7-6-22 Wednesday

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Brianna found Angus’s tail to be a tasty treat. (Angus’s face is cracking me UP.)

Jamie sure does love that box.

Brianna’s clearly asking Fergus “You want a piece o’ me?” and it’s safe to say that Fergus does NOT.

Fergus and Angus, mid-tussle. Fergus is all “You mind, lady? We’re busy here.”

Marsali and Jenny enjoy the sun.

That is one full window hammock.

If you hadn’t noticed, Roger’s a secret tabby. His stripes are drawn in invisible ink – apply bright light or sunshine to see them.

I see two little muffins (Lord John in the back, Ian in the front) that are ready for a nap.

Jamie’s lookin’ smug. And Jocasta’s looking like she’s thinking “He’s okay there for now, I GUESS.”


Jake’s enjoying the 1000% humidity of an Alabama July day.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

“‘Scuse me, lady, the others sent me to ask if it’s time for breakfast yet. Just wondering.” (Brianna)

Just a Jamie in the fishy tunnel, bein’ cute.

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I posted a picture last week of all 10 kittens (so that I could add their names and point out who is adoption pending so far.) Several people wanted to see the outtakes from that photo session, so here ya go. First we had to wait ’til a couple of kittens were done in the litter box, and then kittens started bailing over the side of the desk (it’s low enough that the kittens are comfortable jumping to the floor from there.) Finally (at the end you’ll see it) I got a usable picture.

(I am aware of the concept of using a tripod, a shutter remote, and better lighting, and occasionally use all of those. This was a spur of the moment decision and worked out in the end.)

It’s an Angus pie! (My favorite!)

YouTube link
It’s your daily kittens-playing video. Please note that Fergus has chosen a favorite toy: that green spring. Look at him go!

It’s a Roger-Fergus pie – two-kitten pie is my favorite!

Good night innernets. (Fergus)


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