7-6-17 Thursday

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There’s a small kitty condo/tree next to Fred’s desk in the computer room that the permanent residents (mostly Stefan) like to hang out on. It’s got a toy mouse dangling from the top, and Stefan loves that thing – I’m amazed that he hasn’t chewed through the cord. Roux and Praline have discovered that cat tree/condo, and they’re spending a lot of time playing there.

Roux, with the toy mouse in her mouth.

I’m not sure what happened here – she may have come face to face with one of the big cats unexpectedly.

Playing again. Aren’t her spots delightful?

Praline makes a leap-through.

Last night, Roux slept with me all night long. Every time I woke up, she was there, purring her little head off. Praline spent most of the night on the cat tree, but came over for the occasional visit, too. It was DELIGHTFUL.


Lumiere would like to know how to get into that OTHER room he sees in the mirrors; it looks like way more fun!

Belle checks to see if her whiskers are straight.

And whether her eyeliner is perfect (it is.)

Ressler says “Hi! What’s your name? Wanna play?!”

“Do these stripey pants make my butt look big?” wonders Gaston.

So many toys, so little time.

Chip has a think.

Oh Belle, you pretty girl. I love the splash of white on her nose.

A little girl and her mama… and her attitude. “What YOU want, lady?”

Belle and the kittens continue to do great – Belle grooms Agnes and Ressler as though they were her own. I haven’t seen either kitten nursing from her, and they really don’t even seem interested. They’ll watch the other kittens nurse, but don’t try to hit up the milk bar themselves, so I guess it’s probably not going to happen. I’m glad there was no drama when I threw ’em all together, they’re all the best of friends.


Happy Jake in his happy place. Pink is a good color for him!


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7-6-17 Thursday — 9 Comments

  1. would you say that Roux loves the floof suit more than most kittens? It seems like usually your fosters calm down after a couple meetings with the big cats, but Roux just keeps floofin’ away!

    • She will never know the difference. I can just see her prancing around bragging! HA

  2. Just read the Mia comment, not sure that I had before.

    Poor sweet girl, she deserved a loving home with people who treasured her the way that you and Fred did. Maybe she did hold on for her babies as long as she did.

    I am just grateful that she had time in a safe, nurturing place where she could be happy with so many toys and people who cherished her.

    And that she hopefully knew on some level that her babies would be cared for.

  3. I instantly thought that Roux has the most gorgeous spots ever!
    Love the flying through picture!!!

  4. I had never read about Mia. How very sad. She seems like she was a sweet, wonderful cat.

    Roux does have the most beautiful spots!