7-17-14 – Throw Back Thursday

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Throw Back Thursday: Everett Peppers.

Ockqua and Patti mentioned in the comments to Tuesday’s post that Marshall seems to have copied Everett Peppers’s style. So I thought we should look back at the stylin’ EP!

First, a look at the wee baby Everett Peppers. He was one of a litter of five kittens – Everett, Lucy, and Sally were black, Harlan was a brown tabby, and Molly was a silver tabby. They were hissy, spitty little things when they first came here, but warmed up soon enough. They went off to Petsmart, and Harlan and Molly were adopted fairly quickly. Everett, Sally, and Lucy sat at Petsmart for a while, and then came back here for a break. And that’s when we discovered that Everett Peppers had springs in his knees.

Sugarbutt and Miz Poo look on in awe.

Keeping an eye on his prey.

He believed he could flyyyyyyyy.

Look who I found, when I was looking at flyin’ Everett pictures! That’s Elwood, who could really lift off for a big guy. Awww, Ellie Bellz.

“Got it! I’VE GOT IT!”


Not a flying pic, but I love this picture so much I had to share it again. That’s Everett in the front, Sally in the back.

He’s got some excellent liftoff.

That boy sure did love Da Bird.

Coming down.

“Hallo, I must be flying.”

LOVE the kicked-up leg.

You can see an update on Everett, from earlier this year, right here.


Speaking of Throw Back Thursday, the post from two years ago – Guest Post, by Stompers – is one you should totally check out.


Oh, Blaster. Such a sweet, sweet boy.

They love to bite on that thing. The rope it’s hanging from is just about chewed through.

Sweet Meester Marshall.

He’s not even bothering to look at Blaster as he shoos him away. “Nope! No room! All full up!”

He smacks! He… misses!

“Hello, mysterious older woman. You’re PURTY. Will you be my girlfriend?”

Dennis and Jake were hanging out on the cat tree when Marshall came bounding up to say hello.

Gilbert has claimed the box, and Marshall’s pretty sure it should be his.

“Come back here! I bite you! I BITE YOU HARD!”

Sooner or later, they all find their way to Tommy.

And Tommy cleans ’em.

“Thanks for the clean, Mister Tommy! ::smooch::”

Gilbert has been voted most likely to purr if you so much as look in his direction. Such a sweet boy.


Miz Poo in the sun.

And Miz Poo in the back yard. The old lady gets around!


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7-17-14 – Throw Back Thursday — 12 Comments

  1. Aww. Miz Poo. Such a beautiful kitty. She reminds me of The Phantom of the Opera – in the best way, of course. She’s wearing his mask, but she painted it black.

  2. The Poo is so perfect, it always makes me smile and go “awww, kisses!” when I see her.

    Seriously, when am I ever going to stop being fascinated with Marshall’s superfantastic stripes? I don’t know why I’m so drawn to them but they certainly are stupendous!

    I’d forgotten about adorable Everett Peppers! These throwbacks are awesome for reminding me about all the cool foster babies you’ve had. Love it!

  3. Looks like Jake is all, “Here comes that Marshall kid again.” And Dennis is all, “Get AWAY from me child!”

    Our Pippin was the same as Gilbert with the instant purrs. But then he turned one and that seemed to stop. He still purrs more than his brother but not with just a look anymore. Sad

  4. Whoa, Everett perfected the art of stinkeye, didn’t he?

    Love those Peppers and Tommy. Such a sweetie, cleaning those kittens. I want to kiss you too.

    • One day I’ll get on video how kittens always just walk over to Tommy and present their ears for cleaning… and Tommy gets to work cleaning. They try it with any other cat, and they’re apt to get a hiss and a smack, but Tommy just does his thing. ๐Ÿ™‚