7-6-13 – Nippurday

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In the small raised garden beds behind the back yard, I have catnip growing. Last weekend, Fred decided to bring a branch of catnip in the house and give it to the cats.

Sugarbutt and Jake sniff a pile of catnip leaves while Khaleesi sniffs the branch of catnip. Also, Maxi watches disapprovingly from the side stoop, and Miz Poo sits in her favorite (heated)(yes, heated in the middle of summer. She’s an old lady, she likes her warmth.) cat bed on the chair, thinking “WHAT are those fools doing now?”

I’d say the catnip was a hit.

Sugarbutt is a happy drunk.

Khaleesi’s like “Dude. You gonna share that?”

“You gonna share that… pleeeease?”, Khaleesi says, giving Sugarbutt the Eyes of Flirt.

“Dude, you’re Bogarting the ‘nip.”

“I sure wish I had some of that catnip. SIGH.”

Then Sugarbutt apparently got just a little too close, resulting in a halfhearted hiss from Khaleesi.

“Hallo, catnip, I lurve you.”

“Like, a lot.” (That drool you see near the catnip branch is from Sugarbutt. He drools a lot when there’s catnip involved.)

The drug den.

“This catnip would be more appealing if I didn’t have to swim through gallons of Sugarbutt drool to get to it.”

“So hiiiiiiiigh.”

Corbie doesn’t really get this whole catnip thing.

Alice Mo checks out the situation.

“Just. Say. NO!”

Those pictures are from last weekend, before Khaleesi had her spay surgery. Unfortunately, Thursday evening Jake apparently startled one of the Dragons, and Khaleesi LOST HER MIND and kicked his butt all over the house before we could grab her and contain her. Her Protective Mama instincts have kicked in, and she’s decided that he’s the enemy (poor Jake!). For his safety (and hers – not that I think Jake would do anything but run from her) we’re keeping Khaleesi and the Dragons contained in the foster room for the time being. Khaleesi will be going to Petsmart on Tuesday.

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No kitten pics today, but plenty of kitten videos! The Dragons are wild little things.

YouTube link.

YouTube link.

YouTube link.

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A short video of Arya and Jon Snow, clearly dying of starvation. (I had one of their brothers on my lap, was holding the bottle with one hand and pointing the camera with the other. In case you thought I was coldheartedly sitting there and watching them starve!)

YouTube link.


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7-6-13 – Nippurday — 30 Comments

  1. At first I was annoyed that I didn’t have yesterday off, but now I realize it was a good thing. Having three days off in a row would have given me ample time to drive to your house, scoop up all the dragons and drive back home! Oh, they just kill me.

  2. The drug den! Your captions slay me as always. Fred isn’t the only talented writer. You could do a children’s book or even a series of them!

    Poor Jake!

  3. We have some kitty weed in one of the flower beds, thought it looked ‘loved’ and found the (stray or neighborhood) mama cat (long story short: she brought her 5 kittens here and they felt safe enough to stay-now we’ve spayed her and are trying to find places for the kittens, shy things who are being socialized verrryyy gradually…if people would just spay/neuter!!) rubbing on it and snacking at it! She needs a dose every so often, just makes her mellow. In the meantime we’re enjoying watching the kittens tear around like wild things, tho they are doing a fair job ruining flower beds and trashing the porch!

  4. did khaleesi actually hurt poor Jake?? I hope not!! poor fella.

    love the drug pics. sugarbutt cracks me UP.

  5. Loved the drug den ๐Ÿ™‚ I have one cat that is a nip head. She’s a mean drunk, though. I’d be afraid to give her fresh catnip!

  6. Poor Jake….those momma cats sometimes got NO sense of humor.sheesh….

    Though the nip fest appeared to be a hit.;)

  7. Love those catnip pictures! Holly loves catnip, but Figaro doesn’t get it, like Corbie. In fact, he seems to be a little repulsed by it.

    Those Dragons are so cute! It is so much fun to watch them play.

    Figaro is convince I’m hiding baby kittens somewhere. Every time I play a video of the Starks, he has to come over and see if he can find them.

  8. Digging the change, Robyn! But … why isn’t Stompers in the header? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • There actually IS a header with Stompers in it – there are (I think) 10 headers right now (there will be more!), and they come up randomly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I was convinced that I landed in the wrong spot when the page loaded. I like the idea of random headers… more chances to see our favorites!

    Poor sweet Khaleesi… poor sweet Jake… Our Mother Jefferson was a ferocious mama too. As much as I hate to see Khaleesi go, I understand and remember how much easier our house was to manage when Mother Jefferson went to Petco. Her daughter appears to be the exact opposite (chicken butt), but then again she has no kittens to protect.

    • Same here. I logged in (way too early) this morning and was coming back to read comments. Retyped the URL three times coz it wasn’t the “right” page till I saw your note about changing the page. Man, I need more sleep.

  10. Whoa… the blog looks so different! It threw me for a loop for a minute! ;D

    Anyway…. in other words, Khaleesi was living up to her name? “STAY AWAY FROM MY DRAGONS!”

    • What she forgets is that those little dragons can produe fire all on their own!

  11. Love the page changes. Love the kitten videos, love the drug den and its inhabitants!!!!

    • Oh! And I just noticed under Permanent Residents it says “Stefan to come”! That made smile soooooo big and was a great thing to see before I head out to tackle my day!

  12. I like the layout of the new page as it is similar to the old. I think I could get used to random pics on the header but I think they need to be a bit bigger. I don’t care for the beige though. For me, it does not help the pictures stand out and everything gets kind of mushed into one big blob. It’s probably just my eyes though. My suggestion is a light blue.

  13. I like the paws up header! ๐Ÿ™‚

    None of The Crew like fresh nip, which is kind of nice as my nip plant is unmolested..

  14. Ah, fresh catnip. I know my guys would love the stuff. We had some dried up catnip a while back and it disappeared so quickly!

    Love the new layout BTW.

  15. OK, now I can admit that when I got onto the page first thing Saturday morning, I also thought I’d landed on the wrong page. But everyone else seemed to know what was going on, so I was too embarrassed to say anything…

    I LOVE the nip pictures, and “drug den” made me crack up too.

    Loved seeing Khaleesi on the video. I think that’s the first time I’ve heard her voice. I think I love her best of all the mamas you’ve had since I started following L&H with Emmy’s litter. I’d be so tempted to adopt her if I lived anywhere close…

  16. Yep, the new banner startled me, too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps not as much as the sound of starving babies startled my guys, though! Uncle E came flying up to the computer and (accurately, I suppose) started sniffing the right speaker. He was a great “uncle cat” to babies born in my house several years ago, and I guess — even though there have been no more litters (I thought I had more time than I did!) — he’s not lost that instinct! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Your captions are hilarious as always! Commenting mainly to say that i like the new design of the blog, good work. ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. The second video with Ruth running around with her toy mouse and Ember rolling around in that bed by herself….gah…w-a-n-t…MINE…. oh my!!!