7-7-17 Friday

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would you say that Roux loves the floof suit more than most kittens? It seems like usually your fosters calm down after a couple meetings with the big cats, but Roux just keeps floofin’ away!

I would say she does! The funny thing is when she jumps at Dewey’s tail and smacks at it, and he turns around to look at her, and she floofs up. Hey, sister, you started it!


Ahem…. is GOT appropriate viewing for such a wee, impressionable young kitteh? I hope you put your hands over her eyes and ears at certain scenes!


Is Praline a Jon Snow fan or more of a Khaleesi fan?

Hey listen, I cover her little eyes during the more heated scenes!

While she admires the ever-brooding Jon Snow, Praline prefers to have a non-Cersei woman on the throne and thinks Khaleesi would do nicely. (Although the way things go on this show, probably everyone we love will die.)

PS: I love the fact that Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Rose Leslie (Ygritte) are a couple in real life.


How is Mr. Fancypants V2?

I am so glad you asked, because while I thought I had updated everyone on how he’s doing, there were enough people who were surprised by his “permanent resident” hashtag on a picture I shared a few weeks ago that I’m thinking I’ve been pretty lax in that department.

(I mean, you’ll notice that Frankie and Dewey still don’t have their own pages in the Permanent Residents section yet. Soon! Maybe. One of these days!)

FancypantsV2.0 has been renamed. Fred pointed out the resemblance he has to a certain smoldering Dothraki warrior, and FancypantsV2.0 will hereafter be known as Khal Drogo. (That’s a Game of Thrones character, in case you don’t watch the show.)

I mean, we’re intending to call him Khal Drogo, but we’ve been calling him Fancypants for so long that I’m not sure the name change will actually happen.

I mentioned that we’d trapped him and had him tested and neutered, yes? (Yes.) I also mentioned that the test showed that he is FIV positive, yes? (Yes.) So we’re considering him a permanent resident even though Fred is the only one who can touch him – and in fact, he LOVES Fred. I have petted him a few times, but getting to the point where I can pet him consists of basically sitting down behind Fred and leaning around him to pet Fancypants – er, Khal Drogo – until he realizes I’m there, whereupon he flees in horror.

Okay, “flees in horror” might be an exaggeration, but he definitely runs about 10 feet away and stares at me in disapproval. As time goes on and he gets accustomed to me, he flees less readily, and in fact yesterday he was hanging out on the steps of the side stoop (where he hangs out very often these days) and I got two steps away from him before he got up and jogged away. So I’m imagining that in another year or so maybe he’ll think about letting me pet him.

‘Til then, I’ll admire him from afar.

Hangin’ on the side stoop with Maxi. The other cats have zero problem with him. They go right up to him, sniff noses, and continue along their way. Even Archie seems to think he’s the bee’s knees, and THAT is a miracle in itself.

One of these days I’ll get him added to the Permanent Resident roster (and Frankie and Dewey, too). And please do not make me hunt you down and smack you – YES of COURSE when we move from here we’ll take him with us.


Roux gave Dewey a good sniff.

A REALLY good sniff.

Then she flopped flirtily onto her back and grabbed at him to tussle.

And then she HISSED at him. He didn’t do anything, and you can see by his face he was all “What’s HER problem?” She is such a little nut.

Jake came in to see what the what, and she gave him the ol’ whappity-whap (though unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it because she moved too fast.)

“Nope, I wasn’t grabbing Dewey’s tail. I’d never!”

Praline snoopervised from a safe distance.


That FACE. Chip cracks me up, he’s such a little character.

Pretty, pretty Belle.

Lumiere and Mrs. Potts were snuggled up, both sound asleep, until I walked into the room.

Agnes goes for the stretch.

Agnes has a think.

Gaston, amused by himself.

Agnes, Chip and Ressler in a pile o’ tussle.

I didn’t realize it when I took this picture, but that toy on the floor behind him makes it look like he’s wearing a tiny red fez!


Video! Mama is kicking kitten butt (okay, not really – she was playing with them).

YouTube link


Alice Mo and the toeses.

YouTube link


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7-7-17 Friday — 18 Comments

  1. Have you seen the guy that plays the character Khal Drogo in real life? Easy on the eyes. (You can see Comic-con video interviews on youTube.)

    I love how mama is so playful!

    Roux is much more confident than she wants to let on! I think the floof suit is a sham!

    Oh here:

    zoom up to 6:56 – You are welcome.

    • Looks aside (hubba hubba!), I love that he’s really having a good time with the whole fame thing. Also, it is SO WEIRD to see The Hound smile and laugh, but I love it!

  2. Oh, he has the look of a Khal, and Khal Drogo is perfect for him! You really need another GoT naming theme for another batch of kittens, using a different batch of names (how cute would Tyrion be for a kitten?!)

    Have you ever watched “Vikings”? Now there’s a bunch of names fit for a rowdy crowd of kittens.

    Belle is just a doll. I imagine once her horde stop sucking her dry and she puts on a bit of weight she will be even prettier.

    • I once threatened to name kittens Roose Bolton, Ramsay Snow, Melisandre, and Alliser Thorne and call them The Terrors. 🙂

      I haven’t watched Vikings, but it’s on my lengthy list of shows to check out!

  3. Ok… that link in the first comment is such a time suck – but sooooo worth it!!!! Jason Momoa…mmmmmm He – sorry ladies – is married to Lisa Bonet — Denise Huxtable… who was once married to Lenny Kravitz… GAH! Respect for the girl for sure!!!!

    Khal Drogo is PERFECT for Mr. FP2!!!

    Now that I am done with all seasons of GoT and fully prepared for 7.16… I have been watching Vikings – very good and history based.. and oh my, Ragnar Lothbrok and his brother… whooooooot!

    Roux seems to be quite the little ish disturber and so very pleased with herself!!! Love it! Belle is certainly beautiful and in the video seems bewildered about the hole in the wedge of cheese scratcher and the kittens that keep popping out of it… kinda like, oh no, there’s more??… where are they coming from??? So cute!

    • “time suck”….LOL You weren’t suppose to watch the whole thing! 🙂
      Sorry to hear his is married to Lisa Bonet. Thought he would have better taste.

      • I think Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet make a lovely couple. And Khal Drogo the cat is a handsome beast indeed. I hope he warms up to you soon Robin.

    • You know, I knew that he was married to Lisa Bonet, but I keep forgetting and being surprised that she’s not still with Lenny Kravitz! 🙂

  4. Got to thinking yesterday, with a name like Ma Belle, the kittens should have names like Ringer, Princess, Slimline, Dial Tone. Busy Signal…