7-18-18 Wednesday

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Note: Our friends Nance and Rick are arriving later today to visit for a few days. I am taking Thursday and Friday off from blogging; I’ll likely post occasionally on Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr, but I make no promises.



Poor, tired Phoenix!

It’s a lot of hard work to be that cute, y’know!

(Thanks, Debra!)


Nice to see them bellying up to the plate and slowly putting back on the ounces they lost while they weren’t feeling well!

“LADY. I does NOT look like no Muppet!”
(Yes he does!)

Perhaps I’ve mentioned they really like that tower o’ tracks toy?

Buxton shows off his belly (and that nearly normal right eye!)

Calais and Bethel at the track toy again.

Wahhh! He’s da BAYbee!

A moment before she came boinging over that basket to leap into my lap.

Annnd the track toy again (this time with Buxton and Millie).

Are ya comfy, Millie?

The kittens are very close to being normal again, though Dexter is still lagging behind. He’s been eating on his own and drinking water, but still needs supplementing. Hopefully by our next post on Monday he’ll be 100% normal again!


Frankie in the back yard, lookin’ cute (even when he wakes me up at midnight needing snuggles, he’s cute. I might be willing to sell him for $1.99 at such times, but I can’t deny he’s adorable.)


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7-18-18 Wednesday — 12 Comments

  1. Awww! I am SO glad that the kittens are getting better. Regarding Frankie: I am AMAZED that you leave your bedroom door open with so many permanent residents. We had to shut the door on our two a long time ago for persistent bad behaviour (jumping on us, purring, kneading on delicate parts – affectionally meant, but not what you want at 3 AM).

    • You know, for the most part they leave me alone, or they snooze on a corner of my bed. Just every so often, Frankie needs loooove. 🙂

  2. Sammy is my midnight snuggler, he wants to stick his nose in my ear and purr at his highest volume, rub his face on mine so his whiskers are tickling me, lay directly on top of me covering as much of me as possible and make sticky biscuits (kneading with full claws) but only on bare skin. But I wouldn’t take cash money for the little jerk.

    • STICKY BISCUITS. I am dead. (And I’m really only willing to sell him for $1.99 because I know no one will take me up on it. 😉 )

      • Of course no one would buy him for $1.99 because they would assume it was a trick of some kind, him being worth so much more. If it seems too good to be true, it probably his.

  3. I am deeply jealous of the Shenanigans ‘n Hijinks that will be taking place during the next few days. Enjoy the visit, and maybe you and Nance could cook something, and post on DCEP, hmmmmmm?

  4. I love seeing updates on all the former fosters!

    Buxton has captivated me. Too bad I’m not allowed any more pets, but my Cassia would probably hate him too.

  5. I would be in for an unending world of hurt from Zelda if I brought home another tortie, but oh, those girls are gorgeous! I’m so happy they’re doing better. I’ve been worrying about them.

  6. It’s fantastic that they’re doing better!
    I have a few questions, I hope you don’t mind, some may seem a little out there, and not exactly plausible, but I’m curious.
    1. What if it took a kitten months and months to reach the two pound requirement to get spayed/neutered?
    2. Has a kitten ever dropped back down below two pounds after they were spayed/neutered?
    3. Are any of your cats one person only cats? My cat hates people, she always runs from them, and if they do manage to get close enough to pet her, or pick her up, she will start hissing, smacking, and biting.
    However, with me, she is a bit overly attached. I can’t leave her sight for more than a couple of minutes, without her meowing her lungs out, she is also constantly sitting on my chest, or on my lap, and she purrs a lot too.
    It’s a bit odd how she seems like two different cats when it comes to me and other people.
    Here’s a picture of her so you can put a face to the cat in question
    I guess that’s all, sorry for such the long comment, have a nice week!