7-17-08 – Kara & Babies

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Kara tries to stop the nursing attempt by (gently) rabbit-kicking Kaylee in the head. Kaylee will not be deterred.

Kara’s all “I give up. Nurse if you want to, brat. GOOD LUCK getting anything, though!”

Kara says “Keep nursing, I’ll just make sure you’re clean” and then suddenly Inara’s like “Hey!”

Inara’s all “What’s going on over HERE?”

Inara’s like “I’ll take some of that action!”

Kara says “Oh HELL no.” Kaylee still tries to nurse, like Kara’s a cow and Kaylee’s her calf. And over by the pillows, Zoe’s all “What’s going on over THERE?”

Kara’s all “I’m OUT of here!”

“Get away from me, you soul-sucking monsters.”

“Wha happen?”


Miz Poo running over for some looove.


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