat enterprise. Really. Wish I had those skillz, I’d totally adopt him!

  5. Giraffe-kitten hybrid? That’s a new one. We called it, “ET.”

    Our cat would extend her neck at will. Especially when scoping out a new envirnment.

  6. flipping back to old entries (like I do) I hit the picture of Dingwall Scotty and Caspain in “they see dead people” and burst out laughing 🙂

  7. My favorite pickled jalapeno recipe is from Elise at Simply Recipes (http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/jalapeno_bread_and_butter_pickles/).

    My changes: a) I don’t use star anise because I liked the flavor better without it. b) I slice them into rings so they retain all the hot, but if you’re a wimp like Robyn, slicing them as directed in the recipe and removing the ribs and seeds makes a nice, not very hot pickle.

    We add them to potato salad, tuna salad and just layer them on almost any sandwich. Really good!

    • I LOVE Simply Recipes! I just used her recipe for roasted eggplant with tahini sauce, and it was SO good!

  8. This is a question that has flitted through my mind on numerous occasions but which I keep forgetting to ask: in all those pics with Da Bird and various feather teasers and so forth, is Fred playing “prop assistant,” as it were, and you, Robyn, are snapping the pics? If not and if you are actually madly waving Da Bird/feather teaser and taking the pics, how in the world do you do that??

    • It depends – if they’re kind of off in the distance a little, flying through the air, then Fred’s running Da Bird. In the pictures I got where they were mid-air, jumping from the cat tree to the bed, I got those on my own. When it’s just me, with no help, I can whip the feather teaser over my head to get their attention (or throw it on the bed to get them to jump from the cat tree), but Da Bird requires a little more dexterity than the feather teaser. I mean, I have no problem with just Da Bird, but I can’t run that with one hand and take pictures with the other. It can’t be done! (At least not by ME.)

    • 94%. I’m only surprised it wasn’t higher! ” Plus que je connais les hommes, plus que je prefere mes chats.”

    • 97%….I wonder what I missed to get 100%?? Maybe because I don’t always talk to the people’s pets more than I talk to the people at parties! (Sometimes they don’t have pets!) 😀

    • Only 89? Oh come on! For the last one, I cuddle the crap out of them till they’re annoyed and stalk off.

      What about sitting on the edge of the chair so they don’t have to move? Or buying a condo unit with a view of the woods and grass so they can see the wildlife? Sharing my sashimi with them? Keeping old chairs solely because the cats like to sleep in them? Lighting the fireplace because they like it? Driving an extra half-hour – hour so the road is less bumpy and won’t upset their tummies?

  9. I’m outraged by my mere 97%! Where was the question about having to heat up my younger cat’s food — at every meal? Or my ceaseless quest for the ideal strain of catnip? How about having to get out the tape measure to tease out the twist ties (best toys ever, so far as my two are concerned) from under the book shelves? (I could go on. I can’t go on…) And seriously, nothing about the ever-increasing number of cat blogs one is addicted to?

  10. “If there is a NOTE section, please designate that your donation is for sponsoring a spay/neuter (if not, message me here on FB) THANKS!!” — “A donation of $50 will spay or neuter 1 cat/kitten and mean the world to that 1 cat/kitten and it’s owners.”

    I can’t afford THAT much, but I am going to pitch in $5. Hopefully others here will pitch in what they can as well and together we’ll get 1 or 2 or more taken care of.